i tried making a cake without a recipe

i tried making a cake without a recipe

*6 figuRes I WaS OnLy 4* What’s up? hEH Hi everyone, how are you guys doing today? Whats up, how’s life, how’s it goin’? Tell me, in the comments, im literally forcing you. I hope it’s going good for you guys, honestly, it’s been, such like, not a good day. Like, I’m, mmm. Today’s not fun. At least for me, well, it wasn’t fun UNTIL now. We’re gonna have a good day from now on. I am setting that forward now, this video is gonna make me feel better. so. Let’s get to FEelInG BETtER. So, firstly, *clap*, a lot of people actually wanted me to like, make another cooking video, because, if you didn’t know, I made a baguette, “THAts a bagUETTE” for a video one time. *snapchat pop* And I’m getting a Snapchat, at tHIs time. Hello? oH god, I almost dropped my phone, am I okay? Oh, it’s my sister! A lot of people wanted me to make another cooking video because, I’ve made a cooking video in the past where I made a baguette, If you wanna see that video, click,,, oh wait.. that, um… the ‘i’ button. wait,,,, is it there? Click it. A lot of people wanted to see another cooking video. so I was like, tea, okay, you want helloxchef? oH I’ll GIVE you helloxchef. We can cook up anything, siS. So you’ve seen the title of the video, you know the agenda for today, you know what I have planned. It’s a mess. *harp strum* So for this cooking video, I wanted to cook a cake. I wanted to cook a nice tHiCc cake So that’s what we’re going to be doing, that’s simple, that’s fun, but here’s the caTCH. There’s a catch, sis. You all have been fooled!! there is a catch. I didn’t want to make like, no ordinary cake. What, just happened with my string? I didn’t wanna make an ordinary cake, like, just a regular ol’, average, thicc cake, no no no. I decided I wanted to make a cake just by liteRaLLy winging it. Taking what I know now, and just tRYinG to make a cake. from scratch. in a pan. that is edible. for me? I think I have all the ingredients? Here’s the tea, I literally don’t know anything about cooking, like, I LiTErALLY,,, literally I know nothing. So like, when I say I’m not using a recipe, I’m saying I’ve literally never cooked a cake. I’m gonna guess. From my knowledge, I think it’s just like a bunch of like, flour, and sugar, *hesitant hand pat* and then like, you can like, wing it from there, right? I also feel like maybe pancakes and cakes are kinda made of the same thing, right o_o that may be a bad guess, I also don’t know how to make pancakes from scratch. So, like, I literally have no frame of reference,, at all. So it’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be a jam. You aRe gonna have a good time and I’m gonna force you to. Let’s have fun! So, again, I think I have all the ingredients, maybe not. Let me show you, what I have, oH! This is from Target, this is literally a Target haul. SIX FIGURES I WAS ONLY FOUR I got a bunch of like, cute baking things and,, *struggles* and we’re gonna make a cAkE So, I got cake pans and I’m gonna do tWo because I’m gonna make like a literally, layered, cake. Y’all are gonna be like *STARTLED* I also bought *windows logout* baking powder? I don’t know if I need this, literally at all cause there’s baking soda and baking powder, literally, I don’t know the difference at aLL. And then I got some icing, and I got sprinkles, a classic of course, bUt, I also got literally one of the coolest things that I think you guys will ever,, lay your eyes upon, in your life. Look At. This. Sister. Focus, please. Wait, can you see this? Wait, look at these letters, look at the letters. LoOk aT the LeTTeRS *gasp* *camera struggling* Stay with me now, these are edible letters,, that you can eat. So I got four of them. *crinkles* *falls* One of them dropped on the floor. uwu I got literally four. Don’t you just wanna like, literally sink your teeth into one of these? Just me? *cronch* This is everything, this is literally just pure sugar, please. Wait, should I try to catch one? *GASSSSSP* 1, 2, 3 !! hU *cronch* FIRST TRY! Are you KiDdInG, siSTERS? FiRsT TrY should I do it again? 1, 2, 3 !! HMMNUH *cronch* *is shook in edible letters* w h o a m i ? So yeah, I have all my ingredients. I’m gonna start by making the batter, obviously. I know that step! So let’s start making the batter,, in our BOWL. ๐Ÿ˜€ I have to move the camera, one second. *OOWooo zoey 101* I know we need flour, that’s like, the tea. That’s the basis of everything. I’m just gonna BE CoNFIDeNT, make some bold moves, such as put flour in the bowl, and then I’m just gonna go for it let’s do… let’s do two GirtHiEs two cups… that’s normal. Two cups of flour.
