Jaffa Cake Truffle Spider Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN

Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen today it’s some super easy jaffa cake spider truffles.
They look amazing right and perfect for Halloween coming up all the ingredients you need are
right here so hit pause on the vide and write them all down. I’m super sorry for the lack
of uploads recently i’ve been really really busy working on a virgin kitchen project which
you’ll find out about soon but anyhow this is how we make them.
First thing you want to do is grab one of those store bought madeira cakes and just
tear it up into chunks because you are whacking it into a blender which is gonna whizz it
up into fine crumbs. So whizz away baby. Once you’ve got it to the crumb stage add
in your cream cheese and the marmalade i’ve gone for some proper chunky marmalade with
the bits in it but you can have shredless if you want it’s all good it’s flexible baby.
So with that all nice and combined put it into a mixing bowl, pour in a little bit of
orange essence for a little orange pick me up spank kinda thing going on and then we’ve
got some extra madeira cake now these are little chunky bits to give it some texture
plonk it in a bowl mix it all through so it’s nice and combined and it just sort of helps
to hold it a little bit. Roll your orange cake mixture up into mini
golf ball pieces put them on a baking tray lined with baking parchment and whack them
in the fridge. So while they’re in the fridge initially setting
what I did was a ban marie I don’t know if that’s French kinda like the last video I
did the macaron the giant macaron ooh la la cheers for the love on that video by the way.
Anyhow we just melt the dark chocolate up until it’s nice and smooth baby oh I just
wanna jump in it, open your eyes, jump in it.
With your chocolate nice and melted grab your jaffa cake balls and dunk them into the melted
chocolate and then roll around in the sprinkles so they are nice and coated before whacking
back in the fridge. Once they were set I did a step you’ve kinda
seen me do before on the cookiemonster cake video, with the eyes I stuck some marshmallow
slices and a little bit of black icing on for eyes and a lollipop stick through the
head to look like a spiders web. Now comes the really cool bit, I grabbed myself
a fresh piece of baking parchment then got some chocolate matchsticks for the spiders
legs just get your equivalent if you can spooned on some melted chocolate in the middle like
a circle to hold them together and my spider. So I sat my spider in there and then got a
little white icing pen to make a little spiders cobweb all around and that was it all done
it just needed to set again for 20mins. And once it’s set in the fridge it’ll look like
this like a little spider right and the best thing of all it’s a jaffa cake tasting chocolate
truffle inside it, that my friends is how you make it.
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& subscribe if you haven’t already I can’t bring myself to eat a proper one so i’m just
gonna whack that off the stick like that I wanna show the girls a proper one they’re
not here at the moment but i’m just gonna get straight into this right now.
That is so good I think it helps that it’s still a little cold aswell it’s soft it’s
got that orange tang in there and it’s the kinda thing you eat where you fall to your
knees and thank to God that you are a human and not a spider. Because then you wouldn’t
be eating a chocolate spider you’d be eating a chocolate human. See you next time.

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