Karpfenangeln an Lowstock-Naturseen | Das Schöne am Schweren | Ad Verno

Karpfenangeln an Lowstock-Naturseen | Das Schöne am Schweren | Ad Verno

The beauty of the difficult Fall slowly turns into winter. The water temperature is gradually approaching the 10 degree mark, fishing is becoming more difficult and Tristan and I have given ourselves another challenge. We came here to this 300 hectares reservoir for a one weeks fishing. This lake has an absolutely lowstock of fish, and the weather is not really on our side. The last few weeks with relatively constant weather, air pressures and southwesterly wind are now over which is a shame for us, because actually this would be that kind of weather what you definitely want in autumn. Wind from west or southwest, mostly a little warm, mostly a little cloudy, mostly a little rain and mostly low air pressure – these are the conditions with which one actually likes to go to fishing. Now we suffer a heavy change in the weatherconditions. The wind changes a lot – sometimes north, sometimes east, sometimes northeast, now it was a little bit south again. Air pressure has definitely risen to over 1030 hPa and that is a difficult situation for us. The signs are not playing into our hands. Nevertheless, we love challenges like this. That is why we take the whole thing in a fully motivated way. Tristan is confident that we can get one out of here. We have never left this water without catching one fish at least, That means we already know this water a bit and will definitely learn a lot here. I’m a little more skeptical about whether or not we’ll catch a fish. There are six nights of fishing ahead of us and we’ll give our best again! The starting tactic of our instant fishing is always as follows: spread the rods wide, realising depth variants, if possible. We put the rods now between four and nine meters and with that we actually have a good variance, so that you can fish for all the strategic point where the fish could appear. I am a friend of feeding it extensively. That means to provide large areas with few boilies, to attract the fish somewhere on their way and bring them to the spots. Thats how we just try to get closer to the fish little by little. Gathering insights night by night. And then, hopefully get the one, maybe two, fish out of here. That would be a great success in this weather conditions. But, as always, the most important thing: that we have fun while fishing and that we cannot blame ourselves afterwards if it did not work. The first night has brought nothing but a bream and somehow it seems that the lines were a bit twisted, when we brought the rod back. I’ll redo both of them. Is not a far distance, that’ll be fine. Afterwards I’ll go for the northern part of the lake, where we also have an option to settle down, if we decide to move. To find some spots there. place a little feed there, in order to be able to simply check in the following days whether it was accepted, or whether it’s still there. And then we can decide where we might want to move if nothing works here … So far we have done: Fished Spots that do not all have the same characteristics but address different demands that could be interesting for carp, not just for this season, but basically for all seasons. The only thing we avoided so far, are the very big depths, i.e. over 12 or 15 meters water depth and what we ignored are the large flat areas, the really big flat areas, where we think they are more likely to be in during the spawning phase. Otherwise we actually covered everything. The edges at different depths, close to the reeds, further away from the reeds, we have hooked areas with a big plateau, because we believe that fish can be anywhere. We moved to many corners of the lake and created small feeding areas there, and then in the period that followed we’ll be able to check whether this is still there or whether it has been eaten and the fish are somewhere else than we are. In order to be able to follow them and then target them. The underwater cameras definitely had a tough job today. We tried to find some spots because we came here with the intention of finding them and not waiting till they found us. So we really made routes and distributed food. Not in large amounts, but just that much that it is enough to be able to check whether it is still there or not. That is actually easy. Go there with a GPS point and then you drive over it with the camera to see the disaster or the great joy. So I see a lot of bream swimming. I took a few pictures of that. We can then evaluate together afterwards, I still distributed some food … Checked everything I had laid, even on the plateau … everything is still there. Mhm, same. Same here. Fuck my life! So island lies, tip lies. Yes. I’m now considering whether I’m going to take another lap through the large bay here … Uh-huh. … that we have never looked at because I think the edge over there is also under feed I have no idea where to be now … Well, I drove around here in the far north-east, there was so much bucking and it was splashing around and bubbles came up and there is a lot of movement in the water, but I think most of it will have been from the lake. Where are you now? You’re going back to the camp