Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Today I got so many requests to do something
Hunger Games, so I am gonna be making a Hunger Games cake today! I am sporting
my district 12 braid, hmmm! Looking a little Katnis! Alright, so what
we’ve done, is I’ve pre-baked 2 cakes to save us some time because we’re gonna
be focusing on decorating. The 2 sized cakes that I used are 2 round
cake pans, this 1 is 8 inches and this 1 is 6 inches, and I baked 2 of these little
ones, which you’ll see right here, right in front of me. Boop-boop! And then this big cake, I’ve already frosted
it and put fondant on top of it, and I’m gonna show you with the small cakes, how to
do that. And then we’re going to stack them! Let’s get started! First thing I’m gonna do is, I have a big
bag of frosting, I’ve put it in this zip-lock bag and we’re just gonna snip the
tip, with my baking scissors. And put it right in between, the cakes, it’s
gonna act like a glue. I got the idea to do this cake on a website
called Cake Central. I’ll put a link down below so you can go
check out the original cake. I really liked the idea that they were going
with, so I kind of just changed a few things and made it my own. Then you’re just gonna frost all on the
top, and work the frosting down to the sides. Yes! SMOOTH! So pretty! Now that we’ve got our little cake all frosted, we’re
gonna roll out black fondant, and then place it over the top. Now we are going to stack a cake, and this
is how you do it. You take these little rods, and you can use
plastic or wood, doesn’t really matter. And you’re gonna place it right down in
the middle of the cake, kind of eyeball it, and you want it to be a little bit above the
cake. So, I marked my finger, and then you just go like this, make that line
all the way across the wood. And then just break it! Ta-da! Like so. And the reason you do this, is because you’re
gonna stick in about 5 of them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And then we’re gonna stick
this cake on top, because you’ll see underneath, it’s a piece of cardboard that
the cakes are stacked on, so all the weight will be on the wood. Now we got all our little sticks in, we’re
just gonna place this guy down. Right in the middle, just kind of eyeball
it, wherever you want. Now that you’ve got your cake stacked like
so, uh, where the connect and at the bottom is pretty ugly, so we’re
gonna use all of these decorations to make them look pretty. I made a bunch of
these last night, but I’m gonna show you how I did it. First thing that I’m gonna
put at the bottom are leaves and the poison berries! So I got this rubber mold
from Michael’s it’s for fondant, and it’s really easy to use. All you do is… Get some
fondant, take a little pinch. It’s just like Play-Doh, edible Play-Doh! And then this is the leaf that I wanted to
use, and then you just push it in there, push, push, push, push, push, push! And then peel it out. And then you’ll get that design right there,
in the fondant. And you’ll take a little scissor or whatever and just cut this
out. And you can put it on a piece of wax paper, let it dry, and then cut it out. Really easy to make, really fun! And then to make all the little fire flames,
all I did was… Take fondant, press it flat, and then you’ll
take cookie cutters, these were leaf cookie cutters, but they ended up looking
like little flames, so I thought they were perfect! And then you’ll just cut ‘em out, merp-merp-merp-merp-merp! And then to layer it, I put the second leaf
cookie cutter, with orange fondant on top of it like so, and then I did these
in all the different sizes that the cookie cutters came in. Then, to make the poison berries, I just rolled
little blue balls of fondant, and then took a toothpick, and pressed it
down like so, to make little X’s, yum-yum! These are so cute, and very, very yummy, they
look like black rocks, and they taste like… Those candy crunch bars, they’re
so good! I found this at this little boutique candy store. And we are gonna
put these all along the edge here to look like coal, which the fire is
coming out of. Ooooh! We’re gonna take this green frosting to
stick all of the little leaves, we’re gonna start at the bottom, work our
way up, and we’re just gonna flip it over like this, stick a little frosting on
there, and stick him all over ‘ze bottom of the cake, in any position
that you like. Get fancy with it! Ta-da! We have finished all the little leaves,
I just put them together in these little patterns, but you can make whatever
pattern you want, it all looks good! And now we’re just gonna take these little
poison berries, and put ‘em right down here, kind of nestle them in. And we’ll
use, uh, frosting, to stick ‘em on there. Now that we’re done decorating the bottom
layer, now we’re gonna decorate the middle layer! We’re gonna glue on all these little
flames, like so, with black frosting. And then we’re gonna take our candy rocks
that look like coal for the District 12, and then put them underneath. So it’ll be like Girl on Fire, but it’ll
be Cake on Fire! Mmm! Da-da! All of the layers are decorated, just
kind of like a wedding cake! And now we’re gonna put the top on. I made
a surprise, this was made out of yellow fondant. I cut a circle, for the Hunger Games
logo, I’m just transferring it to the top of the cake. And it’s gonna kind
of look like the book cover, that’s the goal anyways! Ta-da! We did it! We made a Hunger Games cake!
It is so cute! I love it! I’m so happy it worked out! And
this is the first time on Nerdy Nummies, that we’ve ever made a double layered cake,
like a wedding cake. So this is really fun! Thanks you guys for suggesting it, if you
have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me
a comment and I will do my best to make it happen! OK, thank you! Bye-bye! Mee!

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  1. Instead of using the candy coal you could use oreos by taking out the cream filling and then breaking up the oreos in to chunks. 🙂

  2. Wow this is super old where were you at ur,
    Old house? Still really good though it's 2018 now people catching fire? Come on mocking jay part two just came out 😕🤔😒

  3. Ro grew and learned so much! She went from buying pre made fondant and frosting to making alot of it herself!

  4. I know I’m late on the trend but I recently became a huge fan of thg and when I was scrolling through her videos I found this and told everyone in my family but no one cared but I was still ecstatic

  5. its called a Katniss braid, the poison berries r called Nightlock and "the hunger games logo/book logo" is katniss's Mockingjay pin. sry im having a rage session

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