How to Make Rose Cupcakes | Cupcake Tutorials

I’m going to show you how to make a rose for
your cupcake. It’s really fun and really beautiful. We’re going to start in the center with our
petal tip. The narrow end is facing up and the fatter
end is facing down. You’re going to hold it right in the middle,
and you’re going to spin your cupcake. You’re not going to move your hand with the
piping bag, just spin your cupcake. This makes the center. You want a really strong base so that your
flower doesn’t topple over. Then, you’re going to start at the base again. Now we’re going to start making our petals. We’re going to go in an arch motion. You’re going to do one, two, three. You can already see it’s started to look like
a rose. I like to start my next petals in the middle
of the one I just made so it has that really beautiful overlapping look to it. Arch. You want your petal tip to sort of come out
a little bit so your petals open up. It looks really nice that way. Notice that I’m just moving my hand with the
cupcake in it, not the one with the piping bag. Just keep making these petals. You can always stop here, but I like to make
my roses so that it goes all the way to the edge. It’s really pretty. The more you do this motion, the easier it
becomes, so practice definitely makes perfect. The more roses you make, you’ll definitely
get better at this. Once you perfect the rose, you can do any
other flower. When you’re nearing towards the end, I like
to make my petals a little bit bigger as the rose gets bigger, just so it makes for a nice
open look, because you want your flowers to be blooming. I’m just about done. I like to make about a dozen of these and
give them to someone, because who wouldn’t want a bouquet of edible roses?

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