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  1. I know I'm fat and unattractive, but PLEASE accept me, please like me, I hate Trump! Liberals are so f'n silly and just plain DUMB!

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  3. The most interesting and strange part of our culture today is that even if just a few people make an uproar about something, EVERYONE in the media and Hollywood takes it seriously. It reminds me of Joker’s line from the dark knight. Just a little different, “If most Americans complain about pedos in our culture, well then nobody bats an eye. But if one single feminist complains about a 75 year old song, well then everybody loses their minds.”

  4. The woman still had the upper hand if you understand context.
    A harmless dating ritual of showing some resistance to intimacy while displaying a balanced interest.
    It was an art that nearly died with the sexual revolution.
    Now, boys are afraid to even talk to girls. Good job 🖕

  5. Why are you lieing about Alex Jones. It's in the constitution that jury members can be named in case there is biased selection. Also people on the jury are not allowed to watch the media during a case incase of outside influences. Justice is justice even if you don't like the people soo stop lieing to America 🇺🇸

  6. I love Kelly Clarkson's music not sure why she would do a duet with this douchebag. Why don't you just write your own damn Christmas song!

  7. Funny coming from John Legend. Listen to the lyrics of Tonight by Legend. Here’s a sample:

    Ain't this what you came for
    Don't you wish you came, oh
    Girl what you're playing for
    Ah, come on

  8. "Stay and have another drink….cause my penis is hard….baby it's cold outside!" Now that would've been controversial!

  9. Oh man look, modern feminists warping history to suit them better, not understanding how the song is about a woman expressing her agency and defying a patriarchal society which seeks to control her. The song is literally about how the woman wants to stay, but that’d be frowned upon, so she and her love interest work together to find decent excuses so they can spend the night together without making the woman a social outcast.

  10. Where’s the outrage over the Epstein scandal and how SO MANY MEDIA organizations ignored reporters efforts to run the story! How about all the HOLLYWOOD PEDO STUFF!

  11. Anyone else really sick and tired of these “woke” politically correct “me to” cry babies literally promoting the weakening of our country. Nobody cares about your feelings nobody wants to give you a participation trophy. Words don’t hurt and being offended on behalf of other people is literally the definition of attention seeking behavior. Grow up

  12. This needs to stop. Stop changing things just because a few people interperate it the wrong way. Boycott woke culture/cancel culture.

  13. No thanks, I’ll stick with the original because I am an adult and it reflects actual true adult mature interaction. But…by all means, dumb it down for all the needy adults who require the softest seat, the quietest voice and the least energy expended when having to think. Those that prefer a milk toast world with zero flavor and one option that’s sure to keep from getting your panties in a bunch can have at it.

  14. Nearly every single rap song made is about doing drugs and getting women drunk and having sex with them but I don't see very many of them being rewritten

  15. Clarkson and Legend are idiots trying to change the past. Go Fu*k yourselves, as the thumbs down show you two are just morons and nobody cares what you think. I surly do not!

  16. People who are against this new version are just outing themselves as supporters of forcing women to do things against their will.

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