How to Make Simple Pie Cupcakes with M&M’s with Jill

How to Make Simple Pie Cupcakes with M&M’s with Jill

The things you need first is some ivory frosting I am using a mascarpone spice frosting I have the recipe for you below I used these for some pumpkin cupcakes I made, and it is delicious You need cupcakes. I have chocolate, pumpkin and vanilla You need some M&M’s chocolate candy Red for strawberry pie Orange for our pumpkin pie Blue for our blueberry pie and green for our apple pie I am just finishing up frosting the cupcakes Using the mascarpone spice frosting You can see the speckles of ginger and cinnamon It gives that pie crust look You can substitute cream cheese instead of the mascarpone cheese in the recipe Now, just lay the M&M’s on top of the cupcake Make sure the “m” is facing down so it doesn’t show Thankfully M&M’s only have the M on one side This would be a great cupcake for Thanksgiving A Thanksgiving dessert or holiday party dessert I have my “apples” on top I am going to show you the lattice work on top Using the frosting in a bag I put it in a decorating bag but you can use a ziploc bag Cut a very small hole to pipe the lattice Go across carefully Then go across the other side It’s already looking like an apple pie Around the sides I am going to pipe by pushing in and pulling out And this will make a pie crust look Hopefully you can see this I am going to finish the rest of the cupcakes for you A fun project to do with your kids I got my four cupcakes done, but I want to show you the lattice work closer up In decorator’s terms, it is called “string work” You don’t want to drag the bag or tip along the M&M’s You lift the bag and pull and you push out the frosting slowly Start in a place and lift till you get to the oher side This way you don’t have drag marks You can see on some wedding cakes the beauty of string work detail That is because they are not letting the tip or frosting tough the cake Just like that, there you go!

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  1. It's not just Pie for dessert – or is it!! Here is a fun way to add cake to your holiday table with a twist on making PIE cupcakes. Thanks for watching! Have fun!

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