Jiggly Cheese Cake REDO! Reading Mean (Inspiring) Comments

Jiggly Cheese Cake REDO! Reading Mean (Inspiring) Comments

*beep* Well. Here we are again, Internet. It is me, Corinne. And, we all knew this was coming. Jiggly Cheesecake. Point five. Yeah. There was so much expert advice in the comment sections of my last video. That, I knew I was gonna have to do this again. Because I obviously didn’t do it right the first time. Did I? Y’all were leaving novels in that goddamn comment section. Apparently, I’m the only one on the internet that doesn’t know how to f***ing make a meringue. So, I’m gonna try it again. And I’m only gonna use your comments to guide me through the process. So let’s get f***in’ started, shall we? Yep, here we are back at the store Because, according to this comment, I didn’t even need to use a spring-form pan. The only reason I was using it, was because I was afraid it wouldn’t come out, and the instructions that I was using said it was just fine to use a spring-form pan, okay!? But that sh*t leaks, and water made it’s way in, and I didn’t like that. So, we’re gonna have to get a new pan right now. Better hurry up, too, because it looks like the sky’s about to start crying. Kind-of like I did when I read your comments last week. *Laughing* It’s fine. *Fake crying* *Classical Music* *Classical Music*
*Humming* *Classical Music* *Classical Music*
Things didn’t really pan out with my last pan, did they? *Classical Music Continues*
Let’s see if we can find something a little better this time. Pro-series, because, I’m going to be a pro after this. (Whoo!)
*Strong Wind* *Corinne Yelling*
*Strong Wind* *Strong Winds Continue* Success! Again. I hope. Okay! To the next store we go! I love this. I really, really do. Especially when there’s a threat of falling houses! My kind has been known not to fare well in that situation. *Corrine Whispering* Better be on the look-out. *Singing* Alrighty. Look at this spot, b****es! That’s right, I got the good spot! Here we go, again. *Laughter* Hopefully, for the last time. In Jiggly Cheesecake Land. I think the Cheesecake Gods are upset with me! Okay, let’s make this quick. It’s raining on my face. Sometimes you just need a Petite Bouquet to make yourself feel better on a rainy day. Do you know what I’m saying? Hm. I think I may also need a Rainy Day Cabernet. That’s a thing, right? Pretty much current mood. *Thunder Claps* That was lightening. That was scary. *Storm Rumbling* Quick, like a bunny. Okay. Oh my lord. *Raining*
*Storm Rumbling* Using metal pans as a hat, probably isn’t a good idea right now. *chuckling* Okay, let’s hurry inside. *Sighs*
Yeah, forgot the other stuff in the car. *Whining* (Ahh!) (Woo!) Hey, is this camera water-proof? Rob: No, I don’t think so, you got the cover on it? C: Ohhh. Guess who’s tiny, and afraid of thunder? I mean, I feel really bad ’cause she’s really scared. But, I secretly love it, because I get little kisses on my cheek! Alright, I think we’re ready to try to do this again! Comments, comments, comments. I love looking at YouTube comments. I think the biggest comment that I got, was not about the meringue. But, it was calling for a redo. Listen, I know when people do things wrong, they can be, you know, a little upsetting to watch. But, you don’t need to leave it in comment form! Silver Crown! “This is the most painful video to watch.” Oh, wait, I forgot something. I’ll be right back. *laughing* “Boo Boop”! Cheers! To you guys. Ha, (Whoo!). Sh*t. Gotta let that open up a little bit more. “Tip for the “Pleebs” Mister Correctify. Correctify these nuts. *chuckle* “Making this have anything to do with Buzzfeed releasing the exact same video concept, like, Five days before you?” No? I did this video, because it was suggested thousands of times. Mara Leigh says: “Buzzfeed tried it and it worked.” Adriana Norton says: “Watch the Buzzfeed video.” “Watch Buzzfeed’s video, it has better instructions.” I don’t know what video you guys are watching, but, I followed a BuzzFeed recipe, for the second attempt. Just saying. Let’s go watch her video, and see which recipe she followed. “Rie is here, a very talented chef.” “She’s gonna help, when I get stuck.” Wait a minute! She has a professional chef helping her! Do you see? She’s like, at the very beginning she’s like: “oh, I gonna try The Jiggly Cheesecake” “and I also have a professional chef helping me”! Rob: Your folding technique was off. Okay, I know that, everyone knows that. Speaking of that, um, I have more comments. Not Neo said: “Not trying to be rude, but those folding skills need work.” “A tip for folding stuff: go in figure eights.” Go figure! *Thunder clapping* I think my terrible jokes are angering the Cheesecake Gods again. C: Hey, Rob.
