How To Make GIANT Surprise Cupcake Cake With Rainbow Candy | Guide Chef Ava Kids Cooking and Crafts

Hello everybody welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Chef Ava, and today I will be your guide in how to make Giant rainbow surprise cupcake. We will be using this awesome giant cupcake pan. You can find this at a craft or party store. Let’s get started. Alrighty we have our cake done. Now the first thing we’re going to do is cut out the middle to put in our surprise. It’s all hollow. Now let’s put our surprise in. We got these amazing rainbow chocolates that’s going to be our surprise. Okay apparently that did not work, so… Everything is under control. So I’m going to just put some frosting in the middle to keep the two pieces of cake together. And we also got this amazing three doer froster, so like when it comes out it’s rainbow colors. Problem is you need lots of muscles to get it out. You hold, I squeeze. Teamwork! Just going to put this on. There we go. Woo-hoo we did it! It’s so cool how it has all of those different colors. Sprinkles. Maybe I should do that. I LOVE sprinkles. This is the hugest cupcake ever. What do you think we should add on for the top? I have an idea, what if we did a blue on the very top. That’s making me dizzy. Time to party! Let’s take a bite. Surprise! This is my cupcake. My cupcake. No no! Mine. mine. mine. This reminds me of the unicorn poop we made. Oh yeah that was awesome. We made the slime and also the treats. Yeah. Thanks so much for making these giant cupcakes with us. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment below what we should make next. See ya! We’re out!

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