How to Make SOFT and CHEWY Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

Hi guys and welcome back to Cake Journal! Today we’re making sugar cookie bars and they are so good if you’ve ever had those little fluffy sugar cookies with like the icing on top. Well we’re making them today in bar form. So let’s just get right into this video. Alright guys so we’re going to start off with our butter and we’re whipping that up we have two sticks you want to make sure it’s completely whipped before adding the other ingredients so your cookies are soft and chewy. Then we’re going to add our sugar, our vanilla. We have one egg and then we also have one egg yolk to add. And we’re going to mix that all up and then we’re going to set it aside. And now we’re going to start up with our dry ingredients. So we have a flour, salt, cornstarch, we have baking powder and baking soda and then we’re going to whisk that all together. And once that’s completely mixed we’re going to add that to our wet ingredients gradually just so everything is completely blended in together. Then we’re going to add our cup of sprinkles just to make it a little fun and funfetti like we’re going to line our baking sheet with tin foil put some baking spray down. We’re going to our batter in there and then we’re going to flatten it with our hands. Well I’m going to flatten it with my hands and I just found it easier using my hands with the best. And then I’m going to put it in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When that’s going I’m going to make the frosting so I have two sticks of butter and then we’re going to add 4 cups of powdered sugar, confectioner sugar same thing and once that’s completely mixed, we’re adding 6 tablespoons of heavy cream, some vanilla extract and a couple drops of red food coloring. I got a pink icing out of it you can use whatever color you want. And our sugar cookie bars are ready. So now we’re going to put our icing on top. So I’m going to evenly spread our frosting. Make sure your cookies have completely cool before putting this on because the icing will melt. I’m just adding some sprinkles on top for touch and then basically all you have to do is cut it up into squares and serve it and it’s all finished. And yeah how easy? I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did give it a thumbs up. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, all that fun stuff will be down below. So I hope you guys had a great time watching this video and I’ll see you next time. Happy baking!

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