R: (OS) Yeah? C: Did you stock up on water? R: We have plenty of water! My poor little Moosha’s so scared of the thunder! *Storm Rumbling* *Whispering* It’s gonna be okay, tiny Moosh. it’ll be okay. Lord save us all!
*Storm Rumbling* C: Did you get enough wine? R: Plenty of wine. Yeah, there is plenty of wine around here. Jay Fry says: “It’s like Jenna Marbles as a failed dessert chef.” That’s the best goddamn compliment I’ve ever gotten! Name Other name commented: “She will go in a bad cook, but she will come out; Still a bad cook.” I am confus-ed says: “Now I remember why I unsubbed, this is so goddamn frustraiting to watch. Holy balls.” Wait, I am Confus-ed, why are you still watching our videos then? You know what I’m not confuse-ed about anymore? Block! Roiyachan says: “Noooooooooo, the meringue so wrong!” *Fake Crying*
I’m doing the best I can! *Groans* *Whispering* Wow, what happened last night? Alright, I guess we should try to make some Jiggly Cheesecake, now. *Grunts*
*Whispering* Why is it so bright!? *Whispering* Jeez. Good morning, what a lovely morning it is. *Sighs* Kind of regretting some of the decisions I made last night. *Whispering* It’s okay though, I’m feeling okay. *Weak Coughing* So uh, I decided to watch this BuzzFeed video again And, first of all, she doesn’t give a recipe. Where the f*** the recipe at!? What the f*ck is this? “Take notes Corinne.” What? The f***ing shade of it all! *Whispering* What the f***, Thatiana Brice!? I see you! What the f*** is that? lol k says: “Corrine should’ve watched this.” That has a lot of likes. Damn, y’all? Why ya calling me out on other people’s videos!? Jeez. Here we go, with my little notepad, and a pen. Gonna f***ing take some notes! Niki: “Yes!” “This is the tricky part, I need a hundred and thirty milliliters of milk.” “I can’t milk, right?” Chef: “Gram or milliliters, it’s the same.
Niki: “Really?? I didn’t know that either, Niki, so. Don’t pay attention to the comments. *Whispering* Like I do. *Whispering* It can lead you to a drinking problem. Niki: “This is on medium heat.” “One-hundred grams of butter, with the same amount of cream-cheese.” “Creme chaaaz!” “and the milk, until it’s all kinda like melted down into this nice, creamy mixture.” I think what’s happening, is that she is following the Tasty video recipe instructions. But, she also tweaks several things in this video because, it just didn’t taste very good. She uses a hand-mixer, by the way. *Whispering* Same thing I used. Okay. Niki: “I’m gonna add more cream cheese this time,” “a couple more egg yolks,” “and vanilla because usually that makes baked goods tasty.” “And more sugar.” 2 times the sugar, 2 times the cream cheese. A couple more egg yolks. The yolks on you, this time. Thatiana Brice. Do you know what I’m doing here, right now? A goddamn invaluable service to the whole internet. See? These RE-DO episodes have a purpose! Yay! It’s me again! I’m back, and feeling a little more refreshed. Took a shower, put my chef hat on. I’m ready to rock this f***ing Cheesecake! Got my new pans here, and the first thing I gotta do is prep them. A thing I learned from the BuzzFeed video: I can cut out a circle by using Geometry, like this. Thanks professional chef in the BuzzFeed video. Professional Chef, just saying. Okay, yes! This looks good! A big shout-out to Tami, who left a comment saying: “You can stick the parchment paper to the pan with a little non-stick spray, go figure.” Oh, yes! This does work a lot better. Okay then. I’m already feeling like this is turning out way better than my last attempt. Now, I just have to measure out all of my ingredients, again. I think I have the right list here. And, yes. Here it all is, And, we’re gonna melt these three things together And while that’s happening, I’m gonna be cracking some eggs. Thank you to Bridgette who said: “You can use an empty water bottle, to take out the yolks.” Are you f***ing yolking me!? I’m surprised I didn’t already know this was a thing. Look at this, it’s magic! Britney, where have you been all of my life!? This is some eggstra sh*t right here. I