Inside Out Cookies Bing Bong and Birthday Cake How to do Disney cookie Tutorial

Hi everyone welcome to our cookie icing video for Bing Bong from
disney/pixar’s Inside Out He’s absolutely my favorite
character from the movie First let’s use a stencil to trace his
face with a food-safe marker For details on how to get a copy of the
stencil check out our link in the description below Let’s begin by icing his hat band with black icing and then with fuchsia icing, ice his eyebrows To ice his inner eyes use
black icing With pink icing, ice his nostrils and
then fill his lips with the same icing Allow the icing to dry for about 10
minutes Next, we’ll fill his hat with the dark
brown dicing We’ll ice the middle of his eyes with a dark green icing Now let’s ice every other tooth with white icing And then, we’ll ice his tongue with fuchsia icing, the same one we used for his eyebrows Now let’s let it dry for 10 minutes Let’s finish his teeth with white icing and then fill the whites of his eyes with that same white icing With the pale pink icing, fill his
heart-shaped nose And then we’ll finish his mouth with dark brown icing Finally fill the rest of his face with pale pink icing Try to work quickly as the icing can harden surprisingly fast And that’s it! thanks for watching. Check out our link in the description for all the recipes and tools Visit where you can
make cookbooks with friends and organize all your recipes in one place

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