Let’s Play ARK: Primitive+ [030] – Backen: Cake, Cookies, Pizza und Co. [Tutorial] + ENG sub!

Welcome back to the third part of my harvesting and cooking tutorial for primitive+! In the last part I explained what you can do with the fresh harvest and how to process it. The first few processing steps. Toda is going to be all about baking. We will need the cooking station for that. In my opinion this is something worth putting into your kitchen because it looks pretty nice as well. I like it. Moreover, we need the baker’s oven. You should get one too. If you own both, you only need to learn the corresponding engrams. I will talk about those shortly. Right now there are those 8 engrams available. They are more than enough for now. I will start with baking pizza! Since you actually can bake pizza. First, let me pick up that egg. This will be preserved in the smokehouse. For pizza I need fresh tomatoes. ande some oil if I remember correctly. Organic oil. Crude oil will not work, that oil you can get through mining. But organic oil is produced quickly, using berry seeds for example, or burning fat in the campfire. You can get fat from phiomias after you kill them. Pizza dough in general needs flour, yeast and a bit of salt. Let me check if we need anything else..nope. That’s the tomato sauce and this is the pizza dough. When you produce the dough you will get 5 pieces out of it. Meaning we need a few for the tomato sauce. For one pizza you need one pizza dough and two tomato sauce. This means if you only have one sauce and one dough you could wait forever and never get a pizza. Both ingredients can spoil. As well as the pizza itself. You have to pay attention to that or produce pizza right away if you need it Also, you can store the dough as well as the sauce and the pizza in a smoke house. That way they will not spoil so fast In my case I will use everything right away. I need two more. Let’s heat up the oven. I rellay like its look. Especially as pizza oven even though its not a stone oven, the classic pizza oven. Oops. Forgot the sauce and almost wasted spark powder In my opinion this oven is a nice pizza oven as well. The other dough variations available in Primitive+ – that’s all raw dough – need soy milk and cashew milk I still need to produce both. I will do that right away. But first, let’s make some fresh dough or bread dough, what it’s called now. In the beginning it was called fresh dough. It is necessary to differentiate now, with all those other dough verions. The bread dough is the oldest dough version. It onl requires yeast and flour. I did talk about that dough in an earlier video as well. Everyone who is familiar with that video will know most of it already. The bread dough simply goes into the baker’s oven and becomes bread. This pizza is already done. I like that. The dough is done as well. But I will keep it in the cooking station for now. Because I want some honey with those breads. But first the fresh dough has to be used up. Let’s eat the pizza *nom nom nom* Because it’s really tasty I was not that hungry and am full now. But on the right side you can see a buff of 1200 seconds. 1200 seconds without getting hungry. That is very comfortable. And I completely forgot what I need for soy milk and cashew milk. Ground cashew and ground soy bean. That’s all. Together with some water. We have to wait a little longer I might have some soy milk and cashew milk in the smoke house. Good. I should put the tomatoes back in there. We do not need them any longer. One thing after another… As you can see I now can produce biscuit dough and pancake batter. We also need cane sugar and corn starch. and also… I am not sure, do we need sugar juice… No, I do not think so. That should be all. What else does the cookie dough need… Right, the egg. Makes sense. And we need more flour. Worst case, I have to produce some more. No problem. It might not be enough oil as well. Do we still need oil? Yeah, the pancake batter. Nothing else needs oil. In that case it is enough oil. Very well. Is the bread done by now? Some more pizza as well. Let’s get the honey. The old Primitive+ honey is not available anymore. There is only the normal honey from ARK. Well, it is pretty new. But I preferred the old one. The new one will spoil. We need five. It is pretty unrealistic. Honey usually does not spoil. And you keep it in a jar same as the item icon shows. But no. Well, however… Let’s throw some honey in and the bread as well. The dough, I mean. One honey and one bread dough makes baked honey loaf. Did we really produce to much tomato sauce? Did we produce eleven of them? Looks like it. Well. Let it be. I throw all produces in the smoke house. Some bread and pizza was already in there. You can see the maximum stack size. I admit, I like baking pizza and bread, because I have enough tomatoes and it does not take long. Everything else needs soy milk and cashew milk and as you can see, it takes some time to make them. Do not need any water, by the way. At