I would see that somewhere. Let’s *cup not fit in hole* Baking is literally an athletic moment. *GASP* OH NO MY LID BROKEUUH *ryan whining* We’re switching to the half cup. Four half cups. You’re welcome. If you ever want to recreate this at home kids,,, please don’t. cool. Four cups of flour… *pOp* eH should I do the rest of the dry ingredients? Sure! Should I just pour the
sugar it’s literally like two pounds I can pour this. I’ll just pour some in. We
don’t need measurements here,, let’s just do like like a splash, just a little
douse, 1,, 2,, 3 is that too much? O_o I,,,,, don’t know. how much sugar do cakes have? would they have like a cup of sugar,,? or,,,,, (?) I feel like that’s enough. maybe a little more,,,? I like sweet things.. Like,,, this much. Oh my- . 0__________________________0 we’re putting the sugar down and we are moving on. what is the next dry thing? YOU uwu How do I USE baking powder? First of all do cakes NEED baking powder? Probably… I bought this so I’m gonna use it. I dont,,, HeLLO? *r i p* *GaY gAsP* *gay disappointment* *the anger* Okay, well that’s,,, Okay,, Okay. Whatever. It’s open, here she is. I thought it was gonna have like a sifter,
but it’s like, large and open and,, ReADy for pouring. I may need a little more than I thought. I thought I was gonna use like a pinch. like most things that you only need a pinch of usually have like a sifter cuz it’s like “don’t use a lot ! ” so like, because this doesn’t,,, I don’t know how much I would use we’ll just add some. i MeAn I don’t know we’LL just ADD SUM 1, 2, 3 ! maybe,, do i need,, *pours MOrE* K, cool ! th- ,,,,, tHAts GreaT k, yum? *drop* i drOpPeD the lid okay so I think that’s all
of my dry ingredients I’m gonna whisk them togeThEr to incorporate them,, tHIS is a cooking channel you’re welcome everybody tHaNk YoU wHisk whisk *intense whisk* okay cool *gay clap* so now we can do the wet ingredients. okay so I’m gonna start- I’m gonna add like, oH, should I have ONE egg or two lets- I usually do like two eggs
in a cake right,,? I’m sorry if you’re vegan- please don’t hate me, and my eggs. okay, let’s crack an egg. I’m usually good at this, like every time I hung out with
my grandma she was like, “you want to crack the egg?” and I was like “yeah,,,,, yeah, I do.” so I’ve had plenty of practice. it’s just like a *cracK* and then a *cronk* cOnFiDeNce is key ladies. sis, we have a job to get done this looks like a cake okay let me add some water how much should i add,,? like half a cup yeah half a cup of water that’s not like,,, dumb that’s like normal *zaddi* and all we have left I think is vegetable oil which you don’t need that much of I know that SIS so we’ll just do like a splash bOoP DONE that’s a good chef technique little goes a long way sis and I think that’s all my ingredients let’s mix why did I choose,,, a whisk this is literally the worst utensil I hate this I’m gonna switch to this- is the spatula good,,? what do i useee?? just like, a spoon,,? im getting really stressed,, oHhHhHhH sIsSy sNapPeD y’all look at this this look at that that’s batter heLLoO? okay I think I’m gonna like pour them in
the pans now cuz this is like literally cake batter so I’m gonna spray the pans
with like this one,,,,,,, two,,, let’s pour the batter sis why do i keep saying sis,,? sis okay, t e a are you guys ready? this is gonna go down yEaH this is CaKe BaTtEr sSiiiSS oh,,, oh I don’t have enough for- wait, how much do you fill it up? sis, I need more than thatt Oh, no okay like I literally,,, literally don’t have enough batter we’re back I have- I made more batter so the batter we poured is over here I think it’s like at a good height honestly but I literally have a whole nother pan that I
needed to fill the hardest part was,, i don’t know what I did so I guessed again these two recipes could be literally opposite like I don’t know let’s pour it okay these like might be the same uhm,, like, recipe ChEf BoYaRdEe whO? so the oven is preheated I’m gonna put my friends in the oven for like I was thinking like 15
minutes but I’m gonna honestly just gonna check on them and C when they’re rea-D okay let’s do it there’s one there’s two please cook my
friends I love you okay, hello? hi okay I kind of got distracted we should take this out come on let’s revEAL I don’t know what they look like
I’m kind of scared let’s go-oh! oh- oh,,, OKaY, go here okAYYY?,, cool yay okay, first. I literally forgot these
