hi friends today I will show you a KADHA
recipe an instant relief to your cough cold and congestion
it’s very easy to make with some flax seeds and some bishops weed seeds let’s
look at the ingredients I have taken here about half a cup of flax seeds 1/4
cup of ajwain or bishops weeds seeds three big
teaspoons of turmeric and big piece of ginger
put the flame to high and take a small walk now we are going to try roast the
flax seeds you know just toss them like these they start to pop up so it takes
about 8 to 10 minutes on a medium low flame to roast these wells so just keep
on you know starting them like these you’ll notice that they kind of start
popping up pretty fast so you know use a cover like this on the side and you know
just keep mixing them now they are pretty much done just give them a final
stir like this and go ahead and turn the flame to
lowest and take them out in a plate
next up we are gonna roast the edge vine or the bishop weed seeds it will take
about 2 to 3 minutes since the wok is already hot so just stir them well
notice the change in color there well done now switch off the flame and take
them out in a plate now we have the flax seeds and Ajwain well roasted let it
cool down now we are gonna grind the roasted ingredients so put the flax
seeds and the bishop weed seeds in the grinder add the ginger piece and the
turmeric powder now I’m gonna make a fine paste I’m also gonna add some water
to it this is how it looks nice and mustard
color now let’s take out this paste that we made in a separate pot add about 5 to
6 cups of water to this paste so I’m just gonna wash my grinder attachment
and you know take out all that paste that’s left out and fill this part to
the top and give it a good mix look something like this so let it settle
down for a minute or so put the flame to medium high and we are
gonna boil this mixture so keep stirring it in between and let it come to a boil
so much that it reduces to the half quantity
so it will take about 45 minutes to an hour on a medium high flame to reduce it
to half its size now it’s well done switch off the flame now we are going to
strain this boiled mixture and we are going to use a strainer with really
small holes because we just want to extract all that water not as much of
the you know residue so it will take some time so this one was the smallest
that I had if you have a little wider one use that so little by little you
know strain this mixture take a help of a spoon to kind of you know mix it and
take that water out so keep doing that until you have kind of strain most of
that boiled mixture almost there just strain that last
batch and now we here we have our strain mixture ready now here I have some honey
you can also add sugar but honey is more you know better for your sore throat so
that’s what I’m using so add as much as you need
you know the sweetness depends on really how much you like it give it a good mix
and the kadha is ready serve it in a cup this kadha is also very helpful for the
children This kadha in winters it’s pretty handy you
know make it an excess refrigerated take out the quantity you need and just warm
it up in a microwave here I’m just adding few mint leaves to give that
extra soothing flavor if you liked today’s recipe please don’t forget to
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