so we’re like this is going to speed winging it okay you know yeah when do we not we get have we ever not weed it and no have I ever been to work you actually are organized today but you had to be how did transport yeah I feel like we’re not worried as though I had to get my Pilates alright [Music] [Music] hi guys welcome back to my series I don’t mean to brag today we are going to make watermelon rosy now this is watermelon rosy that’s for the lazy girl because meaning you are looking up recipes online and they were saying that you had to like boil shit right yeah no no we’re not going to boil anything we’re just gonna wing this this is like you don’t have time to freeze anything you got it go so we kind of just made this up and we’re gonna wing it and see how it goes so first we fill a blender voila does it fall are why I always everything wrong it’s a wall we have a blender of ice then we’re gonna take a little bit of rose egg and I chose de la rose’ like this brand it’s really good and it’s a really big plus that and you don’t open it so and that’s really efficient so we’re gonna pour a little bit of this in there you know I’m not a fan of measuring you know what can you don’t so this isn’t gonna be all the rose a we’re going to use have no fear we’re going to use more this is just to get the ice all flushed is that a word alright screw this on soap this is on me as that look right ready okay so this is our foundation of our lazy girl watermelon frozen now we’re gonna take this off and we’re gonna kind of make up how much watermelon we want to add you can kind of do you here do whatever you want I’m gonna put in kind of a lot of pieces just cuz I want to make it super watermelon II and then we also got a little bit of watermelon water you can find it at Whole Foods it’s just watermelon and water which is kind of amazing so I’m just gonna put a splash of this and the real reason I’m doing this is first X let’s be honest I want it to be a little Pinker and then it just for fun and then throw in a couple of strawberries I feel like everyone’s doing strawberry froze a so I wanted to mix it up with watermelon you could just do all strawberries here you could even add mint if you wanted to I don’t know whom it would taste with froze a but it’d be cute kind of so I added three slices of strawberries a bunch of watermelon and a little bit of watermelon water and you need a little more ice okay can you bring it on yeah why aren’t you showing your face that’s good okay so how good does that look I feel like this looks like a Slurpee from 7-eleven isn’t it it’s so good okay and then of the most important part obviously the booze we already did some booze but let’s make it super busy you know how I am that is looking like a good pink is this gonna fit with my Instagram feed or what so we don’t have to boil shit we’ve come to skin strawberries we didn’t have to mash it like we got it done right all right if that is not the right pink I don’t know what is I feel like the watermelon mixed with the strawberries it’s just really working for me today so now you have you’re instagramming watermelon rose a Slurpees and I feel like these are perfect for the end of summer you can even drink them in winter whatever you want and you want to be cute you can just add a strawberry or you could do a watermelon right Nene yep let’s start with them strawberries like cute because it goes on the side you know yeah okay and then of course you need a pixie straw we cut this one in half so we have one for Arielle and one for Mimi and I’m going to go ahead and just drink mine YUM this is actually like really good I don’t mean to toot my own horn but like Wow so Cheers I hope you guys enjoyed this watermelon froze a recipe make sure you leave me what you want to see next below and I hope you loved this installment of I don’t need to brag but my froze a is ivy [Music]

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