were cooking I was like over there on Instagram, and I was like oh wait,,,,, I forgot to check anyways here are my cakes do we need a close-up? look at that okAYyyy this one’s kind of weird,, no one asked you for that apex and it kind of does smell like cake in here which is like,, really promising cuz like,,, girl caKe all right guys, it’s decoration time let’s decorate Six FiGuReS I WAS ONLY FOuR okay so I don’t know how I’m gonna get the cake out of the pan into the plate,, maybe I’ll just try it- i’ll flip,, k, 1, 2, 3- aHH AH- OHmYgOd she fell, oHh oh, she’s nice I’m gonna flip her back to regular orientation this is pretty,, dense this is like a dEnSe cake i need to flatten out the cake so I can put another cake on top so let me even this out. I’m just gonna give it a quick trim oh god, I don’t know if this is gonna work out. okay,,, oh God, oh my god, what’s
happening oHH? this. looks. flat. im so excited 1,2,3, aH im just gonna grab my WhOLe cake by the hand and let’s just go for it HnNkAY oh my god this might actually be
the tea oh my gosh okay should i milly-rock, with the knife? ayee B) don’t do this at home okay here’s my first layer and I’m gonna take my second layer and literally haaaHHHHHHhahahahHHAAAA okay look at my halves look at my two halves hUhhhOHh that looks like a,,,- well i don’t know if that’s a cake I baked,,, something. it feels,,, I would say cake-like. a little firmer. okay so now you have to ice the cake duh so let’s give it some ice a okay,, get on there okay and then we also
need frosting like all up on like the sides of the cake literally cakes actually needs so much icing oh my god, okay? wOwww she actually looks kind of good like the icing is on there nice and THicC so,, it’s kind of hiding all the ugly and now we can finally add the aCtUaL decoration so yeah I think I’m
just gonna like write the word THICC so I’m gonna do it okay 3,2,1 you go, t h e r e okay T when um- wh-uhm, when the tea, when the tea is hot T e a tea H there you go, oh god I kind of put that bad,, i oh god this is so, this is so precise *bLoOp* there you go, oh this is gonna turn out so good mm-mmM oh God, oh no oh,,, that’s,,,, ookay I probably should’ve just left it but there we go, okay,, mediocre and then
another C thicc *thicc intensifies* now I just need to add sprinkles and then,,, its time for the taste test oh this looks so pretty I
just want to shove this all in my mouth I just wanna,, skrt, why does this not
have like a,,, this is so much power this is a thick opening oh my god sprinkles
are so cute okay I guess I’m just gonna I’m gonna just like do the edges we’ll just have like a nice aCceNt of,,, sprinkles just,, just a little oh God just a little sprinkle *spRinkiE* and literally there you have it like
that is a thiCC and decorated cake sprinkles are falling let’s get a cLoSe uP thicc thicc thicc, thicc thicc thicc thicc, thicc thicc thicc she’s decorated, let’s try itt so you’re probably wondering “Ryan, why can’t I hear anything?” apparently my mic was off so I can’t refilm the taste test because I already ate it so I’m gonna have to let
y’all look at the quiet footage and I’m gonna voiceover what I am supposed to
say hopefully it turns out okay, so I hope that’s okay, I’m sorry, I promise this
won’t happen again love you, sorryyy, keep watching so here I am showing off my cake VErtICALLY which obviously was a mistake because the first layer just slid off,, of the cake- that happened, and here I am trying to fix my mistake my life flashed before my eyes um,, you get the point I’m not gonna lean anymore at all I’m gonna cut myself like a thick piece for a thicc cake and Here I am cutting myself a big ol piece of cake myself a big ol piece of cake also like
what kind of cutting technique is that I’m litera– oh my god,, okay, here we go and then I do a weird thing with my tounge,, okay and then I put the piece on the plate and I look so amazed even though its like, literally the easiest thing in the world okay, I’m ready three two one *hAUm* and I don’t know if I should like,,, simulate eating sounds?? like haum humehume *chomp* and then I make some weird faces,, I don’t know. gonna be honest, the texture was like, bad definitely could like, be fluffier and like more textured like a cake so,,, did i do it right? I can answer that, and the
answer is “No.” that was not a cake. that was literally just flour, baked but that also may just be what cakes are so maybe we all have been fooled. cakes are just flour. anyways yeah for the rest of that video i just talked about the cake and do the outro so I thought I would just do it now because there’s-there’s no audio so yeah I made a cake, without a recipe and it turned out,,,,, edible I hope you guys enjoyed this video, even though I forgot to turn on my mic for the taste test part so hopefully,,, that didn’t make you hate me anyways, yeah! that was it i,,, ate that cake. soo, yeah that’s it for this video if you guys liked it make sure to give it a thumbs up, and if you want, subscribe

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