Jordi Bordas: my vision of pastry

Jordi Bordas: my vision of pastry

Pastry is my language. A way to express myself. I always enjoyed working with my hands. Touching things, feeling different shapes and textures. With pastry I learned to communicate, to express things that are important to me. But after I became World Pastry Champion, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with the recipes I was working with. So, I started asking myself questions: Why am I working with this ingredient? Why am I using this technique? Can we do it better? Can we have more flavour? More balance? Can we change the rules? I questioned everything and I studied. I studied techniques, textures, ingredients… I was looking for a method to express my vision of pastry. I think one of the most incredible things is being able to share your passion. That´s why, in 2015 I opened my pastry school in Viladecans. I wanted to give people the kind of education I didn’t get when I first started. Share my experience and knowledge. Teach pastry chefs how to create recipes from scratch. That was the idea behind the B·Concept method. When people come to our school they don’t just follow recipes. They learn about the importance of ingredients and techniques. How to create recipes adapted to their needs? How to balance them? We can always teach chefs to replicate recipes. But the most important thing is to help them become independent… Become free. Freedom is something you don´t learn in pastry school. They teach you that you have one road and you must follow it. But with B-Concept you can create your own road. Many roads in fact. When you show that to people, they start seeing things differently. They discover many possibilities. They can express themselves through their creations. Creativity is about showing your vision and your values to other people. It’s telling other people who you are, where are you coming from? What’s important to you. For me being able to turn your passion into your job is incredible, but being able to express who you are through your work, is beyond comparison.

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  1. es maravilloso escucharte, luego de ver cada una de tus elaboraciones y soñar con un día recibir tus conocimientos. Gracias!!!

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