How to make this design inside Batman vs Superman cake

How to make this design inside Batman vs Superman cake

Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie
And it is Time for Cake Today Batman vs Superman comes out and I have
always been a superhero fan. So in honor of the new movie I made this Superman
cake, with a twist, inside is… Batman
Let’s get started First thing you want to do is bake two chocolate
cakes. Now these are dark chocolate plus I added
black food dye to make these even darker. Now these are about 2 1/2 inches tall each,
you might need to make a recipe and a half and I always use three in tall pans when I’m
making cakes like this. Next up, you want to take the newest bat symbol
and cut it out Then we’re going to fold it in half.
So that each slice of cake has the half bat symbol (so that when you cut it open you see
the full bat) this is our template but think of it like a circle, all the way around.
So we’re going to start on the bottom I’m going to cut about half an inch off the
outside. Flip it back over
Now we’re going to carve up the sides to give us the side angle and then the point. Now that I’m happy with the angle
of this top half of my cake I’m actually going to
put this on to the bottom half of my cake so that I can keep the angle going down into
the next level now we have the sides of our bat wings. Gonna
pull these layers apart again. I’m back to working on the top half, I’m gonna
mark with a large tip, you can use whatever large tip you have.
I’m just gonna put this in the center to help me mark where his head is going to be, so
I don’t cut into it on accident. And now I’m going to start angling the tip
of the wings. Now because this is cake we can’t be too precise,
if I make this too pointy the cake is just gonna get squished so your kind of just creating
the idea of it coming up. I use a grapefruit spoon to kinda help
me cut in at an angle now you can see we have this nice ridge going
on. and then we’re going to take our knife and
cut the center of our ears out. so now we have a nice little ridge right in
here, so when we cut this this will be the top of the wings and this will be the top
of his ears. Now we’re going to work on the bottom half
of the cake While the top one had angles and ridges this
one is gonna have a lot more weird detail to it, so this is going to be a lot more carving
and a lot less cake. First thing I’m going to do is to cut in right
here and try to make this first little valley. We have our tail and our first ridge, now
we’re going to make our ridge in between. once you cut in on the sides and the inside
you want to take your knife shallowly and cut around.
to kinda get your ridge. and it’s a little bit messy but we’re going
to clean that up now. once you can see it you can clean up little
spots here and there better and make those angles sharper. Now our bottom half is done as well. Now both our top and our bottom are carved,
I’ve put them back into cake pans with parchment paper down below
And now we’re going to pour… make sure they’re centered…
now we’re going to pour in the yellow cake batter This is a butter cake batter that I just added a bunch of yellow dye to.
Now technically with the new batman and the new superman it would be black and grey, but
that would be really hard to see so I’m going with the classic black and yellow. Make sure that your yellow batter completely covers any smudge of the black
because as we know with cakes it’s going to bake and dome and we’re going to want to cut
some off and we don’t want to accidentally want to cut off our ears or the bottom of
our bat. make sure that it not just barely covers it
but really covers it. and then… take it and drop it down to help
get rid of any air bubbles, we want to make sure that batters all the way into the crevices.
And now bake as normal. It’s time to make our superman logo so it
has time to dry. the new superman logo is really dark, but
since we went with the classic yellow and black inside the cake I wanted to stick with
slightly brighter tones but I did mute them down a little bit.
I added a little bit of chocolate fondant to both the red and the yellow to kind of
mute it but keep it warm and darken it up just a tad bit.
first thing we’re going to do is roll out the red lay our template down and cut the outside edges now taking a toothpick or something else sharp I’m going to go into the logo
and mark important sections so mark all the corners and anything else
that’s important. Now we want to be able to transfer this logo
so I’ve rubbed some shortening onto it take a piece of paper
and lightly, so you don’t squish anything, lightly rub over
flip it and we’re going to peel off the mat. Now I’ve rolled out some yellow and I’m ready
to transfer my cut design onto the yellow so what you want to do is you want to take
some clear alcohol of some kind, vodka works great if you feel uncomfortable using vodka
you can use clear vanilla or almond extract, which are basically vodka
I know I’ll get asked this – don’t use water what the alcohol is going to do when you paint
the back of it the alcohol evaporates and eats away a little bit of the fondant leaving
a tacky surface. And that surface is going to adhere the fondant
to the fondant beautifully Water doesn’t eat away at the fondant it might
make it wet and slightly tacky but it’s not going to have the same holding effect that
some kind of clear alcohol is going to do. peel the paper away and then clean up anything
that you need to clean up. sometimes it get’s a little bit out of place
Now we’re going to cut away the yellow And finally we’re going to use one of our
itty bitty small ball tools make some indentations along with the swirls that’s in the new superman logo Now our indentation is done it’s time to set
this aside to dry. So our cakes our out of the oven, the first
thing we need to do is even up the bottom, some of the yellow batter got around some
of the chocolate cake And then we need to trim off the top of both
cakes Now it’s time to put it together so take your
cake stand and put a little bit of yellow ganache on there and that is going to hold
our cake in place Make sure that you know which one is the bottom
of your bat and which one is the top of your bat It will pretty silly if you cut this open
and it’s upside down Now we don’t want to use the yellow ganache to put the black sides together so we’re going
to take just a little bit of dark chocolate ganache and put that in just a thin layer
this is not going to be a heavy filling cake, we’re just trying to glue it together, we
want to look as close to one piece as we can get it go right to the edge
and now put the two halves together and now it’s time to frost the rest of the
cake with your white chocolate yellow ganache So I took some blue fondant and I added a
little bit of brown to keep it warm and black and then a butt load of navy gel and I got
this dark bluish turquoise color which is closer to what superman’s new logo
suit is one way to get really sharp edges with fondant
is to flip your cake upside down so it has a nice flat surface underneath and then using
your fonda nt smoothers to go around the outer edge
and your kind of pushing the fondant down into the corners
once your happy with that just take your sharp knife and trim straight to the bottom of the
cake put some fresh ganache on your cake stand
center your cake stand over your cake slide and flip
and finally take your logo and put it on the cake! and now it’s time for the big reveal! ready?
I’m nervous, hahaha Here we go… It worked!!! I am so excited you never know with cakes
like this until you cut it open if it worked or not!
so YAY! I’m thrilled, it really wasn’t that hard to
do, the outside of the cake was obviously super simple to make and then…
BAM you’ve got the inside
My boys are going to love this, I can not WAIT to show them
I hope you make this tutorial I hope that you enjoyed this
don’t forget to leave me a comment down below if you make this, let me know how it goes
show me a picture, tag me in social media, share it all over the place I would love to
see your creations based on my tutorials! also leave me a comment letting me know if
there is anyth ing else you want to see a cake on I want to to create the tutorials that you want to see
is there a movie coming out that you want or any other cake ideas that you have. just
let me know! alright, let’s give this puppy a try
I was really nervous that the chocolate cake would be super dry after being baked twice,
but it looks amazing! it looks nice and moist.
yeah it’s still tastes great! I’m thrilled with this, Woo, thanks for watching Hey baby boy, whose in the cake
Baby Boy: (in batman’s voice) BATMAN

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