right now, or how do we do it now? I think so! What are we going to do now? I don’t know Philipp, I just don’t know! I am at a loss. I do not want to exclude that the fish have a comfort zone somewhere and that this is an specific area in this lake that is in any direction or even in a certain water depth. But there are for sure some outliers as well, who stay outside of these comfort zones. And we just have to hope for our luck and trust that if we don’t find the bunch of fish, we will somehow tap into a supposed loner. Hopefully it will come! As always, we will try and we will definitely if nothing comes, do a move here. That will probably happen tomorrow, if it stays calm during the night. We don’t yet know exactly where it will going. Philipp is driving his last rod and then we will sit down and drink tea, discuss what we have fed today, which places looked the best. Then tomorrow we will check everything if no bite came here and then decide where to go. It can’t be true. Again the rod that lays in shallow water. Now it is important to find out where it is. It’s so foggy here, I can’t even see the surface of the water, the fog is so thick. Okay, he’s up there … Got it in, boy! There he is. Dude! Today is moving day. And the fish here shows us the direction where we have to go. Really cool! We pick up the rods. Let’s get your two short ones together, then we get my two distance rods together. We can then get everything else on the way, or just reel it in. Then we pack, move and settle down over there. Great morning! The best morning to move! He, he! Do you want anything else? This works out! Give me more, dude! The only question is whether the bridge will hold it. The fish that came didn’t stop us from moving. On the contrary, it rather encouraged us because the position in which he bit, is the only position we reach from where we are now, and all other places that we have previously fished, we can no longer reach from here, which creates space for other areas where we suspect the fish. Accordingly, we simply used this sign for us, didn’t control the places in the other parts of the lake anymore, but went further to the northeast. I had three single beeps on the distance rod that night. I think you should react to it. I put on my waders, waded past our jetty and climbed back up. The swinger was slightly higher than the other swingers. For me, that means there was action. Got on the boat, just drove over. Starry night, all full of frost Bring the assembly up, the tip of the hook slightly curved. The fixing silicone on the hook had slipped back. You clearly noticed on the rig that they were working on it, but it didn’t hooked, or could not grip because the tip of the hook was also a little bit demolished and that’s always very annoying because such waters don’t give you many chances. We have to be patient now. The weather has changed a bit now. The air pressure will drop again the next few days. I’m still sceptical if it’s not too strong. But the wind went stronger, the night is getting a little milder, cloudy sky … So everything a bit more carpy you might think. Maybe it works, maybe we’ll get one or two actions over the next two nights. We definitely have to stay tuned. We’ll leave everything right now where it is. The rods are all good. We’ll definitely stay tuned and patient … We are simply interested in a large body of water with a low fish population and an old fish population, because there are not many anglers. Few people come here from time to time, set up their camps, try it for a week or so and then you won’t see them again. And even that is rare. In most cases, when we come here, we sit alone all the time. We don’t block anyone and nobody blocks us in our intentions. If we say we want to move to another place, then we just do it and there’s no one sitting there. You need an incredible amount of confidence in these waters to stick to tactics, so as not to lose confidence in your fishing. What we’re doing here right now is not a kind of fishing, where you think you get 4 or 5 actions per night and heavy bangers come out and you don’t get to sleep with laughter during a session like this. This is simply not the case here! This is not primarily about playing fish and hearing the bite alarm, but rather it is about an inner work. If you are honest, it is not always nice and it is not always easy but it’s difficult and if you are honest again then the difficult situations in life are actually the ones that take you further. If you sit blank here one night after the other and actually go full force and sit on your bedchair with a very, very good feeling every night and know: “Everything is just perfect, tonight can be the night”, and than you wake up the next morning without any action, then this speculate starts again every morning. This ambition is something you have to work your way into, and that’s also what I believe in, which ultimately makes you successful. And we want to be successful, not just as anglers, but also as people. With this low fish density, the growth rates, we don’t have to pretend, are enormous. So there are certainly some secrets that we definitely have to uncover. We don’t just want to catch them randomly, we want to catch them