How To Make Whipped Cream At Home | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Homemade Cream For Cake

How To Make Whipped Cream At Home | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Homemade Cream For Cake

Namaste! I received many requests from you
to show Whipped Cream! Christmas is round the corner and
we have to make many cakes! So, today I thought to show you all,
‘Whipped Cream’! I have taken half a kg of whipping cream.. ..which is easily available in the market. We have to add 2 tbsp of icing sugar to it. Most importantly.. ..we need to beat it well and make sure
you use a beater to do so. Using a mixer grinder won’t make it fluffy. In the beginning, I will whip it on low speed
and gradually on high speed. Let’s start! We have to whip it till it turns thick. Now, let’s beat it on high speed. Whipped Cream is ready! When you use it to decorate the cake
and some of it remains.. ..make sure you store it in the freezer.. ..and when you have to use it again, keep it
prior in the refrigerator for 10 to 12 hours. I have completed your request of
the Whipped Cream! So, this Christmas, do make a cake.. ..and decorate it with homemade Whipped Cream! Do let me know about it.. ..and keep watching Ruchkar Mejwani
with Archana – Basic Cooking

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  1. Archanaji
    Tumhi whippeing cream konate ghyuchye tey nahi dhakwale .AAmhala idea aali asti ki super marketmadhye bhagitale aste
    Me nehami super marketmadhye bhagte pan mala disale nahi Next videot please dhakhwal ka ?

  2. pan whippping cream store kelya nantar pudhchya veli jevha aapan vapru tevha ti fluffy hoat nahi. tya mule ti kashi store karavi??

  3. can we use the normal amul fresh cream for this? I'm not Marathi, but the subtitles really helped. it was a very very very helpful video

  4. But mam market madhe amul cha je ekdum yellow butter yeta tasach same to same ghari kasa banavaycha te please dakhva na please please please😊👍👍🙏🙏

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