Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Today is very special, because it’s only 2 days
until Valentines, so I wanted to make something really special. Last year I made a
companion cube cake from portal, so I thought this year for anniversary, I’m
gonna make the traditional Portal Cake. But, with a twist. The twist is going to be
this really cool cake pan that I got on Think Geek, that when you put the 2 cakes
together, It’s gonna form a heart in the middle, awww! A little heart! Alright, so let’s get started! The things you will need, will be: This very
fancy cake pan, it’s a Wilton cake pan and I’ll put a link down below so
if you’re interested in getting it you can check it out. And it comes with these 2 pans,
part A and B. Water, vegetable oil, 2 box cakes of chocolate
cake mix, 6 eggs and a big mixing bowl and a must-spatula. Let’s put it all together! 2-1/12 cups of water. Merwp! 2/3 cup of vegetable oil. 6 eggs! Now mix it all together on a low speed for
about 2 minutes. Da-dew! Once your cake batter is all beat
and it’s all smooth, we’re gonna pour it into the cake pans, and the side that we’re
gonna pour them in are this side. Not the side with the nubs, the deeper side! But first we’re gonna spray a little spray,
grease the pan, you can also use butter, that’s fine, anything that’s gonna make
a natural grease. And then just pour it in, all around! There we go, oh! Nice and smooth! Oh that’s great! Now you’re gonna heat your oven to 325 and
bake for about 45 minutes, just check them regularly by sticking in a little toothpick,
and if you pull it out and no cake is sticking to it, then you know it’s
good to go. Da-new! Cake’s readies! I just took the cakes out of the oven, and
I gave them plenty of time to cool, so make sure that they are very cool before
you do this! We have the top and the bottom, and what we
are gonna do is level them so that they are flat. So you’re gonna take a cake
leveler, I got this new 1. And you’re just gonna walk it through the
cake. Boop-boop-boop-boo-boo! Once we’ve leveled our cakes, we’re gonna
flip them the other way like so, so that we can fill them, like so. So that the little nubs are facing up. Now take your pink frosting and put it in
a plastic baggie. I just used pink food coloring dye and just added it to some basic
frosting. Take your baking scissors and snip the tip…
Bewp! And then fill in around the nub. Fill the
frosting to the top so that it’s level with the rest of the cake, peschew! Oh it’s
so bright! It looks so cool! Once you finish filling in both of the cakes,
we are just going to stick these in the freezer for about 10 minutes to let
them chill, and then we’re gonna put them on top of each other. Mer-mer-mer-meh! I just took the cakes out of the freezer,
I put the bottom one on this orange cake tray, you can put it on just a regular
1 though, it’s fine! I just wanted to get festive, because it’s
Portal! And then I put the top on this, and all we’re
gonna do is line up this part and this part, and hope that this works! I’m
really, really nervous! Oh god, oh god! 1, 2, 3 and down, down! Down, down! Matching,
matching! Boom! Hopefully this will work, and the cake
will not be a lie when we cut into it, it will be a heart! Now we’re gonna frost the cake, I just took
chocolate creamy frosting and put it in this big plastic bag. Now you’re gonna take
baking scissors, snip the tip, merp-merp-merp-merp-merp! And then you’re just gonna take the chocolate
and distribute it all over the cake and then take a spatula and just make it look
really smooth. And a special thanks to the person who sent
me this cake spinner, werrrrp! It is awesome! And has come in handy, thank
you, thank you! Now our cake is totally frosted all the way
around, peshew! Nice and chocolate-y! Now you’re gonna take cacao crushed beans,
which is basically chocolate, chocolate beans. Place your cake over this pan, it’s
gonna catch a little bit of the excess… Cacao beans! Cacao! I make it rain! I make it rain! I make
it rain! I make it rain! Make it rain! Make it rain! Now that we’ve got all the cacao on our
cake, we are gonna take white frosting in a plastic bag, and make 8 little circles,
and the tip that I’m using is a #32. Once you have the 4 little white dots, now
you’re gonna put 1 in between each of them. Now you’re gonna take maraschino cherries
and put them on top of each of your little frosting white balls. Om-mam-mam-mam-mam! And take off the tip… I can also tie a knot… I just swallowed part of it… Oops! Oopsies! Last thing, we’re gonna take a white long
candle and put it in the center of the cake. Ta-da! We did it! We have made the Portal
Cake! This was awesome, thanks you guys for watching and I hope you guys have a happy
Valentines Day. If you have any other ideas for any other
Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, and leave a comment down below and I will
do my best to make it happen! OK, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Oh my gosh, I want to cut it open now and
see if this heart worked, to see if this little cake is a lie. It’s like, oh happy anniversary of last
year’s Portal. Just a side note for those of you who are
wondering what these awesome Portal Logos plates were behind me, there were actually
Lazy Susans that my really cool roommate made on her do it yourself show,
Swords and Stitches. And they spin, they’re little Lazy Susans,
so, I’ll put a link down below for you to go check out her video on how to make these if
you’re interested. They’re pretty cool! She did 1 orange and 1 blue! Alright, now we’re gonna cut it open and
see if this works! Please, please, please it’s Valentines!
Please work for Valentines! Oh gosh, I’m taking a really big, sharp
cutting knife and I’m just cutting straight down. No funny business. My candle’s gonna fall. Oh, we’ve got, we’ve got… We’ve got
pink! Oh I’m so nervous! And straight down! Here we go! Oh gosh I’m so nervous! Pull it out… Oh it worked! It’s a little
bit messy from my knife, but it actually worked! Oh look! Check it out!

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  2. At 8:16 she said please work for valentine. I thought of the mortal instruments and I said nope. No way I'm helping valentine

  3. You forgot the polyester resin, carbon fiber mesh resins, needle injector, cordless needle injector, fish shaped solid waste, fish shaped dirt, etc.

  4. The cake is not a lie…..
    The cake is not a lie…..
    The cake is not a lie…..
    The cake is not a lie…..
    The cake is not a lie…..

  5. When she said the things you will need will be insert portal cake recipe nah just kidding, it’s really *insert normal cake recipie*.. *inlongates video by two minutes*. I love this channel.

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  8. OMG ! The Cake is Alive and bleeding PINK !
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