How to Make Napoleon | Easy Strawberry Napoleon Puff Pastry

How to Make Napoleon | Easy Strawberry Napoleon Puff Pastry

I’m gonna do a powdered sugar blizzard
hello and welcome back to you in the kitchen with Matt I am your host Matt
Taylor today I’m gonna show you how to make a strawberry Napoleon oh yeah super
excited these are Napoleon pastries are super super easy to make if I can do it
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first let’s preheat our oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 205 Celsius now we
want to do our puff pastry first I have a frozen puff pastry here it’s a really
good brand Pepperidge brand and it’s just a really
nice pastry it’s fairly expensive but it does the trick or you can do a homemade
puff pastry if you want one of these days I will show you how to make a
homemade puff pastry there we go really really cool we’ll just unfold it
like this if I thought it out for about 40 minutes and this recipe just a simple
recipe actually comes on the box of the Pepperidge brand puff pastry what we
want to do is cut this into strips now I’m just gonna go down write the folds
here I washed my ruler just so I can get some nice straight edges and depending
on your puff pastry you may need to flour your surface more than I did this
puff pastry it comes fairly floured and then what we want to do is we want to
get four more pieces out of this they don’t have to all be the same size we’re
just gonna try to make them as close to the same size as possible
so some of these are a little bit bigger if you wanted to get extremely precise
you would do some math and just divide that into fourths or you can make them
smaller or bigger whatever you like to do it’s up to you and now what we want
to do is I have a pan here and I lined it with a silicone baking mat for those
of you who follow my show you know I love silicone baking mats or you can
line your sheet pan with parchment paper or spray it with some cooking spray
entirely up to you now let’s bake this in the oven again at
400 degrees Fahrenheit or 205 Celsius and we want to bake it for about 15
minutes until puffs up and gets nice and golden brown it’s been about 15 minutes
our puff pastries have come out of the oven
they look marvelous let’s let these cool for a couple minutes and then I’m gonna
transfer them over to a wire rack to cool for another about 10 minutes all
right I’m just gonna transfer these over and then wait for about ten minutes now
let’s create our filling while our puff pastry is cooling down I am going to use
a pudding mix a vanilla pudding mix and there’s a variety of different things
that you can do in the middle if you want to just do something like
strawberry jam just do that if you want to do some some kind of a chocolate
sauce or something do that or chocolate pudding
we want to I’m just gonna I’m going to do it this way so I’m gonna add my
pudding mix this is just a three ounce package so one of the small packages
that you find at the supermarket now on the package it says to add two cups of
milk but we are only going to add one and then just mix this up
get all the lumps out normally I would use a whisk I’m just a little too lazy
shut up and do the five seconds it would take to walk over there and get my whisk
so I’m just gonna use my spatula okay and then we’ll just let this set for a
few minutes looks like I forgot to hit record so the
step that you just missed was I just added my whipped topping or sweetened
whipped cream in with my pudding and I just folded it in there really nice so
it’s all mixed together like this and it’s ready to go let’s chill this in the
fridge for about five minutes until we’re ready to assemble everything
together now what we do is we take our puff pastries and we want to just cut
them in half with a knife all those cut we want to assemble them
doo-doo-doo-doo I’m gonna move these over now to assemble these it’s really
easy I’m gonna use I’m gonna use a piping bag but you can use you can use
just a spoon and just spoon it in now you just kind of fold it over your hand
like this and open it up like that and just put some filling in there or you
can use a just a plastic bag if you want and just snip off the top you don’t have
to use a piping bag and twist and ready to go okay now we are going to pop pipe
on about a couple of tablespoons worth like so and then we’re going to put some
strawberry slices in there I got some big slices and then I always usually do
just a little bit more on top so then our middle part will go right on there
so then do some more and then grab our top and there’s a lot
of different ways that you can top these off you can just put a little bit of
filling on there and place a little strawberry or you can drizzle it with
some chocolate it’s a melted chocolate so I’m gonna go
ahead and symbol some more of these and we’re gonna finish it all off with some
powdered sugar now on these ones I’m gonna go ahead and do some chocolate
sauce it’s actually just chocolate melted chocolate chips I’m gonna do a
powdered sugar blizzard awesome and there we go
strawberry Napoleon really easy to do if I can do it you can do it
I’m Matt Taylor this has been another episode of in the kitchen with Matt
thank you for joining me as always if you have any questions comments or
requests put him down below and I’ll get back to
you as soon as I can thumbs up down the corner push it don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel and check out my other videos take care
time for me to dive into one of these oh yeah I’m gonna grab this one right here

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  1. It looks so fancy! And delicious!!!’ And I like your special effects 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks Matt. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Matt- now this looks like a winner! They're probably a little messy to eat so keeping them chilled seems like a good idea. Please do show how to make the pastry dough by hand too. I love doing things from scratch like smelting my own iron ore to get a box of nails. Reinventing the wheel makes me really appreciate wheels!

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