Jools’ Simple Cookies | Jools & Buddy Oliver

Jools’ Simple Cookies | Jools & Buddy Oliver

Hi! I’m Jools and today I’m going to make
some really super easy oaty cookies. I’ve got my little mate Buddz who’s gonna help
me. We’ve made this a lot of times so it should all run quite smoothly. There’s
lots of oats and fruit and seeds and they’re really delicious and they’re very quick to make. I actually use them as a treat which is
actually no big deal but for them it’s massive. This could actually make 24 cookies and you could simply freeze it and then when you need it you can slice straight from frozen. So good when you’ve got people coming round for tea. And it’s quite impressive. So we’ll start, we’re gonna do 250 grams of porridge oats. Right do you want to pour that into the big bowl for me? And we’re gonna do 100 grams of wholemeal plain flour into there. I’m gonna do half a little teaspoon of bicarb of soda just to give it a bit of air. That’s what my husband says. We’ve got one teaspoon of mixed
spice and you could use ginger or cinnamon. Really tasty. Do you want to do it? And you do like a handful of raisins. But you could use apricots or cranberries or
kind of any dried fruit you like but I know my children love raisins. Here you go. And
then finally just some of the mixed seeds which is kind of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds We’re just gonna do like a tablespoon of those. Here you go Buddz! And you’re gonna do the big job of mixing it. So mix all your dry ingredients together. Can you smell it? What’s it smell of? You like it? We make these cookies probably maybe once a week and if it’s a really special occasion then maybe the odd chocolate chip in there. The children help but even if they do bit of that
they feel like they’ve made it they feel, you know they’re just like it’s important they feel like it’s their creation and then they can show Dad and he’s super impressed and then yeah. So everyone is happy. Ok so we’re gonna move on to our wet ingredients now so gonna do 100 grams of butter first. Now I need 50 grams of this soft brown sugar. This is the sugar that makes the cookies really gooey and nice and soft. Yeah, done. Done perfect. So that’s the soft
brown sugar done Buddz. So we’re gonna do the golden caster sugar this makes it more crunchy
than the soft brown. It’s nice for the cookies! Pour that into there. The whole thing? Yeah! Even the butter? No! Right you crack an egg in there and then that is nearly all done. Well done! Amazing! Just put that in there it’s alright. Alright and then we can now whisk this. Careful! This is the bit he likes best. That’s it! Brilliant. Tired? It is quite good for my arms. You could just use a hand blender to be super quick. So this is about the consistency. I think it
took just a couple of minutes. It’s about like that, so you can see. I’m gonna combine this with all the dry ingredients. I need to get, just wait. I need to get everything out. Brill. Well done. Excellent.
Shall we make the balls? I’m just mixing the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients to make kind of a, like a dough. Cool. Ready? So we’re almost ready. We’ve got the tray here, just a normal baking tray. I’m just gonna put some baking paper on there. I’m gonna make the little balls. About, you need to make them as for like a walnut size. About that size. And just arrange them not too close. Or I assume they’re just gonna merge together if I do that when they start baking. If you get all the
kids involved this will be done really quickly. And this is the bit generally they really love but obviously Buddy’s decided he doesn’t like this bit anymore. And he’s hiding. So I can fit 12 on this tray. So that’s my 12 done. And then you simply just squash down. Hey Buddz do you want to squash down with me? To make the cookie shapes. As this could actually make 24 cookies with anything left over you could do, which is what I do, is I roll it into like
a big fat sausage which is really quite fun. Lay it onto some baking paper, roll it up and simply freeze it. Actually Buddz will you go and get my sausage snake from the freezer please. The big job and I can show you how I actually did do it, I did this the other day. Not that snake, the other snake. Brilliant. Bring, yeah. Bring the two out. I’m gonna cook these ones to show you how you can do them from frozen. So this one’s actually a slightly different. So we’ve got some cranberries in there, what else Buddz? Apricots, I think we made this the other day didn’t we. But this is so good when you’ve got people coming round for tea. And it’s quite impressive. Ok so I’m gonna put these in the oven now so probably, I’m gonna put the frozen ones on the
top shelf and then that, they have a bit longer to cook. About two or three minutes. 180 or 350 Fahrenheit for about 8 to 10 minutes until kind of golden brown. Right they’re done! Right smell, delish! So these are the frozen ones. You can see they’re slightly flatter because obviously we cut those but these are the more rustic, these are the ones me and Buddz did. So we’re gonna leave them to cool for about 10 minutes. Then once they’re cool put them in an air tight container and they should last about week although they’ve been eaten so quick. So these are really soft still. can I just show you. Do you like them? So they’re really chewy, nice. I’m quite impressed. I’m gonna have a bit. What do you reckon Buddz? They’re really soft and actually definitely try and eat them if you can when they’re this temperature. Yeah. There you go that’s my super easy oaty cookies. I really hope you enjoyed it and please let us know. Thank you so much.