also didn’t realize that it was imperative not to get any yolks in the whites. I was being a little willy nilly with it, in the last video. But, it’s all business here today. This time, I added the cream of tartar to the sugar. And, yeah, I’m gonna mix that into the egg whites, when the time comes. Gradually, right Roiyachan? And Effie Lyons? And Jordan Noble? And Megan G? Listen, the editing made it look like I added the sugar a-lot faster than I actually did. I did add it gradually last time, I just had a lot of other problems going on too. A lot of you left comments, asking why I didn’t use my stand-mixer the first time I tried this, and it’s because the recipe I used said I could use a regular hand-mixer. I also used a plastic bowl, which apparently is not what you’re suppose to do. This time, I am not f***ing around, I’m using my stand-mixer. Rob broke the metal bowl that goes with the stand-mixer, so I have to use this glass bowl. I think it should be fine. I made sure it was very clean, and very free from grease. ClarityKing, you’ll be able to sleep at night. Love your comment, Grace, when you called me an idiot. That really motivated me to be better. Yep, things are shaping up pretty nicely. Alright, they say it’s done when you can hold it over your head. I did it, I did it! Gonna do the Merengue, I’m so excited, and, now comes the part I am not very good at: Folding my ingredients together. This comment from Fabulous Cthulhu, really brought it home for me. It really made the lightbulb turn on, I get it now. And look at this! Look at this folding technique situation I have going on here. It is beautiful technique. Now I get it. Oh, by the way, we won’t be adding raisins to this cheesecake because nobody f***ing likes raisins! Yes, okay. So into the pan the batter goes, and, it looks beautiful! It may not be 100% perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than last time. Alright, I’m using boiling water to fill the surrounding pan to at least half-way up the pan, thank you JoeBlackAttacks. Alright, I think that’s all that I can do to it right now. This video is already too f***ing long, and, look at this. It’s already a million times better. A crack has started to form, I think it kind of adds over-all to the project. Because, it looks like a butt when it jiggles. Ow. Ow.
*Metal Banging* *chuckles* Oh my god. That was some crazy ninja sh*t right there. I f***ed it up a little bit, but. It f***ing jiggles! And that’s all that matters. While, this is definitely better than my prior attempts. There’s no way I can say this is as good as the one you can get in Japan. I think I’m gonna have to do his a few more times, to really master the jiggle. Bon appétit. Mmm! I’m getting my jiggle on for the winter. You know what I’m saying? Mmm, this is good. This is really good. Tastes much better than it did before. I’m pretty happy with it. A big shout-out, to everyone who left comments and, inspired me to become a better baker! Well, I think that just about does it for this video. Hopefully. Please, don’t make me do this again. As always, we do want to know what kind of projects you wanna see us try here on the channel. As long as it’s not Jiggly Cheesecake. Leave your suggestions in the comments down below. Make sure to subscribe, like up this video, and I’ll see you later. cake motherf***er. See if Rob wants any. Hey, want some cheesecake? Well to bad, you’re a cat, you don’t eat cheesecake. *Door Knocking* I have cheesecake for you. R: Did you do it!?
C: Yeah! R: Ohh, that’s jiggly! R: Look at that! C: It tastes a lot better, too. R: Oh my god, it tastes so much better. R: Oh, that’s good. F***, thank god. R: I don’t know, you were about to lose your goddamn mind if this didn’t happen. C: It’s still not as good as, like, you would get it in Japan, C: But-
R: Nah, this is good. R: You did it! She did it, everybody! R: Shut the f*** up in the comments, she did it! And it’s delicious! R: It’s f***ing delicious! R: Whoo! R: Jiggly Cheesecake! (Captions by Rainbrowz, and Creepycreeper103)

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