How to Make Danish Brown Christmas Cookies  🎅🏼 Brune kager ( brunkager ) –

How to Make Danish Brown Christmas Cookies 🎅🏼 Brune kager ( brunkager ) –

Hi, I am Karen Grete from Scandinavia Today.
I’m going to make the traditional Christmas cookies “brune kager” (which
translates to brown cookies). When my children grew up we always had
brown cookies for Advent. Every Sunday you will sit down and enjoy the
traditional danish cookies, cakes and so brown cookies. The Christmas cookies. am going to use
three and a half cup of flour, I am using one cup of brown sugar and also a
cup of molasses. Alright, then I have 16 tablespoons of butter,
which is equivalent to one cup of butter, okay i’m going to use half a teaspoon of
baking powder and half a teaspoon of baking soda as well as half a teaspoon
of salt, then i’m going to use ginger, I am going to use two teaspoons of ginger
and also see as you can tell here, it is called ingefaer in Danish, and also i’m going
to use cinnamon, and that’s going to be two teaspoons of cinnamon and it’s
called “kanel” in danish. The other spices i’ll be using it is a cloves, I am using
only half a teaspoon of that and also I am cardamom, it’s half a
teaspoon as well as nutmeg, it is half a tease, and I’m also going to chop up half
a cup of almonds to put in the batter and to decorate some of the cookies, I
want to use some almonds as well. all wait, a little bit too much in but
that’s fine, here we go and we have two teaspoons of that, and
now i’m going to add half a teaspoon of cloves, there goes half a teaspoon of nutmeg, and then i also need to have a teaspoon of cardamom, and then just mix
it up in the flour,. And I am now going to take the molasses, the sugar and the butter yo melt it on the stove, and by the way I also had half a cup of chopped
almonds to add to this, so there it goes in, and finally have a teaspoon of salt.
don’t forget that one. Quite a few ingredients here, but it will work out, so
here I pour in the brown sugar as well as the molasses, and also I am
going to add all the butter, and I am going to let it cook for approximately four
minutes, just to let it all mix up and the butter is melted. So keep
stirring it too ,so it takes a few minutes for all of it to get mixed, and
after the butter is melted and it is all mixed up, I will cook it at a very low
flame for about four minutes, and then I’ll let it cool down a little bit,
before and mix the flour with this mixture here, so I have put the mixture
into a bowl, and it has cooled down for a while, so I will now add the flour with
the rest of the ingredients, take a little bit at the time. through it in. The dough has
cooled down, and I can now take some of it out , springle flower on the surface here, and I can
roll it out to about an eighth of an inch thick,
and I’m going to cut them out. I have a bunch of cookie cutters, and of course I
think it looks so cute with all those different patterns, so here we stick them
on, and I’m going to bake the cookies at a
degree of 375F and for approximately five minutes, but i will say definitely keep
an eye on them to make sure that they don’t burn. Okay and then I put the
cookies on a baking sheet. If you don’t happen to have cookie cutters, you can
also roll the dough, so you get a nice thick roll, and then when leave it alone
for a while to get stiff, and then you can slice it. Okay then you can slice it
into round cookies. Or if you don’t want round cookies, you can actually also make
square cookies okay, and I just press it like this. This batter is nice and firm, so
you can easily make square cookies as well, and then when it’s stiff, you can
cut it to square cookies, and you decide how big you want them.
So here we have a sheet full of Christmas cookies. In Danish we call them “brune kager” and my mother and my grandmother always put a whole almond on their
brown cookies,so I also like to do that. I’m not putting it on all of them, but at
least some of them, and of course it did put some chopped almonds in the batter,
so it’s not necessary to stick the almonds on top as well. But at least on some of them, and then I can stick them in the oven, and,
pretty soon you can taste our wonderful brown cookies. So, ready I stick them in the oven now, and here we go, I better close it. So here got the cookies out of the oven, and I am
going to let them cool down now. so now I have to taste my delicious nice
brown cookies, or “BRUNE KAGER” so I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.
Let’s have a bite, mmm I bet you couldn’t hear that crunchy, and that’s how I
like it. Good, good ,good great flavor, somewhat spicy, but that’s also how I
like this. So of course if you like it less spicy cut down a little bit on the
spices. but I sure that you would also like those cookies. So happy
holidays enjoy it, “skaal” God Jul and I will see you next time.

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  1. Hi! I'm going to be making these for my husband who is Danish 🙂 just a question, when you say "the dough has cooled down" what do you mean? Do you refrigerate it? Or just let it sit and get to room temp? Thanks and god jul!

  2. Hej!min bedstemor gør disse kiks hver jul, og hun vil ikke fortælle mig opskriften! Dette er så nyttigt for me.Thank dig! – I dont know danish that well so i am sorry if there are some mistakes in that little paragraph!

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