Last Minute Christmas Cookie Tips & Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Cookie Tips & Ideas

– Hi. everyone. It’s Beth from the Wilton test kitchen, and there’s just a few
days left until Christmas. Do you need help? Did you not do your baking? Did you just not get to it? That happens all of the
time at the holidays. I know I often think I’m
gonna get to it way ahead, and then the countdown gets less and less. It’s like, oh my god, I haven’t done it. I am here to help you out. I have six tips to get you
baking, to get great treats on your holiday table. Let me show you, let’s get started. Tip number one. Wilton’s no chill roll out cookie dough. This cookie is awesome
because it eliminates the step of having to chill down your cookie dough before you roll it out
and cut it and bake it. Big time saver here. If you wanna bake from
scratch, and you wanna do it more quickly than normal,
use Wilton’s no chill cookie dough recipe. You can get it right
here, and you can save all of that time. It makes great, beautiful cut out cookies. Tip number two. If you want to make a lot
of cookies really quickly, use a cookie press and a mega cookie pie. A single batch of spritz
cookie dough is going to make between seven and ten dozen cookies. That’s a ton of cookies. (blows) Super fast. And that’s because you
can put up to four dozen spritz cookies on this mega cookie pan. Tip number three. Sprinkles, icing decks
and other pre-made candies are your friend. Use them liberally to
decorate with no time at all. They add color, flavor and fun, and they’re super easy to do. And make it snow. My fourth tip for last
minute cookie decorating is to use candy melts. Candy melts are awesome
because they set up really, really quickly, unlike
most other cookie icings, especially royal icing, which
can take up to eight hours or longer to dry. If you decorate with candy
melts you get them to dry super quickly, and they taste awesome. Candy melts are also
great because they come pre-colored so they’re
ready to go for the holiday, whether you need red,
green, white, light cocoa. They also come in a couple
of great flavors seasonally. They’re limited edition. We have sugar cookie, and
my favorite, candy cane. And if you don’t have time
for any of these tips, tip number five is even simpler. Set up a fondue station using a candy melting pot at your party. All you have to do is put
some light cocoa or dark cocoa candy melts into the pot,
set it melt and then to warm after they’re nice and fluid,
and then just serve it with a plate of store bought
treats, like pretzel rods, fresh strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, whatever you’d like because
who doesn’t love fondue? This is the easiest way
to celebrate the holidays, and I promise it’s super delicious. So there you have it, five easy
tips and tricks to help you get through the rest of
this cookie baking season. But I wanna know what
your tips and tricks are, so leave me a comment below,
and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and give us a like. I’m Beth. Happy holidays from me to you, and happy baking. (jaunty holiday music)

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  1. Oh jeez! In my last minute holiday frenzy, I forgot my 6th cookie tip! Here it is: buy yummy chocolate chip or sugar cookies from the grocery store or bakery. Color some buttercream icing red or green and use it to sandwich 2 chocolate happycookies together, then roll the edges of the cookies in colorful sprinkles or sugars for easy cookie sandwiches. I hope that helps! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! -Beth

  2. By the way, I just bought a Wilton cookie press because its only $10 on Amazon right now.
    First time I've ever heard about it! First time for everything. Let's hope it works well! šŸ˜€

  3. Tip: freeze ahead cookie dough. Make an extra batch of dough any time you bake cookies, roll in plastic wrap to make a log, freeze and store in a ziploc bag with date and and cooking instructions ( Bake at 350 for 10 min.) Then when the holidays come you have a freezer full of dough just waiting to be cut and baked. šŸ™‚

  4. my trick is to make several batches in a row (even of you are up for a long time because of it) you won't get de-motivated because you just keep goig not stop then start then stop again.

  5. Great tips. It's the 22nd of Dec, we leave tomorrow to go to out of town family, I need to take some cookies to someone. Was feeling overwhelmed but now I'll definitely use your tips to make it happen. Thanks so much!

  6. Seriously, I love the Wilton melting pot. I finally got mine the other day. I used it to chocolate dip some homemade biscotti today. And an using it to dip some cake pops tomorrow. I love the silicone inside. I don't know how I'd get through this holiday season without it.

  7. Hi I have a question did Wilton make a small purple silicone spatula if you did please reply saying yes we did if not reply saying no we did not merry Christmas!

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