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  1. I always just spray my measuring cup with cooking spray when measuring peanutbutter. Comes right out. No mess

  2. These are my favorite cookies of all time. Never thought of using crunchy pb or adding nuts. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  3. These chocolate no bakes are so famous in our family. And our church where LDS oh they're so good love love love them

  4. What a hack. She uses dairy butter but then uses almond milk which is just nut soaked water. Creatively bankrupt talentless hack fraud

  5. Sorry. Too oatmealy. Would probably be better with less. Also, cookies are meant to be hard. These are gummy.

  6. I just watched your no bake oat cookies vid. My husbands parents made those thirty odd years ago. Slightly different way of doing it, same ingredients. My husband has been making them for 20 plus years. Oh, we live in New Zealand, not America. Your no bake oat cookies (or in our wording, biscuits) is an old recipe. We call them M P's (mud puddles)

  7. I made these in a blizzard at mike and robins. Memories of the trip ate still so fresh, storms no food but oats cocoa karo. And of course the babysitter. Who also got stranded, but not with us.

  8. Will it start to slighty melt after extended time periods of exposure (because of the freezing progress)? Due to fresh milk being used, do these cookies have an average soiling process (or are they more or less likely to become rotten)?

  9. "almost resembles a candy bar" – with most of the weight of the cookies being comprised of pure butter, sugar and peanut,. why am I not surprised?

  10. Umm you’re supposed to boil it for 1 1/2 mins to 2 mins and they should set up within 10 mins. If you’re freezing them, it mean you didn’t boil it long enough

  11. I make these all the time I love them, but one thing you didnt tell is after it begins to boil only let it boil for 1 minute and no longer it's any longer they will get crumbly only one minute of boiling then remove from Heat add your other things to it I think they are best with peanut butter

  12. When I was little, we would have these sometimes in our school lunch. Back then it was called "Quickie Candy".
    So delicious no matter what the name! Thank you for the recipe. x

  13. I love these cookies. I've been eating them since I was a child born in 1964 I've never gone a Christmas without them.

  14. When i was in school,( 1979 grad.) We called them cow pies. They were dessert just about every day at lunch time. They were cut like brownies, and lunch wouldn't have been the same without them.

  15. I have made these for decades. One thing to know is that you cook the sugar mixure fir 60 seconds. Any more or any less makes either a grainy texture or a to soft cookie. Me i like no more than 60 seconds because i dont like the grainy texture and love the smooth feel and taste of the fudge cookie.
    I am thinking about making these with rice crispys instead of oats. Oh and i prefer quick cook oats to just.the rolled oats. The rolled are close to raw and have a chaulky taste. These are a long time fav.

  16. Am going to have to try this recipe I love oatmeal looks so good what a special treat that will make,thanks for sharing ❤

  17. If you bring this to a rolling boil for one minute. You won't have to freeze it. Almost the recipe for chocolate peanut butter fudge. . Love it with couple drops of cherry cooking oil. YUMMY YUMMY

  18. Made these with ~ 1/3 the amount of sugar, and it still turned out delectably sweet! Good soft ball candy bar texture after cooling the cookies.

  19. If I try these I will boil bc I hate cookies that won't set up and have to be stored in refrigerator. I also love the no-bake cookies made with crispy noodles from the canned food in the asian aisle, oh yum.

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