Kelly Tells Josh Gad She Ruined ‘Frozen’ For Her Daughter River

Kelly Tells Josh Gad She Ruined ‘Frozen’ For Her Daughter River

– What did your daughters
think of “Frozen 2?” They’ve seen it obviously, right? – They saw it. They absolutely freaked out. Loved it. – Aw! You’re like the coolest dad ever to them. – No, usually they’re not fans of me but, (laughing) with this movie, when they saw this my
oldest one looks at me through like gritted teeth and she goes, “When can I see it again? (laughing) “I liked it more than the first one.” I’m like, thanks, I didn’t ask you for your
review but thank you. (laughing) – But kids will give you their review. – Kids will give you their review. – Yes they will. – Like, what was the alternative? Mm, hated that one. (laughing) Is there still time to re-record daddy? (laughing) – Can you fix that? – Can you fix that scene? – My mom does that with this show. – The Samantha joke didn’t track for me. – My mother does that this show, “Maybe you should put
your chair in the middle.” (laughing) I’m like, mom, there’s a
reason why we did it this way. I love her, she’s great. But I actually ruined
“Frozen” for my daughter. So when I did “Ugly Dolls,” it’s an animated film, I was like yeah, you know, Mommy’s the voice of Moxy
like you know how Elsa, the real singer and I started telling her and then as I’m saying it, I just saw– – It’s trauma. – I killed Christmas. I killed everything in her heart. – I really believe that, yes you did. – I know! (laughing) – And I really believe this. I really believe that if you, cause I get stopped on
the street all the time and loving parents come
up to me and they’re like, “I told him who you are.” And I’m like, I’m a 38 year old man. I don’t know what you told them, but they’re like, “Do the Olaf thing.” You can really only do it
for kids who are over ten. If you’re Mickey Mouse, if you’re the voice of Mickey Mouse, and you’ve got like a thick beard and you put a three
year old in front of him and you’re like, hey, Jim
over here is Mickey Mouse. And you see Jim be like, all right give me a second, hi, how are ya kids? (laughing) – Oh my God that was so good! – Yeah. Hey, what are you up to? I gotta get back my wife is
waiting for me in the car. (laughing) Like, no! Don’t do this to your children. – I know, I messed up. – I know, it’s all right.
– I know.

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  1. The fact that they're talking about breaking kayfabe in front of kids is funny.
    For those of who are reading my comment and isn't a wrestling fan.
    Kayfabe is a term in wrestling and it basically means breaking the 4th wall.

  2. My daughter for her 5th birthday to see Frozen 2. She loved it but we almost didn't stay because of how long the previews were.

  3. Kelly kills the talk show circuit . She’s like a neighbor that has her buds over to chat ! You go Kelly !
    Go straight to the head of the line ! 👍❤️👍❤️

  4. Kelly , As a BIG Fan of Disneyland at Christmas have you ever stopped and asked yourself , WHO SINGS This Song . Millions of people Hear this song all through Christmas and yet No one know WHO it is …Her name is Kellie Coffey . At one time she was a country singer . But at the wrong time . When there were not ALOT Of Women country Singers . It would be sooooooooooo Cool to see her on your Show and the two of you go to Disneyland and hear her song over the main street sound system …. She has 2 Songs on Youtube that will Break your heart , One is called , I WOULD DIE FOR THAT and the other is a Song for Cancer called , WALK ON . Which was sung for the Susan G Komen For The Cure Walk … She has more songs on Youtube . Get her on the show . THANKS

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