specifically. And we have made it our task to be able to do that. Thererfore we take it for granted to sit without fish for a long time. Of course, this is also fun when you know the bell rings, so that a really good fish will definitely come out. You don’t have to fool yourself. That’s cool. Hard but awesome! At six, it was still dark, we finally got a run on Tristan’s rod. It wasn’t far away. That was the start, where the jewels were inserted into this crown of defeat. Philipp took the rod in his hand, I already had the landing net ready to … The fish felt really good. Really nice … I felt it in the rod. Felt like a wet sluggish sack that could be pumped like this, no wild escapes. “That’s a good one,” I thought, “That’s a good one!” After maybe a minute of playing the fish … Then you know: lost! We are fooled here by the lake in any ways possible. After the night when the fish wasn’t hanging, we got another chance this night. This time on Tristan’s rod. I was allowed to play. We fish run to run. I had the pleasure for a minute. The fish came right up here, on this edge. Played directly from the jetty. What means played? Pumped it like a wet sack, nice heavy head beats. Bup, lost! 50 meters in front of the jetty! Fits! Fits the overall situation. Blanked for the twelfth night in a row now! Really nice Autum, dude! Then you suffer with him and then it is no problem if you get your own rod pressed into your hand by your fishing partner. If it had been my rod, I probably would have hit it somewhere. But it was Tristan’s rod, so I put it in his hand, I got off the jetty… Then it poured a bit. I then redone the rod And then it took a while until we spoke again … Shit! We were in the process of repositioning the rods for the last night. We wanted to make everything perfect again. Tied rigs, put on the smock in the rain, get out, it didn’t matter! Everything should be perfect. We wanted to take our time. We got into the boat as a team the first time during this trip and drove one rod after the other. We wanted to take our time all day. We did Tristan’s rod on the left first… Then we placed the second rod of mine on a spot that looked the next best … and then we continued with Philipps rods because we had to come up with something for my third rod. From my right we started to make the first rod, then the distance rod … Then the next blow came, when we then caught a rod from Philipp, where only the lead was attached and a piece of the rig, the most important element, hook and bait were missing. I don’t know, some crustacean then flicked out or something. Then these are the things you don’t really register anymore. There is a certain amount of getting used to it, and then you become blunt. And then when you’re down there, when you’re really, really pissed off, and you don’t want to go and think, “This is the crappiest hobby in the world”, then things happen that will quickly bring you back and put a smile on your face. On my last rod I got stuck while reeling in. So we went there, drove the boat over the spot … … then the hook has come off … I cranked the rod up and something white, shimmery came up in the water. And it’s without the bite alarm beeping, without you going there to pick up a fish … and without playing, … this toilet lid suddenly appeared. But when this thing appeared on the surface, we both looked at it for a moment had big eyes … I said to Philipp: “Keep calm!” But the one who was the least calm was me. Tristan took the landing net, I took the rod, just put it behind my head, pulled it up a bit … … the nets up … And then this thing was in the landing net. We looked at each other and we roared with joy, on this lake! I think I’ll leave this rod right here! Of course we leave it there! Yes! You fat pig! No play, no run, no nothing, just this fish out of nowhere hooked as tight as I have never hooked a fish! See how it’s hooked! How does it hang? Barely! Yes? Fucking barely! Fuck! Booooom! Hot We went through hell, people. Through hell! But everything is forgotten. Everything is forgotten with such a fish! How cool is that? Awesome! It would be exaggerated and somehow surreal to tell how we freaked out. But we did. And it felt so at that moment. But in the end you just think: “Yeah well, the two of them just caught a fish and they kept trying it for a long time until they caught a fish, and then he also bit in such a strange way. Well, if you just go fishing, you have to count on catching a fish and in terms of probability, it is also logical at some point that one bites. All that doesn’t matter! All these rational explanations don’t matter. But at that moment you are just detached. And it is not working for weeks, and days. All wrong! And all of a sudden, something like that is served to you on the silver platter, you don’t have to do anything and you just have a mega fish in your net and go crazy, you just go crazy! We also let that come out and so the fish got the appreciation it deserved. You just need that little bit of luck in the end. And Tristan said it from the beginning: “There is something special coming up in these two weeks, wait a minute. I have a blatant feeling!” And this is it! You have to see a task ahead of you and not a peaceful life. – Leo Tolstoi

