How to make elephant ear pastry / PALMIER COOKIES / Easy elephant ear recipe

To make this beautiful Palmiers we
usually depend on store-bought puff pastry sheets that may contain trans fat
and preservatives only because of thinking of that tiresome job behind
making those puff pastry sheets but here is a beautiful recipe from which you can
make amazing Palmier cookies for your family without compromising our health a
simple method which will take a very little time and effort than the usual
method of folding and resting for several times for making these easy
tasty Palmiers we need only three basic ingredients
flour milk and butter and salt and sugar to add taste and yeast as a leavening
agent so let’s see how to make them in three simple steps the first step is to
prepare the pastry sheet the second step is to shape and prove them and the third
step is to bake the cookies to prepare the dough the first thing we
need to do is to activate the dried yeast yeast always need as sweet and
warm environment to bloom up so here I have taken 260 milliliters of warm
milk into which I’ve added four tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of
active dry yeast stir them well and keep it aside for five to six minutes for the
yeast to get activated now for the dry ingredients let’s add a 1/4 of a
teaspoon of salt into 430 grams of plain flour here I have used unbleached flour
you can use any type of plain flour and now all we have to do is to blend
together the wet and the dry ingredients and another good thing about this dough
is that we don’t need to knead the dough just blend them together until we get a
homogeneous evenly hydrated dough now we don’t need to prove the dough just leave
it in the bowl for 5 to 6 minutes and then roll it into the shape of a log so
that it is easy for us to divide them into 12 equal pieces and then roll each piece of dough into a
disk shape which is approximately 16 to 18 centimeters in diameter unless than 2 millimeter thickness and
then we need to spread butter generously on the top of each disk and then place it on to a plastic film
and take the next piece and repeat the same process and stack them on to the
top of the previous one and repeat until we are done with eleven pieces and roll
the twelfth piece of dough and place it on the top of that now we got the butter layers but as the
butter is very soft now we need to make them stiff by cooling them so let’s keep
them in the freezer for 30 to 35 minutes and now the butter is not very soft and
it is pliable and it is not easy for us to work with the dough so roll it into a
long rectangle which is five millimeter in thickness here I’m dividing this a
sheet into two equal portions and I’m going to bake them in a two different
method that is the first batch without proofing and the second batch after
proofing just to show you the difference between Palmiers that are made with and
without proofing so let’s sprinkle some sugar on the top and spread it evenly
the sugar have used is a row under fine sugar that’s why the color is
little different we can use any type of sugar to make Palmiers now roll the
sheet from both sides and until they meet in the middle and then slice them
into two centimeter thick potions and place them onto a baking tray lined with
a parchment paper and we are going to bake them without proofing bake at 400
degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes and then 375 Fahrenheit for another 8 to 12
minutes and now we are going to roll and slice the second batch just the same way
as we did earlier and let them sit and puff up or let them proof for two
hours wrap them with the plastic film or with a
damp cloth now our first batch of Palmiers is ready
and you can see that they hold the shape of Palmier cookies pretty well but they
are heavy feel and the layers are not very light and they are little hard to
bite because they didn’t prove well. so now after two hours our second
batch is ready to go into the oven bake it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10
minutes and then 375 Fahrenheit for the next eight to 12 minutes Now they are ready and you can see that
these Palmiers are light and airy and they are buttery they are flaky they are
crispy and you can see the inside is layered with caramelized sugar and they
are soft and chewy in the middle and these Palmiers
made with this easy homemade croissant that always as something different
something special then those maybe those that puff pastry sheets and I really
hope you found this Palmier recipe easy and helpful and I hope you will try this
lovely treats for your family and I’m pretty sure your whole family would love
it and thank you so much for watching this video and please don’t forget to
share this easy Palmiers recipe with your friends and family and for more
simplified recipes please don’t forget to subscribe this channel

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