Library Day with Cousins… and Cupcakes!

Library Day with Cousins… and Cupcakes!

Kate: Hey, where’s Harper? Kate: Where’d Harper go? *Harper laughing* Kate: There she is!! *music playing* Kate: Hi Harper *music playing* *Will making train sounds* Will: I’m playing with this one Kate: Do you know what you’re making yet Tavi? Tavi: Yeah! Kate: What? Tavi: A bed! Kate: A bed just like Audri!? Tavi: Yeah! Kate: Great! Is this where you guys are gonna sleep tonight? Audri: This is a new one Kate: A new one? Was your other one lame? Will: Woahhh Kate: Is it a chair made of blocks? Will: Yeah! Kate: That’s exciting. Oh boy Hayden, what did you find? Hayden: New ones!! Kate: New ones? I thought you already had like seven!? Hayden: There’s now, uh, about eleven Kate: oh my goodness (Will in background: Come on mama!) Kate: Harper! You with Grandma? Kate: You’re just so chill Kate: How ’bout you Viv? Kate: See Hayden drinking some water? Hayden: You want me to get you some? Kate: Uh oh, we better refill it Kate: Will look at these! Kate: A car AND a train! Up here! See? You see them? Will: A car… Kate: You like this one? Kate: Look it even says William on it just like you! Kate: Should we get those? Will: noooo Kate: *laughing* noo? Kate: What are you looking for? Will: Another motorcycle Kate: A motorcycle? okay *Will making silly noises* Kate: What are you driving Will? Is this a tractor? Will: noope Kate: It’s not? I think it might be a tractor. Will: Yeah it is. Kate: It is? Okay *Will making spitting sounds* Kate: *laughin* Is that what a tractor sounds like? Kate: What are you making Will? Ohh you got it to turn! Kate: Good job! Will: *fake tractor sounds” This one off! Will: One… Two… Three… Fiiive Kate: Almost five, that one’s five Will: SIX! Kate: ok Will: It’s kinda ready… Kate: Will it turn? They all turn! Good job Will: Hold it! Kate: There you go Kate: You girls findin’ books? Kate: What do you think Viv? Kate: *gasps* What did you get? “Big brothers don’t take naps” Is that for William!? Kate: Let’s read it! Kate: B is for butterfly Will: *singing* is for butterfly, b- b- butterflyy (Zoey in background: Here’s some yummy broccoli!) Kate: What are you doing, Audri? Are you pouring tea? Or is hot chocolate? Kate: Yummy Kate: You need some too? You have a bigger cup. Kate: Uh oh, I think Harper needs some Will: Look at that! Look at this green butterfly! Kate: Ooo, that’s cute! It’s a green one, is that your favorite? Will: I wanna eat it *nom nom nom* *fast music playing* Kate: Okay guys, where are we going next? Alexis: Hey Tavi, Where are we going? child: cupcakes Kate: Cupcakes!? But don’t you hate cupcakes? Zoey: I LIKE them! *fast music playing* Kate: You all got chocolate? Will: Me mama! Kate: Yummy Kate: What did we get over here? Kate: You got cookie dough? Kate: The babies and grandma Alice got vanilla Kate: I think Aunt Lexi got peanut butter, what did Tavi get? Lexi: Uhh, It’s like a chocolate cookie dough Kate: Oooo

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  1. Library and cupcakes, two things my kids love! Summer is the best time, so many great activities to do with the kids! Great Vlog ­čĺť

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