Make Chocolate Ganache Frosting EASY Recipe and Instructions – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Make Chocolate Ganache Frosting EASY Recipe and Instructions – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Chocolate
Ganache Tutorial. For those of you that are cake decorators or have been keeping up with
a lot of cake decorating shows that are on TV at the moment, you may know what chocolate
ganache is. For those of you that don’t, stay tuned. You need to know this.
Chocolate ganache is basically a combination of chocolate and cream. When melted down,
it forms this beautiful decadent dark chocolate river. And when it comes back to room temperature,
it’s a beautiful pipeable frosting that you can use on cupcakes or cakes. I also use it
in all of my wedding cakes. I use it to layer in the middle and to form a beautiful shell
before I cover them with fondant so chocolate ganache is definitely one of those things
that you want to know. Some people say it’s really hard to get right but I have here today
a tried and tested foolproof recipe that’s sure to get you cooking with ganache
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I have just a standard household whisk. If you don’t have a whisk, you can use a spoon
but it’s going to take you a little bit longer in stirring so I would definitely try to find
a whisk. I’ve got a spoon.
I’ve got some dark chocolate Melts. You can use any sort of dark chocolate you like. The
better quality, the better your ganache will turn out so I wouldn’t suggest going with
a really cheap dark chocolate. You can go (Inaudible 01:20). You can go really high
quality if you like. For the purpose of today’s exercise, I’ve just gone with a Nestle.
I’ve got some thickened cream, pasteurized thickened cream, so for here us in Australia
this is what we refer to with us. It’s basically the cream that you would whip. When you whip
it, it becomes firm. You might dip strawberries in it. You might use it in between a Victoria
sponge or use it to layer a cake. So I have 600 grams or 21 ounces of the dark chocolate.
And I have 300ml or 10 ounces of the cream. Those are our measurements for today.
I’ve got a set of kitchen scales. And I’ve got just a standard-sized bowl.
Now this ganache is completely mark [way] so there’s no chance you’re going to leave
it on a stove and there’s no chance that you’re going to overcook it if you do it the way
that I tell you. I’m going to turn these scales on. I’m going
to get measuring. We’re just going to pop that chocolate into the bowl. Try not to eat
before you get it in there. That’s our 600 grams or our 21 ounces, still plenty leftover
for snacks. Now for our cream, see that cream? Nice and
pourable, it can sometimes be a little bit thicker than that so don’t worry too much
if it is. Now I’m going to take our chocolate and cream
mixture and I’m going to place it in a standard thousand watt microwave for a minute at time
for full 1 minute intervals. I’ll bring it back at the end of each minute so you can
see how it looks and we’ll give it a stir in between.
Alright, so at the end of our first minute in the microwave, it’s not looking terribly
much different. Some of your melts will be starting to soften a little bit. We’re going
to give that a good stir. You can see how the melts don’t look like that melting but
when you stir it, they do actually start to break down. So you want to give that a good
stir, about 30 seconds before you put it back in for its next go.
Okay, so this is the end of 2 minutes, you can still see we’ve still got quite a few
chunks of chocolate in there. So you’ve had it in for 1 minute, done our 30-second stir,
and it’s just come out of the microwave oven after a second minute. I’m going to stir it
again for another 20 or 30 seconds and we’re just slowly breaking down that chocolate.
You can see there as I’m stirring, it’s even starting to thicken up. A lot of people do
their ganache on a stove top. I prefer to do it at a microwave because I have more control.
I tend to walk away from the stove top and I tend to burn my ganache.
Alright, so we’ve just come back from our 3rd minute. You can see that’s a lot thinner
now to stir. But we do still have lots of little grains and little bits in there. So
you want to give that another 30 seconds stir. With chocolate, it’s the agitation of chocolate
that actually breaks it down and melts it. You really want to make sure that you get
it moving. Now, your microwave might be a little bit different. So while you’re cooking
this, do make sure that you’re looking for the consistencies that I’m showing you. If
you have the tutorial running on a laptop beside you or something so you can (Inaudible
04:46) it or go back to it. Some microwaves are going to do a little bit faster and some
microwaves might just take a little bit longer. So you can see here, it’s starting to look
like this beautiful, thick, gooey, still slightly grainy chocolate deliciousness. That’s going
back into the microwave now for our fourth minute.
Okay, so we’re back for our fourth and final minute in the microwave and this is where
the whisk comes in. You can see there, definitely still some little grains in there so now I’m
just going to whisk it until I’m absolutely confident that I can’t see any grains. Now,
by now, the bowl should be feeling quite hard to touch. It is quite hard to burn ganache
if you do it by this method so so long as you’re just giving it a short [burst] in the
microwave, you should be fine. You should not have any trouble. Now as you stir this,
you will feel it starts to thicken and you’ll notice the grains just disappear and it starts
to go a little bit glossy. For those of you wanting to know how to make
a white chocolate version of this ganache, you can do it but the measurements are slightly
different. If you want to do this out of white chocolate, you’re looking at 225 ml. or 8
oz. of the cream and you’re looking at 700 grams or 24 oz. of the chocolate. Other than
that, method is exactly the same. Alright, so I’ve been hard at work with my
whisk for about 3 or 4 minutes now. And the way that we can tell that ganache is done,
it’s actually gotten quite thick and it’s going quite glossy. If you look at it there,
it does still look like there’s some grains in it. These are just little air bubbles because
I’ve been stirring it for so long. A good way to check is to put some on a spoon and
just dripple it off. Watch it as it falls back into the ganache, back into the main
bowl, and you will notice there are no grains. And if you absolutely have to, taste it, you’ll
be able to taste grains straight away. Be warned, if you do taste it, you may do end
up eating the whole bowl because it is absolutely delicious.
Now with ganache, I generally make it the day before I need to use it because I like
to let it sit at room temperature for about 12 to 24 hours before I use it. If you are
wanting to use it the same day, you can refrigerate it. If you refrigerate it, you do run the
risk that you may over-harden it. You can always bring it back down just by microwaving
it in really short 15-second burst tapering it back down to a pipeable consistency. But
the refrigerator is a second option if you are in a hurry.
Now with my ganache, I always cover it with [clean fill] before I put it in the refrigerator
or before I leave it to stir. Now with my [clean fill], I always take it all the way
down. Let’s get a better view in there. I always take my [clean fill] all the way down.
While the ganache is still quite warm, just pat it on to the top. You’ll lose a tiny bit
of the top layer. If you don’t put the [clean fill] all the way down, you do end up with
a crust on top of the ganache. And when that crust hardens and you’re going to mix it,
it gives you all those little grains that we worked so hard to get out.
So I’m going to leave that now. I’m going to leave it overnight and it’s going to be
perfectly ready to use in the morning.

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  10. I just put half cup of milk and 1 cup of chocolate and i used double melting method and it turned out i little watery so when it cooled down i put it in the freezer for 3 or 4 mins and it turned out really great and tasted good it was thick enough and my cake was so good that everyone was asking for more and im just 10 years old

  11. Yum! im just wondering- if you leave ganache at room temperature overnight, to decorate the folowing day and cover with fondant, how long is it okay at room temperature being its made with cream?
    will it easily last a few days?

  12. thank you for your video. I had made chocolate before,but tried vanilla and it just was not getting thick. I went back and added more vanilla chips and it worked.

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