How to make Kouign Amann – Laminated dough – pastry series part 4

Welcome to Ashlee Marie. Today is Part 4 of our Pastry Series, the kouign amann. These delicacies are amazing. Let’s get started. At the end of the pastry dough, we had done the roll out-fold, roll out-fold, roll out-fold three times. Now we’re on our fourth time. I’m about to fold it up and stick it in the fridge for an hour. But this time it’s a little different with the kouign amanns. Instead of rolling it up like normal, we’re actually going to take 2 tablespoons of sugar and we’re going to spread it all over this inside layer before we fold. So 2 tablespoons, spread that all the way to the edges, and then kind of press it in a little bit. You know how before we were using just a slight amount of flour to not make it sticky? Hopefully the sugar is going to do that for us now. Then we’re going to fold one-third and fold the other third. We’re going to wrap this in plastic, stick it in the fridge for an hour and then we’ll be ready to move on. We just took our dough out of the fridge and now we’re ready to roll it out and cut it. We want to roll it out into about a 12″ x 16″ rectangle and about 1/4 ” thick. So beat your dough a little bit to relax it. Now this time, instead of sprinkling it with flour, what we’re actually do is we want to press about a quarter of a cup of sugar on both sides, so I just going to take some of this sugar and sprinkle it around and roll it, rotating as I go. Our dough is rolled out to the right size and now what we want to do is make squares. We are going to make 12 and they’re each going to be about 3-3 1/4. So first we’re going to straighten out the sides, and make sure you cut all the way through the dough. Just throw your excess dough away. We’re going to cut it in half, and in half again. Now you can see I’m just eyeballing this. If you know where a ruler is, I suggest finding one-it’s a good way to go. I never know where one is. You can see I totally angled that one. So now we have our squares. To create the kouign amann shape, what you do is pull the corners in and pinch them and press, just like that. We’re going to do that with all of them. I don’t have 12 pastry rings to make these out of, so I’m just going to use muffin tins. The last time I tried to make these, I actually used jumbo-sized or king-sized muffin pans and they were a little bit flat and wide, so I’m going to try making them in regular size this time. So you want to take your hands or a baggie and take some softened butter, and you’re just going to rub it around the sides and the bottoms of each of these. I’m going to put about a teaspoon of sugar in each one of these cups, give or take. You want to shake it around. I’m sure you guys all have done this with butter and flour. Doing it with sugar is not that much different. Doing it with 12 openings at a time is a little more challenging. Now take our shaped kouign amanns and just place them down inside, and now we’re going to let them proof for about 20-30 minutes. We just want them to get puffy; we don’t want them to double in size. All right. As you can see, they have pouffed beautifully and it’s time to put them in the oven. The kouign amanns are done. They are beautiful. I can’t wait to try them. There’s a printable recipe on my site so that you can make this for yourself. I hope you enjoyed this series, and I might have a bonus pastry video for you next week. So don’t forget to subscribe-you won’t want to miss it. It might be a mix between a croissant and a donut Anyway, let’s try the kouign amanns now. Oh, can you hear that beautiful crunch as it opens up? And look at that sugary, soft center. Go get the recipe right now. The outside is the perfect amount of crunch without being like break-your-teeth crunch, and the inside is just sweet and soft and melt-in-your-mouth. I think I’m going to make these at least once a week from now on. These are my new favorite dessert. Thanks for watching. Captions by

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