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  1. Hallo Männers, ich konnte mich bei 32:30 richtig für euch freuen, als wäre man selber dabei gewesen. Eure eingeschlagenen Formate der Videos sind mit großen Abstand die besten. Die ehemaligen Kritiken wurden gut umgesetzt! Weiter so, und viel Erfolg! VG Stephan

  2. Na Männer,
    Was ist das für ein schöner Film geworden! Angeln ist nicht langweilig… und wird es nie mal's werden! Petri und auf eine noch geilere neue Saison….

  3. unpackbare story in einem unpackbarem video verpackt! einfach unglaublich, gratuliere euch beiden zu der meisterleistung!

  4. ohha Ich ziehe mal wieder meinen Hut! Wirklich richtig geiles Video! top. Philipp darf mal mal fragen, was ihr für eine Filmausrüstung nutzt?

  5. Mega Respekt vor eurer Herangehensweise und eurem Angelstil. Einfach klasse Bilder wie man es von euch gewohnt ist und der Fisch war mehr als verdient egal wie er gebissen hat.
    Großen Respekt ich hab mich mit gefreut als der Fisch im Kescher lag✌️🎣

  6. Einfach nur abartig geile Videos. Mit abstand die besten auf Youtube! Geiles Video, geile Angler, geile Fische. Ich bin wie gesagt ein grosser Fan! Lg aus dem Schwabenland /Flo

  7. Unfassbares Ende, danke für das Teilen dieser Momente!
    Einmal mehr zolle ich meinen Respekt für Eure Arbeit und Mühe!

  8. Petri Jungs, ihr habt meinen vollsten Respekt so eine Arbeit zu leisten und so einen Aufwand zu betreiben. Ich schaue eure Videos immer wieder gerne an. Macht weiter so👍🎣

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  17. Am Ende des Tages ist es nur wichtig, dass ein Moment dabei war, der Dich durchdrehen liess 🤪 😁

    Es ist so schwer, so verdammt schwer wie dieser Schuppmann nun Worte für dieses Video zu finden.
    Das dicke Ende, Eure Freude…. Erlich emotional.
    Es schossen mir direkt Erinnerungen an meinen eigenen PB in den Kopf….


    Grüsse Marcel ✌

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    Übrigens, toller und ehrlicher Film.

  19. Ja, wie immer sehr emotional!
    Wenn man sich in unserem Hobby solchen Herausforderungen stellt wie Naturseen, Rhein, Elbe etc. verlässt man in dieser Liga schon bei der Verabschiedung der Familien und verlassen der Wohnung das „Irdische“. Wer hier erfolgreich sein will muss Niederschläge hinnehmen und sich der wechselnden Situationen stellen. Man muss aber klar Differenzieren zw, Kommerziellen „huntern“ und denen die in Ihrer Freizeit „fängig“ sind. Ich glaube das sind die wahren Profis! Super Video vielen Dank!!

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    Petri 4 Life

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    Jeder der unser Hobby betreibt mit vollem Einsatz,Entbehrungen und Ehrgeiz,der weiss was ein Stellenwert solche Fische haben! Pure Emotion-auch bei mir als Zuschauer! Glückwunsch!!!

