How to make Plants vs Zombies cupcakes (part 3/3) / Cupcakes de Plantas vs Zombies parte 3

How to make Plants vs Zombies cupcakes (part 3/3) / Cupcakes de Plantas vs Zombies parte 3

Hello! In this third part we are going to show you how to make a zombie to decorate a cake or a cupcake To make the head use a ruler of millimeter circles and measure a ball of 19 millimeters in diameter Now add a little gum tragacanth (to dry faster), knead it and make a ball Then start to shape the head Mark the mouth with a curved tool Mark the eyes with a round tool Finally mark the nose and let it dry for a couple of hours To make the pants use a ball of blue gum paste 19 mm in diameter Add a little gum tragacanth, knead it and make a ball Start to stretch and model the pants Insert the wooden skewer so that the zombie can stand on the cake Use adhesive that is made of gum paste with a few drops of water Put the shoes For each shoe you will need two balls of gum paste of 11 millimeters in diameter Put each shoe in its place Them do not need to be straight something like that should be To make the coat, stretch a some brown gum paste Cut giving it the shape of a trapeze Then make some cuts that are part of the detail To make the shirt use a ball of gum paste of 14 millimeters in diameter Then start to shape Use adhesive and put the shirt in place Use adhesive in coat and put it on the shirt Put the tie that was also made with gum paste In this way Use adhesive to put the neck that is made with a ball of gum paste Use adhesive and put the head To make the each hand use a small ball of gray gum paste and flatten it a little Mark the fingers with a scalpel To make each arm use a ball of brown gum paste of 12 millimeters in diameter Make a ball and then stretch it a little to shape Flatten a little on one end and mark the sleeve Use adhesive and put the arm in place Use adhesive and put the hand Use adhesive and put the eyes that are made with white gum paste Paint the inside of the mouth Paint the eyes That are only two black dots Use adhesive and put the teeth This is the final result Now we put the zombie on the cake You can also make zombies cupcakes You use the same technique and here we give you some ideas You would only make half of the body up If you liked the video, subscribe
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  1. hola soy de argentina quisiera saber lo puedo modelar con pasta de goma queda bien? Gracias por todos tus tutoriales me encantan!!! Saludos desde argentina.

  2. Thank you. This tutorial is very detailed and indeed helpful. Is it ok if I half the recipe for gumpaste?

  3. la verdad excelente las 3 partes….asombroso y super entendible y simple… solucionaste la torta de mi nieto que asi la quiere… gracias .-

  4. Hola te felicito mucho haces un trabajo extraordinario gracias por enseñarnos estas figuritas muchas gracias desde saltillo coah mexico

  5. Tu trabajo es muy bueno…me encanta….una preguntita podrías subir un tutorial como hacer el puño de hulk? Gracias mil…felicitaciones

  6. Muy hermoso…cuando haces un vídeo enseñando a decorar cupcakes de planta vs zombies golden warfaller…

  7. Ow necesito saber como se hace gargantuar:( ese el personaje favorito de mi hermano y le haré una torta y es infaltable gargantuar

  8. Hola gracias por tus tutos una pregunta estoy haciendo una figura donde la cabeza es más grande q el. Cuerpo y ya tiene tres días y no seca no endurece q puedo hacer gracias soy de peru

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