Making and piping cold process cupcakes

Making and piping cold process cupcakes

Hi, I’m an the bubbly grandma keep washing to see how I make these cute Mother’s Day cupcakes and my morphing mica if you liked This video give it a thumbs up pop the subscribe button and leave me a comment down below Hi welcome don’t you’re making cupcakes I’ve just bought some new cupcake cases Now these ones it’s nice fluted violets I Got them from Amazon and I’ll post them in a link Down in the description box. Ok, so I have all my oils in here for both the base and the frosted So I’m gonna happen the my down the stick blender Both room temperature, but let’s get blended I’m gonna make stuff Just passed emotion and then I’m gonna separate out Okay, that’s better, okay, I’m going to separate them separate out the batter So on the side now Okay, make the base of these cupcakes blue so I put some Pacific blue mica powder and crafters Hollering and the fragrance The fragrance online in today is love spell a little bit of titanium dioxide into this If I can open it Now I’m hoping this is gonna do about ten but let’s see Okay, so 212 Okay, so I’ve got those poured Those set up and I’ll be back when the frostings done right but Hi, welcome back my frostings now set up We love in the middle this helps to support the frosting once it’s done So sure about this green Supposed to be a really pretty blue So we’re just wait to see once it’s cured how it turns out. It’s not my only disaster today I tried to do Try to do some lemon slices But I sure wasn’t gonna do about that’s how I did didn’t work out Eat but smell is amazing. It’s love spell It’s free electricity Really surprised I was expecting something super sweet and it just didn’t turn out that way I’m not gonna have enough to finish the piping on these May have enough to do one more You need to readjust my Do it almost there. Okay. So for the top of these Embers Some little kisses they go on top Alive Some leaves that I’ve done these are all cold process More than enough of these Across the I’m still not sure about these chatty videos since the video goes on and I really won’t have things to say I Have an event in a couple of weeks. So these ones are gonna be for April’s we’re in April Maes these going to be made as release Raven is the first week or weekend of light So this may be out that we hit so I’m a just lied to you We’ll see how it goes Just add some glitter This is fine iridescent glitter From bumble berry Okay This one And we’ll do a close-up Here’s a close-up But glitter is really pretty and the piping is awesome the colors in it Okay We see you in 18 to 24 hours to unmold You You Super please on how these cupcakes turned out. I think the piping turned out absolutely fantastic Thank you again so much for watching. Hit the subscribe drop me a comment hit ‘like. Love you all. See you later Love and bubbles. Bye

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  1. Sorry about the camera shake, I need to find a better filming set up!

    What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

  2. I love that mica powder, beautiful color! A lemon cupcake would be beautiful, did the color of your lemon not turn out or was it the mold? I have never made any soaps before, but I think you are starting to make that change haha!

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