How to paint cupcake texture in watercolor with Anna Mason

How to paint cupcake texture in watercolor with Anna Mason

Hi, it’s Anna Mason here and in this watercolour tip video I wanted so show you how I painted the textured sponge part of this yummy cupcake. The crumb-like texture is really detailed
and can prove daunting when you’re aiming for realism – especially when working with
watercolour. How do you achieve all that texture without
your paints mixing into one-another – whilst still achieving a curved form to the sponge
shape over all? Well this is how I did it. I began by creating a drawing where I marked
out the edge of the sponge and also the most prominent dark shapes within it. Next I painted
the lightest tones within the sponge which are mostly at the sides where there is some
reflection. I used a really pale yellow brown mix which I made even more yellow towards
the edges. After that I painted in the icing and the blueberry before I went on to paint the
darkest tones within the sponge in little shapes under the icing and more towards the
centre where the sponge is overall darker. I used a small brush and some thick dark brown
paint. Because the pale layer underneath was dry these little scribbly sort of shapes I
made stayed clearly defined. With the lightest and darkest tones painted
I could work on the midtones. To do this I began with a watery and pale brown mix of
paint. It was paler than I knew I needed to get on these midtones, but working with it
paler meant I could work in layers to darken and crucially to add texture to the sponge
as I did so. So I applied the paint using little squiggling shapes with my brush – and
leaving plenty of gaps through to the paler layer underneath – especially at the sides
of the cake where the sponge was in reflection. Next I used another pale watery mix – this time with more yellow in it to match to the
hues I could see in lighter parts of the sponge. The layer underneath was totally dry so as
I applied this paint as a light glaze over the centre I didn’t loose all the brush
marks I’d made before. And at the paler edges of the sponge I left more gaps to the
paler wash underneath and applied in squiggles again to add more texture.
Once that layer was dry I did the same again with an even smaller brush and even more yellow
in the mix and once this layer was dry I applied another layer of the pale brown midtone mix
– adding lots and lots of texture by applying using the little squiggly lines with my brush.
And then finally once that was dry I could now tell that my darkest tones needed to be
darkened some more to be brought back in balance. So I remixed my thick dark brown mix and used
my smallest brush to darken those darkest tones and add even more squiggling detail
– especially to the central area of the sponge which needed to be darker overall. By working
in this way I balanced creating texture with getting the tonal balance right over the sponge
as a whole which that meant the sponge got a great 3D curved shape to it. I then went
on to paint the paper case, shadow and make a few more tonal adjustments across the whole
painting to really finish off the delicious cupcake.
I hope that’s whet your appetite for painting a cake!
A full step by step tutorial of this cupcake is available now in my online School.
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