How To Make Non-Alcoholic Drinks for The Holidays! | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

How To Make Non-Alcoholic Drinks for The Holidays! | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

– Hey guys, so the
holidays are usually filled with lots of drinking
and specialty cocktails. But one of the things that I have learned from all of you over the years, that many of you don’t drink, so I wanted to make sure I armed you with three non-alcoholic drinks that’ll make your
holidays merry and bright. So first up, I present
you with a drink I call the apple ginger snap. You’re going to fill your glass half way with some apple cider, top with some ginger ale, and we’re gonna add a cinnamon stick ’cause it will help infuse your beverage with a beautiful cinnamon flavor. And then for a floating garnish, and this is why I don’t
like the ice in it, because it floats a lot better
when you don’t have ice, I like to slice off a little
piece of a crab apple. They also have those little mini apples that you see sometimes now around this time of year. And you can just pop that in the center. And viola, you’ve got a
really cute festive beverage that is so delicious. You’ve got that apple cider and the spiciness of the ginger, mixed with the warming
flavor of the cinnamon. And how cute is that
little floating apple? OK, next up, I’m gonna
show you how to make a concoction I like to
call the snow drift. I love this idea because
it’s so pretty and festive, and looks so wintery too. You’re gonna take a cup of ice, and you’re gonna mix a cup of pear juice, and you’re gonna whirl it up until it’s nice and frothy and blended. And you’re gonna take
out a champagne flute, this is what makes it feel extra fancy, and you’re gonna fill it three quarters of the way full. And then top with a
little bit of club soda. Then you’re gonna take
a sprig of rosemary, and just peel off the bottom leaves, wet it with some water, and then dredge it in some white sugar. And you’ll see, it’ll look
like some frosted evergreen. And then on the other
end we’re gonna pop in a little fresh raspberry. And then you can place that
on the top of your glass. And you’ll see it’ll add such
a beautiful Christmasy touch. After you present it to your guests, you can encourage them to
take that rosemary sprig and pop it in the glass because rosemary and pear is
a great flavor combination that really not only looks festive, but it tastes so delicious too. And then finally for the kid in all of us, I present you with the Santa soda. Take a tall glass, fill it with ice, and then about three quarters of the way you’re gonna fill it with
cranberry juice cocktail. So, I do make this
distinction because you don’t wanna use pure cranberry juice. It is just too bitter for this. So get something that’s
labeled cranberry cocktail. There’s no alcohol in it, it just usually means it’s
been mixed with apple juice, raspberry juice, grape juice, or sometimes all three. And then you’re gonna top it off with some sparkling water that’s flavored with lime. And then take a wedge of lime, and you can squeeze some
additional lime juice in, and pop it in the glass. Add a festive straw,
something red and white, then garnish with some fresh mint. And there you have it, Santa soda. My three favorite non-alcoholic drinks that will add a really great festive touch to any of your holiday gatherings. All right you guys, I’ll
see you back here next week for my last and final holiday helper. I’ll see you then. Bye. (bright holiday jazz)

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  1. The drinks are so cool!!I just love your idea Ms.Beth!!Also I have a question in the first one can I use apple juice because in our country there is no apple cider,and another thing in the second one do I have to use pear juice?Love you Ms.Beth!!^_^

  2. Beth, this is so thoughtful and sweet. I'm one of the non-drinkers (just don't enjoy it!) and I love that you gave us some extra options. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for these recipes. We don't drink so it's so nice to see fancy drinks we can serve at Christmas. Thanks Betg

  4. These drinks look so festive and elegant despite the simplicity behind them! I am definitely going to make these 🙂

  5. Hi Beth, love the video – these drinks sound fantastic! I really want to try them out for Christmas Eve, but I'm having a little trouble understanding what you put into the "The Snowdrift" after the pear juice. Calipso, Clip's oil?

    Happy holidays to you and your family!

  6. Beth, great suggestion for non- alcoholic drinks!!! I loved the second one, it´s super easy to make, only two ingredients and looks so fancy and elegant serving in a champagne glass.

    I wish you Merry Christmas Beth!


  7. Lovely and festive non-alcoholic drinks. Thanks so much for sharing all your food and drink ideas. You are my favorite foodie!

  8. Hello Beth! ^^ I watched your cream tomato soup and I wanted to know if you could make a roasted tomato soup please ^^ I made one not so long ago and it wasn't that bad but I would love to see how you would make it ^_^

  9. Hi Beth, thanks for all of your recipes! I've been watching your videos for a long time and all of it are so good! I'm really interested in cooking and baking, I wish I can go to a culinary school! I just want to ask which school is good and really can let me enjoy cooking in my life! Thanks!

  10. Hey Beth, new to your channel. Love the content so far.
    Just wondering, if I wanna make these drinks alcoholic, what liquor would you recommend for each drink?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Beth,love your way of talking,you are so sweet,and then your recipes,I would like to know about your small round glass ,where from u get them,may I know?plz plz plz

  12. awesome is very helpful ..seriously I make cocktails using fresh fruits and juices ..this one is quiet New for me but I am going to try it in Ramadan ..God bless

  13. I'm an individual who is still not old enough to drink, and I really want to make some drinks for my family this year :). thank you so much for making this video!

  14. Curious if you can make these in a larger container for a large Christmas party or Office party? If so what would the measurements be? Thanks a bunch!!!

  15. I will try these some time, I should probably stop drinking alchohol Especially when dr says not to become I have seizures when I sleep and also when I do drink once in a while I either get drunk and go to sleep or get a really bad migraine so I think probably a good idea to find some non alchohol drinks to try and stop drinking!!

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