How To Make Marzipan Candy & Cake Decorations : Melting Chocolate For Marzipan Recipes

How To Make Marzipan Candy & Cake Decorations : Melting Chocolate For Marzipan Recipes

Hi I’m Rachel Dayan for Expert Village. Now
I’m going to show you how to melt chocolate. We are going to use a double boiler which
means pan we have water inside and inside we have a smaller a dry smaller pot, I’m going
to put the fire on and put the chocolate inside. The reason we do a double boiler boiling is
because chocolate can burn if you put in straight on a fire. As soon as the water starts getting
hot the chocolate starts melting. A different way of melting chocolate is put in the microwave
but I prefer this way because as long as the water is hot the chocolate is going to stay
melted. Then in the microwave as soon as you put it out and there is nothing hot on it’s
bottom it is going to get harder. You see that we have a nice creamy mixture as a chocolate.
I also put a little bit of white chocolate chips inside it is going to make a nice decoration
but I want to mention the white chocolate chip is getting the mixed it is going to be
thicker so if you want it to be thinner you add a little bit of oil and mix it while it
is on the fire. You can see that it is very thick so I’m going to add a little oil to
it. The chocolate you don’t add water cause that is going to separate the chocolate, just
add a little oil to it and mix it up. I can see that it is smoother, thinner.

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  1. That's not even close to a double boiler!
    Do not melt your chocolate this way! Small pan is touching big pan = heated by the big pan = the gas flame.
    You should take one of those small saucepans and find a steel or ceramic or heatproof bowl that fits on top of it (so that there is a hollow space inside). Put water in the pan, and the chocolate in the bowl on top. Now it's the heat of the water melting the chocolate, without the chance of water(steam) coming into the choc. to mess it up.

  2. She is doing it completely wrong, (silly woman) and she want s to get that bloody hair out the way too lol…. and she is scruffy to be on tv.

  3. i wonder if she couldnt find any bigger pot for the white o.O

    i think it is still to small for that`much choclate *_*


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