least, they do not use any right now. That is primitive+. Things do not always work the same way. Would you guys like some cake? Although, let’s begin with something easy. Biscuits. One bowl of batter, please. They are quite easy to make. Cake is a little bit tricky. Here you can see the baked honey loaf. There are only 4 of them. I suppose one of the 5 already spoiled. That can happen. I will keep the honey in there. That is one disadvantage. If you really only want baked honey loaf you have to bake one honey and one bread at a time. That can be annoying. The oven does not know what kind of bread you want. We need eggs. Not that many. We can take some milk with us. The soy milk also comes in handy if you cook. Cooking is something I will show you guys in the next video. Baking alone already does take some time We have produced biscuit, bread, pancake will be produced soon, cake, and cookies. For the cake we also need icing. Because it is more like a frosted cake (“Torte”) One cookie dough is done. We need one more. No idea why, but in order to bake cookies you need 2x cookie dough. As soon as I have both I put them in the oven. The biscuits should be done. Yeah biscuit! Let’s take the cake batter and the icing. Both belongs into the oven. I put the biscuits in the smoke house for preservation. It is important to me that things do not spoil so fast. I am thirsty. Honey and tea have spoiled by now, from the last video. You cannot store those things over a long period of time. But they still are a lot of fun to cook, bake and simply produce in general. Now we have produced everything except of pancakes. One pancake batter, please. Pancakes are a bit special. I keep everything in the oven for now. It cannot burn. Here! 12 cookies. One dough – twelve cookies. I like that. They also look quite tasty. Sadly you cannot bake chocolate cookies. There is no chocolate in Primitive+ I do not understand why there are no cocoa beans. I would love that and be on board with it. The pancakes need special treatment. In our, well, half-build tavern. The furniture is there, but the wall still has holes. I love the tavern, nevertheless. Back to our pancakes. They need to be put on the grill. I use the moment to sort my stored oil a little bit. I would like to stay here and wait until they are done. It should not take too long. I hope everything works. Although… I cannot wait anymore, I am impatient. Not the best qualifications for baking and cooking. Although I personally enjoy baking as well. I like cake. By the way, let’s check the oven. Not done yet. Cake does take some time. You could start getting doubts whether everything will work out. Patience. Let’s check on the pancakes. Unfortunately you cannot put the sorghum syrup from the last video – Ah, they are done!- well, you cannot put the syrup on the pancakes I would like that. But it is not possible to combine these two, at least I could not figure out how. Many of those things I create here are results of trial and error. Because there is no good, working guide on baking and cooking. Why did I need corn starch? Ah, for the icing. And the cake is done as well! We can put the fire out. I check if I thought of everything. Yeah, I have biscuits and pancakes. Let’s take all things, which are spoiling. Anything else…no. I extinguish the fire underneath the cauldron as well. We do not need that much soy milk. Time to sort it all. We have produced: pizza, a normal bread, a baked honey loaf, biscuits, which look really tasty, twelve cookies, one cake, which looks like a christmas cake to me. It is an interesting cake. But it looks cool. Last but not least: pancakes. All baked in the baker’s oven, except of the pancakes. Those were put on the modern grill. The industry grill works just as well. But we have the modern grill here, inside the tavern. You should take in consideration baking the cake takes some time, the biscuits are quite easy, you need 2x cookie dough to get any baked cookie at all. If you put one cookie dough in the oven nothing will happen. Bread just needs 5x fresh bread dough. If you specifically want baked honey loaf, remember to bake one at a time. Otherwise you get baked honey loaf and bread. The pizza needs 2x tomato sauce and one pizza dough. Or you will not get a pizza. I would love to put some meat, like salami, on that pizza as well, as seen in the icon. But there is no sausage production in primitive+. I hope this small baking tutorial was useful for you. You can also find the recipes in the video description. In case you missed some. In the next video I will cook! There are more possibilities than you might think. By the way, you also can create your own recipes with the notes in the cauldron menu. I often get that question. It is possible. Maybe I will show that in the next video as well. See you then! I would be happy if you could give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Thanks for watching! Goodbye!

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