How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : Making a Full-Sized Rose with Gum Paste

How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : Making a Full-Sized Rose with Gum Paste

We’re going to be making a full rose in this
clip. Using the same method we’ve used for all the others. In the center we have the
rose bud with one layer of petals. Then we made our medium rose with the second layer
of petals. And now we’re going to add our third layer of petals so we can get our full
rose. So just as before I’ve rolled out a thin piece of gum paste. I’m cutting the petals. Bringing in my petal pad. Softening the edges with the large ball. Going to flip the whole thing over. And from
this side we’re going to cup in all five petals. This is what gives that rose that fullness.
I’m going to flip it over, back over, and we’re going to cup the center. Going to add
a little bit of egg white in the center. And just like we’ve done on our last layers, we
center it on our stem, and bring in our petal support, and drop it down in there. And we’re going to start on one
petal and we’re going to bring it right up in between the gap that?s open. Now we’re
just going to press it down at the bottom. We want it to fall open. We’re going to come
to the other side where the other gap was. We’re going to get under there and we’re going
to pinch that. Now we’re going to put some more egg white on the other remaining petals. And we’re just going to tuck them in and peel
them back to make our full rose. We’ll remove the support. Give all the leaves a nice little
pinch to secure them. Make sure they are all secure at the base. And we’re going to let
that dry up side down. And that’s how you make a full rose.

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  1. You are an absolute sweetheart to show us "reading challenged" wannabe rosemakers just what to do. Thank you so much.


  3. Yes, gumpaste is edible, but some gumpaste doesn't taste good. I like the wilton pre-made gumpaste. It doesn't have much taste to it, but it's not bad.

  4. its really easy to do something fantastic out of sugerpaste, you just need to have a lot of money, lot of imagination and lot of spare time to do it

  5. For Xmas in France we eat "disguised fruits" sorry if you think it's ridiculous but this is the name in French.
    These are dried prunes or dates and inside we put a small piece of marzipan or 2 pieces of walnuts joined by a small piece of marzipan.
    Try, it's simply yummy !!!

  6. what size is ur rose cutter… i have a 60mm and 110mmm.. i like ur size it looks kinda medim..
    please tell me the size of ur cutter

  7. These are really simple but I just think its hilarious that YOU CAN SEE WHAT SHES DOING!! common sense is not common!!!

  8. @eghe12345 only if you don't keep the area clean as yes, you can get Salmonella from eggs but only if you don't prepare the eggs properly. I should know, i got Salmonella food poisoning at a restaurant and it can be very dangerous stuff. That's why i cringe at people using raw eggs and not washing their hands right after or cleaning the area.

  9. Why in the world would La Sora Cesira, from radilazio, like to make sugar gum paste to full-size-rose? I mean why? I would like the stck with the full round ball on the tip.

  10. hello i'm working on my first wedding cake for a couple how long does it take for gum paste to hold up i've never worked with it before but i like the demonstration great work its definetly going to help alot

  11. Does anybody know of anything I could use as an alternative for the thing she calls "large ball" – the tool with the ball on the end. Something I could find at home or something..? Or cheap at a store?

  12. I dont know of an alternative but you can get the tool from either hobby lobby, joannes, or michael's craft stores. The tool is used for fondant and gumpaste work in the cake decorating section. It will be double ended with a big ball on one end and a small one on the other. I got mine in a kit but its prolly around ten bucks.

  13. Thank you for your amazing tutorial!! I have never seen more beautiful sugar-crafted roses – they almost look silk made.

  14. Oh my! I can't believe you use egg white. Gum glue is much better, safer, and tastier; plus it lasts pretty much forever. It is dried up pieces of gum paste which have dissolved in water. As a Wilton employee I highly recommend this instead of egg white to anyone who tries this and other flowers.

  15. You can get the Ball tool in any of the wilton gumpaste tool sets, Alot of us prefer the metal ball tolls because they are seamless and work alot better. Cheapest ones I was able to find were made by Sculpey I found mine in Michaels craft store for 10 bucks, you get 3 sizes.

  16. hiiiiiiii. i like pink rose so much thank4 making such types rose.acutully ia am also a bekerrr i need a recipe of ur pest can u help me 4 giving that recipies

  17. I love this videos. I made my rose and its great. It will take a bit of practise but thank you for posting this vid.

  18. The tools can actually be found in any Wal-Mart store near the card section or any Michaels, or Jonn

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