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    Ihr kommt so natürlich rüber und seit auch das perfekte Team 💪
    Wünsche euch noch viel Spaß und Erfolg im Jahr 2020 🤘

  23. Wieder ein Video mit spitzen Qualität. Nach anfänglichen gedanklichen Schwierigkeiten meinerseits mit eurem neuen Namen, fetzt AD VERNO und passt super zu euch. Viele andere wären den leichteren weg gegangen und hätten mit Cyprid Hill einfach weiter gemacht. Für den einfachen Weg scheint ihr aber nicht geboren zu sein und ihr vermittelt so authentisch unser tolles Hobby und das gebührt meinen größten Respekt. Mir ist bei dem Video wieder Erinnerung gekommen das auch meine 2 „besten“ Fische unter den schwierigsten Bedingungen gefangen wurden und ich meinen inneren Schweinehund überwinden musste da die Sterne nicht immer günstig stehen können.
    Macht weiter so, auf ein tolles Jahr mit schönen Momenten
    Grüße aus Prenzlauerberg

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    Das ist es was eure Video ausmacht!
    Ihr zeigt die unerbittliche Konsequenz der Natur, vollkommen!
    Als echter Waidmann und Petrijünger fügt man sich als kleines Zahnrad in diesen Kosmos ein.
    Diese Naturaufnahmen zeigen zu jeder Jahreszeit auch wie wunderschön die Natur ist, selbst wenn es auf den ersten Blick alles grau und trist erscheint. Man muss sich eben mal entschleunigen und sich dem Moment richtig zuwenden.
    Einfach geil.
    Sowas gibt es nur bei Euch in der Form!

  27. Riesen Respekt das ihr euch große natürliche Gewässer aussucht, da hat ein Fisch eine ganz andere Wertigkeit als von einem Vereinssee wo sich die Karpfen stapeln und jeder was fängt.
    Es wird wirklich extrem viel Technik im Karpfenbereich genutzt, gibt es schon GPS Sender die den Karpfen angesteckt werden?

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    In Deutschland gibt es kaum Besseres, macht weiter so!

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  31. Sehr schöner Film wieder von euch. Ich werde jedes Mal sofort in den Bann der Natur und der Ruhe gezogen. Fühlt sich wirklich an wie dabei sein. Und mein Lieblingszitat: „Hart aber geil“. 😂😂😂. In diesem Sinne weiter so. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Bitte macht so weiter und nichts anders, Ihr macht das absolut Super. Eure Videos sind sehr anspruchsvoll und heben sich von anderen Videos stark ab.
    Viele Grüsse von Rainer dem alten Karpfenangler

  34. Ich kann es nur nochmal schreiben, wie ihr die Videos darstellt, ist einfach nur Klasse. Ihr habt in euren Videos alles von Ehrlichkeit bis Lerneffekt enthalten und nur so bekommt man als außenstehender ein Gefühl wie es euch geht. Seit dem ich damals auf euch getroffen bin, genieße ich jeden Moment am Wasser und freue mich über jeden einzelnen Fisch. Ihr seit einfach nur Spitze, dickes Petri weiterhin und denkt weiter dran: Irgendwann kommt der Erfolg 😀

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    Vielleicht tritt es nur bei mir auf?

  39. Emotionale und starke Aufnahmen! Motivation pur! Wirklich klasse Jungs! 🙂

    Rationalität hab ich schon lange beim Angeln beiseite gelegt – es wird einem zu oft das Gegenteil bewiesen. Das bei euch war wieder genau eine solche Situation, die man einfach mit Statistiken oder Wahrscheinlichkeiten nicht erklären kann. So spielt aber das Leben und so ist Angeln als Teil davon. Einfach verrückt 🙂

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    Hartnäckigkeit und Geduld zahlt sich halt aus. Philipp wie zufrieden bist du mit deinen Carpsounder hast du die neue Funke die Acc oder noch die normale, und wenn du die Acc hast wie ist der Batterverbrauch. MfG Alex

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    Frage: was für eine unterwasserkamera benutzt ihr ?

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    In dem Sinne…ein dickes Petri für 2020 und ich hoffe wir sehen uns Mal 😉

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