Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special Ro: guest, Rawn! Rawn: Hello everybody! What’s
up!?!? Ro: Rawn has an awesome channel I’ll put
a link down below so you can go check it out. Ro: My favorite thing that he does is he makes
music about video games, it’s a Ro: series called… Gets played? Rawn: Gets
Played! Yeah! Ro: Yeah! I can’t even pick Ro: my favorite one, I like the Mega Man song,
and Sonic and… Rawn: Just be honest, they’re all your favorite.
Ro: Pokemon. Rawn: They’re all your favorite! Ro: I have bought them all on iTunes, so I’ll
put all the links down below to Ro: those too, so you can check them out. Ro: But today, me and this handsome devil
are going to be making Pacman cookies! Ron: Yes! Yes! Ro: The things that you will need today, will
be: Pacman cookie cutters, I found Ro: these on ThinkGeek, I’ll put a link
below so you can go check ‘em out if Ro: you like. Rawn: A big bowl, we found this on the grocery
store, and a roller pin. Rawn: And a butter, Tillamook butter from
the Pacific Northwest! Ro: Northwest pride! Rawn: And 1 juevo from a happy, happy chicken…
Ro: Happy chicken! Rawn: Somewhere in California! Uh, sugar cookie
dough that was given to us by Rawn: Betty Crocker. Ro: Yeah. Rawn: Your
buddy, and flour. Rawn: Let’s get it started! Rawn: Let’s get it star-ted! Rawn: What do we do? Dump it? Ro: Yeah, just
dump it in. Rawn: All of it? Ro: Yeah! Rawn: That’s a lot of cake mix… Ro: 1 Egg. Rawn: Bloop! Mmmmm, love the sound
of an egg hitting the cookie mix. Ro: OK, you do this 1 because it’s messy.
Rawn: Oh great, thanks. Rawn: Should we tell them that it’s not
flour, like a flower from a rose. Ro: Yeah, it’s not a plant. Rawn: From your
garden or something, it’s other Rawn: stuff, it’s like, dust. Rawn: This is enough? Ro: Yep, perfect! Ro: Then we just mix it around. Rawn: Boy,
it seems to be coagulating. Ro: And then just start kneading it. Rawn:
I need you, I need you so bad right now! Rawn: I need you! I need ya! Ro: This is not
how to knead a cookie dough. Rawn: Get up, ahhhh! Ro: You put your hands in there, like this.
Rawn: Oh! Ro: And you, um, mush it around. Rawn: Mush, it. Ro: Knead it like you would
mush bread. Ro: And it’s gonna be really, really sticky,
so you can add extra flour as you Ro: go if you need to, because sometimes these
cookie mixes, they tell you Ro; just do a pinch of flour but, I’ve noticed
you’ve got to use a little bit more. Rawn: You think Betty Crocker watches your
show? Ro: Probably. Rawn: She’s like, that’s my stuff! That’s
my cookie mix she’s using! Ro: OK, boom! We’re done! Now, we’re going
to, OK… Put you hand in there, take a Ro: pinch and put the flour all over the table.
We can get messy, I’ll try not Ro: to get it on your pants. Rawn: Wow, this
is… I’m liking baking. Ro: OK, so you put your dough, right here.
Rawn: OK. Ro: And then you’re gonna Ro: sprinkle… Rawn: Doh! Ro: A little bit
on top! Ro: I made you something! Rawn: Oh my goodness,
thank you! Ro: I’ll have you roll it, just gently roll
it out. Rawn: OK. Ro: Gotta be a little gentle with
it. Rawn: Ro, Ro! Both: Ro-ll it out! Rawn: You see what I did there?!?! Ro: A-hah-hah!
Rawn: Because it’s Ro-ll it! Ro: Now we’re gonna take. Rawn: A little
hand funk in here. Ro: All the little cookie cutters. We got,
Inky, Blinky and Pinky, they didn’t Ro: give us Clyde, but that’s OK. And then
just go and… Rawn: No they’re definitely, they’re definitely different. Ro: Cut ‘em out! Ro: They’re a little bit delicate, so just be a little bit gentle. Rawn: Would you say that baking is a delicate
process? Did I do this 1 right? Ro: Rawn, that, that looks terrible… Rawn:
I wasn’t… I wasn’t gentle enough! Ro: And you can put ‘em close together like
we’re doing, because, um, with this Ro: cookie recipe they don’t expand too
much. So they about the same size. Ro: That’s good to know too, so you don’t
need a lot of space. Ro: Watch this, he’s gonna fly. Were! Rawn: Oh man. Ro: Oh dang it, that was a little bit too close! Ro: You’re gonna set your oven to 375 and
cook these for about 5-7 minutes. Ro: I notice that when I put ‘em in, um,
actually I ended up cooking ‘em till Ro: 9 minutes. It just depends on your oven. Ro: Ding! They’re done! Rawn: Oooh hot!
Ro: So you want to put them on a baking Ro: sheet and make sure they’ve had plenty
of time to cool, like this… Ro: Thanks Rawn. That was perfect, perfect! Ro: And now, we are gonna decorate. What I
got to decorate are little eyeballs. Ro: They’re like little candy eyeballs,
I found them at Michaels but I’m sure you Ro: can find them at like baking stores or
anywhere. Rawn: Does it look like my eye is open right
now? Hello! Ro: Now these, you want to hold them up and
show them? Rawn: Oh yeah! Ro: These are royal icing, also known as cookie
icing, I had no clue that there Ro: was different frosting for cakes and cookies,
until today so… Rawn: Me either… Ro: I don’t know what
that says about me as a baker. Rawn: Royal icing… Ro: So we got all these different colors to
paint them. And the first thing that Ro: we’re gonna do is paint an outline around
the cookie. And then wait 10 minutes, Ro: and then we’ll fill it in. Rawn: I’m puttin yo… I’m puttin yo lipstick
on girl! Ro: Oooh, that looks nice! Rawn: Awww, awww
girl! Ro: Oooh, she look good! Ro: Ta-da! We have done it! We have made our
Pacman cookies, they are so cute! Rawn: Whew. Ro: Whew! Rawn: That was a lot
harder than I expected. Ro: This one ended up being a little special
looking! And then my favorite Ro: 1 that Rawn did, I can’t tell if it’s
cyclops or if it’s the pizza Pacman. Rawn: We found out that Pacman does not have
an eye because, look at him right here! Rawn: That does not look right. That looks
just disturbing. Just no, no. Ro: Thanks you guys for watching this episode
of Nerdy Nummies, if you have any other Ro: suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies,
please let me know, leave me a comment, Ro: and I will do my best to make
it happen. Ro: And again, thank you Rawn for being here!
Rawn: Thank you! Ro: I will put his links down below, so go
check him out, he’s a pretty cool guy! Rawn: Nerdy Nummies is the place to be! Nerdy
Nummies and we make cookies! Oh yeah! Ro: Thanks you guys, bye-bye! Rawn: Ding!

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