Make Halloween Cupcake Jars with YoyoMax12 & MyCupcakeAddiction – Frankenstein, Pumpkin & Mummy!

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Halloween
Jar Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be teaming up with one of my all-time-favorite channels
on YouTube, YoyoMax12, to bring you guys these 3 awesome Halloween cupcake jars.
Now Tammy and I have teamed up, I’m going to be making for you the orange Jack-O Lantern
and also the green Frankenstein and Tammy is going to be making the Mummy and also giving
you [as] the recipe for her awesome pumpkin spice cupcakes.
I’ve teamed up with Tammy today and you’ll see more from her at the end of this video.
I’ll also leave links to her in the description box below. But if you haven’t checked out
her channel YoyoMax12, I highly recommend you go over and have a look. She has so many
amazing things that I know you guys will enjoy. Now I first saw this idea on a blog called
Life Made Simple. I will details of that blog in the description box below, and I just knew
that I had to share this idea with you guys. It’s so simple and so cute.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I’ve got 2 spoons. I’ve got a couple of [googley] eyes, just
from the craft store. I’ve got some black sprinkles and some green
sprinkles. I’ve got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream
frosting. Now I’ve just taken our regular vanilla frosting
and I’ve separated it. I’ve added some green food coloring to ½ and just mix it through.
And to the other one, because I wanted it to be a black frosting and black is a really
hard color to achieve, you can see here I’ve actually added a little bit of cocoa. So it
looks… There’s no exact measurement. I think I added about a quarter of a cup of cocoa
here to this amount of frosting which is about a cup of frosting. I also added about a teaspoon
or two of water just because it’s got a little bit dry with the cocoa. And then I added quite
a bit of black food color. So you add the cocoa in just to start darkening that frosting
so you’re not relying a 100% on food coloring. And whenever you dye something black, it’s
going to come out looking quite gray to begin with. If you let that sit preferably overnight,
that color will actually darken with time. So when I first made this, it was not quite
as black as it is now. Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I know it’s going to be even blacker
again. That’s just a great tip for getting black buttercream frosting because it’s a
really hard color to achieve. I’ve got a permanent marker.
I’ve got 2 disposable piping bags and I’ve just put a star piping tip in the end of both
of those. It doesn’t matter what size but a star piping tip is best for these.
I’ve got my 2 jars and I’ve baked my cupcakes in them.
So to bake my cupcakes in my jars, I’ve just taken some of that awesome pumpkin spice cupcake
recipe. I’ve divided it into bowls and I’ve just simply added a little bit of food coloring
in orange and in green. I’ve spooned that into the jars. Try to be careful to keep the
sides of the jars relatively clean so that you’re not making a mess or anything that’s
going to burn during the cooking process. And I’ve filled them about halfway.
Now when they’ve come out of the oven, they’re absolutely perfect. But for me, my domes had
come up just a little bit out of the jar. That’s fine but I’ve just pushed them down
a little bit so that I’ve got about a centimeter or so gap there which is going to be exactly
what we want, seeing just a little bit of that buttercream frosting coming through the
jar. You can use any jars you like for this. Do make sure that they’re going to be okay
to put in the oven. But generally, any jam jars, mason jars, so long as they’re not those
really fine, delicate candy jars, most jars would go on to the oven.
Alright, so it’s time to get into our decorating and these jars are incredibly simple.
So we want to take our first jar, I’m going to do orange first for my Jack-O Lantern and
you’re going to take your permanent marker. Now this will wash off. So you could put this
through the dishwasher. It might take a couple of times but you can reuse these jars.
With the permanent marker, I’m just going to give our little Jack-O Lanterns some eyes,
so I’m just going to come down and just paint in some nice little triangles there. Lovely.
And then we’re going to give him his little nose and his mouth.
So for his mouth, you want to sort of give him that gap-toothed smile. And I like to
just give either end so that I know which direction I’m heading in, and I always draw
the outline first and then come back and fill it in. Perfect. So there’s your little Jack-O
Lantern face. You can already see how alive he’s becoming.
Now we’re going to do the same but we’re going to use our second jar for our Frankenstein
face. So I’m just going to do some little triangles at different lengths. But it’s up
to you. You can go all the way around the back if you like. Otherwise you can just do
the front half. Alright, so that’s probably okay for the purposes of our video today.
Now, you want to give him a little nose. So I’m just going to…a little bit of a nose-y
type shape, and then we’re just going to give him his stitched mouth. It’s up to you if
you want to make him look gruesome or if you want him to be smiling. Perfect.
And then you want to take your googley eyes. You can actually buy these already with little
stick on bits on the back, mine didn’t have that, so I put a little bit of double-sided
tape there. And I’m just going to stick down our 2 little Frankenstein-y googley eyes.
Perfect. So there you’ve got your 2 little jars ready for frosting.
So for frosting we’re just going to take one of those large spoons and just spoon a little
bit of each color frosting into a disposable piping bag. Now, you just want to push that
frosting all the way down to the end of your bags so that it’s just popping out the top
and the same with that black. Make sure there’s no air bubbles in there. Beautiful.
Now, the black is going to go on to our Frankenstein and the green is going to go on to our pumpkin.
So I’m just going to start in the center and I’m just going to do one of our ice cream
sundae-style swirls. But I’m not going to come up too high with it. So just starting
in the center, coming around, make sure that you cover up all that green and just out the
top like so. We’re going to finish that one off with a few little black sprinkles.
Over to our Jack-O Lantern and exactly the same, so just starting your frosting swirl
in the middle, out, make sure that you come all the way to the edges and taper off into
a nice point. If you want a little bit more help with that
sort of sundae style of swirl, I do have a whole tutorial dedicated just to how to make
that swirl, how to get it really nice and perfect. We’re going to finish that one off
with a few sprinkles. So there you’ve got 2 out of your 3 awesome
little Halloween cupcake jars. You’ve got your Frankenstein and your Jack-O Lantern.
Now they’re not going to be complete until you have your little Mummy jar. So make sure
that you head on over to YoyoMax12, check out her tutorial for this awesome Mummy jar,
as well as her recipe for this delicious pumpkin spice cupcake. Make sure you subscribe to
her channel. I know you’re going to love the video that she brings out.
I hope that you guys love these jars as much as Tammy and I both did, and as always, thanks
for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction.

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