Maailman Suurin Joulutorttu (+12 000kcal)

Oh yes. It is again time for a new Christmas challenge. And this time we have something as original as a giant Christmas star tart. Which is actually now the world’s largest, at 3.6 kilograms. Until Miska makes some 20kg version. Anyway, here’s 3 kilos of dough, and 600 grams of marmalade. Apple marmalade, because it’s way better. Last year, I ate 50 of small tarts. This year I’ve got this big, giant one which contains over 12 000 kilocalories. Last year, it was just 9000 in the small ones, so… a bit bigger version this year. I don’t know if I can still ramp up these Christmas challenges for next year. But we’ll see. This was really easy to make. So I recommend giving it a try. It’s probably “a little” raw in the middle, but but it’s pretty. Too bad it…”it’s pretty”. I wonder how fast you can eat 12 000 kcal worth of this Christmas tart. The time starts now. Happy Christmas time to everyone. Today I’m eating a Christmas star tart – a giant one. This was recently done by Paulin Pelivideot. And it’s been done many times by others. But I’ve never seen anyone eat a Christmas star tart this big Because, Pauli, THIS is the world’s largest Christmas star tart. And I intend to also eat it by myself. This was in the oven for over 30 minutes. I didn’t include the making of this tart as you can watch Pauli’s video for that, for example. I do recommend you keep this in the oven for a lot longer. Half an hour wasn’t enough, not even close. I have to say… raw dough is somehow tougher to eat than… if it was properly baked. Within the first 10 minutes I’d eaten about two thirds of the tart. But as my face might’ve shown this underbaked Christmas tart started getting very, very disgusting. Only a manchild eats with his mouth open. Last year, I ate 50 Christmas tarts in 30 minutes and this is rougly the same as 70 tarts. I don’t want to repeat old challenges too much as it doesn’t move the channel forward. Instead, I want to come up with new things to do, and try out. But sometimes it’s fun to revisit old challenges and see how far I’ve come. For example: I can’t shoot many of these Christmas challenges unless I start in October. So, if I were to always revisit some old challenge it’s at the expense of new challenges. This Christmas tart challenge is one that I do want to revisit next year trying to eat 100 Christmas tarts. Milk This Christmas tart looked extremely good, but sometimes good looks fool you. In the last video, I asked for visually great challenges and this is one of them. Go ahead and leave more suggestions. Because I want to do more challenges that can be prepared at home. This looked really good but the middle tasted absolutely awful. If only it had been gingerbread dough, which tastes good raw, but… Have you ever eaten raw Christmas star dough? If you ever make a giant Christmas star tart give it some more time than I did. I knew it’s a bit raw in the middle, but… In the last video, I said it’s always a happy day when I get to do a food challenge. Well, unfortunately now it wasn’t, but it’s always a happy day when you get to overcome yourself, like today. And that is really the point of this channel – overcoming yourself by eating a lot of food. The plan is to shoot a few more challenges this year but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to edit them as I want to spend time with family during Christmas time. And so should you. So, a very merry Christmas to you all in advance and a happy New Year as well! 40 min 30 sec. I didn’t think that I could do it, because Well, at around 15 minutes, I was thinking that this will easily go down in under 30 minutes, but… Well, I already complained about it, so that raw dough wasn’t very good. But, 12 300 kilocalories from a Christmas tart. Again, training leads to results as I couldn’t have done this a while ago. In that sense I feel ok. As far as capacity, and so on. Still… That was a 3.6 kg Christmas star tart. Thanks again for watching and see ya.

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