Make Whipped White Chocolate Frosting – Easy Whipped Ganache Recipe by Cupcake Addiction

Make Whipped White Chocolate Frosting – Easy Whipped Ganache Recipe by Cupcake Addiction

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Whipped
White Chocolate Ganache Frosting Tutorial where I’m going to be showing you how to make
this delicious whipped white chocolate ganache. Now ganache is incredibly versatile. When
it’s fresh, it’s really runny and can be poured. When it’s firm and set, it’s quite hard and
it can be spooned. And when you whip it, it comes out beautiful and fluffy and perfect
for frosting cupcakes. So tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’ve got an electric mixer. I’m using an electric
mixer with a whisk attachment today. You can also use [paddle] but whisk really is preferred
for getting enough air to our mixture. I’m using some white chocolate which I’ve
just got measured out in a bowl. And I will leave all of the quantities for today’s ingredients
in the description box below. Now with that chocolate, bear in mind that
this is a white chocolate and cream frosting so the flavor of your white chocolate is going
to be quite intense. And you want to make sure that you’re not using a really cheap
and nasty brand. Try to choose something that’s a white chocolate that you would like to eat.
I’ve got a whisk. And I’ve got some cream. Now, this is whipping
cream. So it’s got about a 40% milk fat and it’s the type of cream that you would whip
with a whisk and use on desserts. So the first thing that we want to do… We
don’t need our mixer just at the moment. You’re going to take your white chocolate and just
pour the cream over. This is going to be the microwave method for our white chocolate ganache
but you can also do this on the stove top. And I’ll leave directions for how to boil
the cream and add in the white chocolate for stove top in the description box below. But
we’re using a microwave today. It’s really quick. It’s really easy and it gives you the
exact same result. So I’m going to take this mix and I’m just
going to shake it around so that the cream is kind of coating that white chocolate. I’m
going to go and put this into the microwave for a minute on high. Then, we’ll bring it
back and we’ll give it a stir. Alright, so we’ve just come back from our
first minute in the microwave. And you’ll see that white chocolate is kind of sunk down
a little bit so now that cream is completely covering it. Just give it a little stir with
your whisk. Now, as it starts to stir this, we’re going to give it another couple of sessions
in the microwave. But as you start to stir, you are going to see some yellow, that’s the
cocoa butter getting released from the white chocolate as we melt it down. So we’re just
going to give that a little stir just to agitate it a little bit. And we’re going to pop that
back into the microwave for another minute on high, come back and stir it again.
Alright, now coming back from our second microwave, you will see how yellow that’s starting to
get now. So you really starting to see those cocoa butters coming out. And different microwaves
are going to have different cook times here. So as I’m stirring that, you can sort of see,
you can still see the little chunks in there. So it’s not fully melted. But with white chocolate,
you do want to make sure that you give it a good stir. Stir it for a minute or so just
to make sure because, particularly, white chocolate, it melts quite slowly. But the
main thing that melts it is actually moving it around so the more that you move it, and
the more that you stir it, the more that it’s going to melt.
You want to make sure that you’ve got no chunks of white in that sort of yellowish-looking
mixture. And normally, this is where everybody panics because they all think: “Oh my goodness,
I wanted white ganache and it’s gone really yellow.” They think they’ve done something
wrong but this is exactly how it’s supposed to look at this stage. Once that firm’s up
again, those cocoa butters and milk solids will come back together and it will regain
[that] lovely white chocolate shade. Alright, so look, I’m happy that’s got no
chunks and lumps in it. For me that’s just been too lots of 1 [minute] in the microwave.
But depending on the power of the microwave, you may need to give it a third go or even
up to a 4th go. So just make sure that you are giving it a good stir and it’s got no
lumps. Now, you want to take that one away and you
want to let it cool. You want to let it cool for at least 2 hours. You don’t want it to
be firm again but you do want it to be sort of a thick liquid and cool to the touch. So
we can whip this while at it’s at all warm, lukewarm, anything like that — must be cool.
So we’re going to take that away and we’re going to let it cool and we’ll be back to
whip it shortly. Alright, so this is [how] a couple of hours
to cool and I always like to cool mine, just covered in some plastic wrap, at room temperature.
So you can see there, it’s nice and thick. It’s starting to regain its white coloring
but definitely still sort of runny or spoonable. So now we’re just going to pop it on the mixer
and turn it on. We’re going to whip that on high speed until it basically turns light,
fluffy and white. Alright, so that is our simple white chocolate
ganache. Now, when I show that to you, you can see
here how white it’s come out. So we’ve gone back up to that beautiful white chocolate
color. It’s really nice and spoonable. It’s not going to fall off that spoon unless you
give it a couple of good, hard shakes. That is going to be beautiful to pipe. As
it is right now, it’s perfect to do some sort of low style swirls. So our low style smooth
swirl would be perfect. If you want to do a high swirl, a sundae style swirl or anything
more technical with it, let it sit at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours because it is
going to get a little bit firmer. I love this recipe. It’s really easy to make,
beautiful to pipe, and when you eat it, it’s like biting into clouds of soft white chocolate.
I hope that you guys love this recipe as much as I do. And thanks very much for watching.

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  1. Is it possible to overwhip this? I think that's what I did. What would it look like if it is overwhipped? Mine had solid bits in it and the rest of it looked kind of curdled, and it was a bit watery in the bottom of the bowl.

  2. My whipped icing looks really grainy and I've already finished all the steps. Did I over mix it?? Please help ASAP!

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    I had tried to make butter cream but i was failed. Bcoz its too sweet and we didnt like it.

  7. I followed every step correctly but it didn't work out 😟 it would not get whiter after the 2 hours resting after melting… can somebody please help me? Thnx

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    I wouldn't like the whole product to be overly sweet though.

  11. Aah.. Thankyou for the tutorial, i want to make cupcakes for my son 1st birthday & found out the simple ganache recipe than regular buttercream. But i made it with other method which came out pretty bad. This method definetely solved the problems & im gonna try it.. Greetings from Indonesia😊

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  14. I've attempted this 5 times already, and failed every single time? I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong? I've done everything exactly and used different types of bowls while melting, and used different mixers. Same thing happens every single time. It just gets all lumpy. Please help, I'm so tired of failing this and I'm not too fond of buttercream. This would be so perfect. I attempted it first during Xmas and my cupcakes I was so excited to make for everyone, were such a fail. I just wanna get this right but it seems everything I do, just doesn't work? What am I doing wrong 🙁 I've used the correct amounts, I know in the description box it is wrong, but I adjusted to the correct measurements and I just, don't know how to fix this and I want so bad to get this right 🙁

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    So basically 400g of white chocolate and 500 ml of whipped cream? That way its not super sweet from the white chocolate ? Thank u !!!

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