How to make homemade andes mints

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Marie. Today I’m sharing one of the top recipes from my site for the last 5 years, and it is… homemade andes mints, they’re super easy to
make and they taste amazing, so let’s get started The very first thing that we need to do is get the pan ready for the chocolate.
I’m going to measure where this edge is right here and then go over and kinda stick my fingernails
in the other edge. And then you can either rip or cut it or leave
it folded we want to leave both ends there so we can
have something to grab and pull up with There’s two ways you can melt the chocolate
to make these homemade andes mints. You can either put all three layers, the 10
oz of chocolate, 10 oz of green, 10 oz of chocolate again, in separate bowls and put
them in your oven and cook them on low then it get’s this nice, even, heat to it
that’s actually a really great way to go but I have a microwave with a melt chocolate
button, and I love it and so I actually use it to melt all my chocolate these days.
Now if you don’t want to do the oven way, and you don’t have a melt chocolate button
way, you can always use your microwave still bring it down to 50% heat and do it for a
minute and then after that do it for 30 second intervals And our chocolate is done! Everything is nice and smooth
now to get our parchment paper to stick to our pan I’m just going to actually take a
little bit of this chocolate, not much, and just dab it into each corner. right now it just tastes like chocolate, but we want it to taste like mint, so it’s an
andes mint, now when I say mint don’t mean the leaf mint, that’s like toothpaste mint, yuck I mean peppermint
that’s really the only mint that I ever use in cooking and baking
so this is special oil for candy. so it works really well with chocolate, if
you use any flavoring that’s water based and you add it to chocolate it’s gonna make your
chocolate seize and you don’t want that this is really strong and very concentrated
so we just want to add a couple drops to each of the three layers
now stir it so that that mint, OH that smells so good, so that that mint permeates all of the chocolate and now because this is our bottom layer we
don’t have to be quite as careful as we’re going to be on the other layers but this is
a good layer to practice on. so I’m going to pour it in strips.
and then keep filling in as much as I can andes mints are actually pretty thin, which
means each of the three layers are pretty thing, so while it looks like this isn’t going
to cover the entire pan I promise it will now it’s still not perfectly smooth, we got
a lot lines in it, but the chocolate is still warm so we can work with that
so this is going to be really loud but what we’re going to do is shake the pan and that’s
going to help it settle now we’re ready to let the chocolate set
but we don’t want it to set completely because if it gets too hard then when we go to pour
the next layer on top they won’t actually connect so we want it to just set up enough
that they’re not going to inner mix super easily what we’re looking for is right now there’s
a shine on our chocolate and we’re looking for that shine to get dull
so this is actually a great time to wash out our container add our next amount of chocolate
and get it melted cause it’s going to take awhile and then by that point it’s usually
ready to go. now notice I’m holding the glass, the measuring
jar really close cause what I don’t want to do is have this
chocolate drop from a far distance and hit it with some force and melt into it a little
bit, we really just want it to sit on top. right there I dipped into that chocolate,
this green is warm and it’s melting that chocolate layer underneath
so we want to have a really light tough and be really smooth as you go back and forth.
don’t feel like you need to rush, take your time
it’s not perfect, it’s kinda bumpy, but we’re going to shake it down again.
one of the ways, if you can’t tell by the sheen, if it’s ready or not, if you touch
it and it leaves little fingerprints but doesn’t come off on your hand, like the chocolate
doesn’t come off, then it’s ready. Just like before we don’t want to mix it too
much into the green layer so I’m going to hold it down low
if you get a little bit of mixing in that middle layer it’s not too bad, but we really
want this top layer to be pretty, cause it’s the part that everybody see’s.
so of course you want it to be the prettiest layer it’s better to move the pan to a position that’s comfortable for your hand,
since I’m right handed I like to work on the left hand side,
than to try uncomfortably get to a side that’s not natural, it will be a lot harder
so I tend to work top and left so I just turn my pan to where I need it to be to make that
happen now shake we’re going to let this set a little bit more than we did before
not only do we want it to go dull, but we also want to take it a little past dull so
we can cut it without it being soft anywhere, cause we don’t want to cut and have there
still be any warm chocolate at all we also don’t want to wait until it’s completely
set and hard to cut it cause other wise it will just crack
so there is this nice in between stage that we’re looking for
so it will go dull and I would say another 10 minutes past dull
in order to get nice even lines I actually use a level
you can also just use a yard stick if you have one, but I’m in the middle of unpacking
still and I don’t know where mine is. we’re going to cut off just the edges 1. cause the edges are a little bit rounded and 2. so we have nice sharp corners to our
andes mints squares or rectangles, or whatever shape your cutting
and this just helps you keep a nice even line now I’m just going to use the same method
to cut everything all done with our andes mints and we’re ready
to try it to see how we did so we can see those beautiful layers
of the chocolate, the green and the chocolate it smells like peppermint, has a nice break
to it Mmmmm it tastes just like andes mints
it really is so good, it’s such a great treat it’s not wonder that it’s one of my most popular recipes are you guys ready to try them?
Princess: yes we are Baby Boy: yes we are
Ashlee: grab one what do you think baby boy?
Baby Boy: it was awesome! Ashlee: It’s awesome? good.
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