Lambeth Style Cake made of FONDANT. This, You’ve got to see!

Lambeth Style Cake made of FONDANT. This, You’ve got to see!

All ya need is cake! All ya need is Cake, Cake… Hi! I’m Tracie. Welcome to, or welcome back to my youtube channel! A couple days ago
I created this little beauty. It’s a simple little 1 tier cake, and it’s in
the lambeth of style, however, there is something very unique about it because, It is done all in fondant! Except for the lace 🙂 It’s the first time I ever use fondant
molds to create this beautiful texture effect, So, it’s kind of a practice cake
for me, but I thought I’d take you along on my journey! Here we go. First I started
with a little butter cream on the cake board, just to stick that bottom layer
down. Here I have some lovely vanilla cake with some vanilla buttercream and
strawberry filling. Smooth it up with my spatula, make sure it gets right to the
edge. And then I will stack and fill the rest of the cake. After that’s all stacked I will do a
crumb coat, which is just a thin layer of icing to keep the crumbs attached to the
cake. Smooth out the edge there, and then I’ll
chill the cake for about 15 or 20 minutes. After its chilled I will put a
final coat of icing on the outside Off to the side here, I have a bowl of
very hot water. I’m soaking my bench scraper in it so it will get nice and
warm, then I’ll dry it off and do one or two rounds around the cake. And what that does, is, it melts the very outside layer of the icing just enough to make it
really smooth. Now, here are some of the molds shapes I’ll be using. I’ll start with a barrel. Put some cornstarch in there, knock it out and then push that
fondant right in there. I use my fingers to scrape it off, you can use a
tool if you prefer. And I pinched the fondant into the center so it makes kindof a triangular shape, because it’s going to be going on the bottom of the
cake and it fits better that way. Here’s another one; the mini scroll. This time, since the design is so small,
I’m going to stick it in the freezer to chill before I pop them out of the mold.
Then they come out really easily. So teeny and so cute!! I’m also going to do the small C scrolls . They look very nice. And I’ve prepared all of them in advance.
After I chill the cake I put a light blue fondant on top. And now it’s time
for assembly! at this point all I’m doing is putting a little water onto the cake
fondant and sticking the barrels right there along the edge. That one is just a little too big so I
cut one of the little ends off. I’ll also put barrels at the top, except
this time, I’m going to make sure the top of the barrel is fla,t and the bottom is
kind of u-shaped. And I’ll do that all around the edge I wish I could work this fast in real
life (Laugh), unfortunately I just sped up the video. And this little space didn’t quite have
enough for a big barrel so I cut that one down also. (We’ll call that the back of
the cake) And on top of these barrels, I’ll glue the mini Scrolls. The ends are a little long, so I’ll just
cut them off with my exac-to knife and I’ll do that all around the top. Squeeze a little mini one in there,
there we go. These are the medium scrolls I’m pasting them onto the bottom barrels. I’m starting with the two Scrolls
attaching in the center and then I’ll do them the same direction all the way to
the back. One little extra one, just stick it on
there. Then I thought I’d add a little bit of edible lace. Here, I’m just
squishing that of a lace into my mold making sure I’ve got every little space
filled. Scraping it off, and then I’m taking a little paper towel just to get
all the residue. After that’s dry I will peel it out of the mold. This is a hand steamer. I’m just moistening the cake, so when I put the lace on it, will stick well. I had to put it on on a couple pieces so
I’m matching it up as best I can. I’ll just cut the excess office and
scissors. Yes, they are food only scissors! I’ll also piece a little design up there
on top. After that, I used a little Rose mold. Isn’t that so detailed? I love it! I’ll
place a mini rose on each of the joints for this I’m using piping gel because it
sticks a lot better. One for the top also. As a final, shimmering, snowy finish,
I’ve taken some pearl luster spray and I’ve airbrushed it all over the cake. oh
look at that shine I love it it looks like the cake has iced over
just for a winter. oh, one more thing I designed a shirt! I have them for sale
in my teespring store I’ll have a link in the description. Thanks for joining me
today and I will see you, Bye! Cake is all ya need (Laugh) There we have it! Of you are interested to know which molds I used, I will have links down into the description box. and you
can check those out. Thank you all for continuing to support
me in my channel, I really appreciate it! I invite you to subscribe if you can
also leave a comment thanks again bye

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  1. Hey Auntie…For this to be your first time using the molds it looks great!, Does it feel different, from when you freehand your cakes? Would you have did something extra with the designs? Either way another one you knock out the park…

  2. I was happy to see you finally do a fondant cake in Lambeth! Lovely cake and shirt. Much easier for beginners, but I will continue to practice Lambeth.

  3. the MRS here….YEA!!! another video to see!!! what is the stuff you use for the edible lace?? and do you now prefer your original style or the fondant??

  4. I'm so happy to see this tutorial, much faster to make a nice cake when you don't have the time for the real Lambeth…. thank you, Where did you purchase the molds?

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