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  1. Those are easy and quick to do. Thank you Jools. I want to ask about gluten free bread how to make without additive. My cousin has this condition and has lost four stone and seems to be allergic to lots. She has medical care and she is previously a nurse. She is wanting to know have you a book out. Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs.xoxo

  2. Don't worry if it stick together, those are the extra bonus, kids are always looking for those special one in the batch.

  3. Thanks Jamie for introducing your family to Kitchen .
    Nice Bhabhi Ji.
    Don't mind word Bhabhi Ji(It's Indian respect word for elder brother's wife.)
    Really nice cookies.

  4. Hello! This is such a nice and quick recipe to do with kids! Do you reckon I could swap butter for coconut oil?
    Baci dall'Italia! xx

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  6. Gosh i remember watching the first season of the naked chef on tv and jules was still the girlfriend lol i was a couple years older than buddy. i had a mini crush on jamie and remember feeling a tad jealous of jools lol

  7. Come on, this not a treat! Why not just go to the supermarket and buy em a load of chocolate….?? Give the little tykes what they want – thats what I always do… or they'll just think they got stitched-up.

  8. 2:27 are you sure he didn't get egg shells into the bowl!! I'm 23 and I still get some into my food!!! Haha
    But come on! Who am I talking to… he's Jamie's son… it's "like father like son"!!
    God Bless you all! You're such a lovely fam♥:)

  9. awnnnnn!!!! I remember Jools from yeaaaaars ago and I used to watch jamie from when i was I dunno.. 15, 16? Im 33 now! haha such a long time! its like being part of the family really, and those videos make me feel like being part of the family. well done Jools. hoping to see ya more. Cheers from Brazil!

  10. Jool's excuse me what is your oven connected with ?Is it a dish washer ?what's company brand name?We have an interanet system here so the internet is not available frequently to connect you online .I think may be Jamie can tell me in his becoming videos ,thank you Jool & Jamie &oliver,love you happy family.

  11. Jool's excuse me what is your oven connected with ?Is it a dish washer ?what's company brand name?We have an interanet system here so the internet is not available frequently to connect you online .I think may be Jamie can tell me in his becoming videos ,thank you Jool & Jamie &oliver,love you happy family.

  12. That was brilliant. Well done Jools and lovely to see you both cooking and bringing us into it xx Happy New Year

  13. They look great. Even better was seeing Jools and Buddy. I have been watching Jamie's cooking shows since the beginning and I remember seeing Jools before they were married. They were so young and it is nice to see their family now.

  14. I think recipes like this are crucial, because it takes a lot of the scary parts about baking and using baking-related items away, which to many is the biggest hurdle.

  15. У такого шикарного мужчины и такая неинтересная жена

  16. Brilliant! Loved this ❤️️

    So wonderful to see kids helping out in the kitchen. Best way to learn.
    Looking forward to making these. Thank you Jools and Buddy : )

  17. Looks like something my dog sniffs on the path after it fell outta a horses arse .. but the food looks great.

  18. W💗W, I honestly had no idea you made these videos. I'd love to see more.
    I LOVE your presentation…why…because I love to learn. You've just shown me how to make these bikkies but you've also helped me understand why the ingredients are used and taught me how it effects the baking. It's such a smooth style. Thank you 💗💕💗 You've got a great little helper there, he's lucky to have an awesome mum 💗

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