Jamie Oliver Presents Cupcake Jemma

Jamie Oliver Presents Cupcake Jemma

Food Tubers, I’m really excited to
introduce a new bit of Food Tube talent the lovely Jemma Wilson. Her passion is cakes cupcakes particularly. So there we have
it a beautifully hand iced buttercream cupcake for you to eat or share or just eat.
Jamie: She’s got her own little artisan
bakery where she does a whole load of different things, any shape and size you
just won’t believe what she does. She’s going to take you for a masterclass of tips and and sort of techniques for decorating cakes and doing the ultimate sort of cupcakes Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be
amazing everyone. And eating a lot of cake probably.
Jamie: With decorating cakes, birthday
cakes, surprise cakes You know we all want little tips and stuff and that way also, I can kind of squeeze
from the top and everything will just go down rather
than trying to escape out the other side You’re going to learn a lot from her she’s brilliant that’s the kind of food
that’s just naughty but nice you gonna love it. Watch her
videos comment, like share. Tell us what you want and we’ll do
new videos for you to make you the best cake makers in the world. Take care lots of love. Jemma, welcome to the family.
If you want to learn some amazing tips on how to decorate gorgeous cupcakes
then click that link and it’ll take you straight there. Don’t
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  1. Yes pleeeease! More cupcake videos! Especially how to decorate with buttercream frosting…cool secret cupcake tips….either for baking or decorating… THX SO MUCH! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There's going to be a masterclass on piping with Royal Icing. I don't cover filigree but it should give you some handy tips on how to control your piping bag. Good luck!

  3. Oh gosh I've just realised who you are! Seriously the best cupcakes around, I've ordered numerous times from crumbs and doilies, just amazing & if you have allergies they provide the best cup cakes, fact!,

  4. I've kidnapped him. I have him icing cupcakes in a hot dungeon in a place far, far away. You will never find him. NEVER!

  5. Jemma the gem, What a lovely girl and so happy. She is a pleasure to watch. love Ann age 70 (she makes me feel young again)

  6. Herrje, ich habe eine absolute Obsession zu selbstgemachten SรผรŸem! Sieht so einfach aus, wie sie es macht :).
    Wird verfolgt.
    XOXO greets from Germany.

  7. "Aw how wonderful! Foodtube's got someone with a penchant for sweet treats!"


    "What was that?? Oh, my diet running right out the door."

  8. Yes please to cupcakes! I'd especially like to see the 'certain image/or symbol when you cut/bite into the cake' kind! Or easy piping tricks, I just can't get it right. Aswell as innovative, easy new flavours to try! I know it's alot, ut I trust in you Jamie and Jemma!

  9. Can you show me how to make perfect matcha ganache/whip cream/butter cream so I can put on top of my green tea cupcakes? Million thanks:p

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