How to Make Chocolate Butterflies for Easy Cake Decorating – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep  10

How to Make Chocolate Butterflies for Easy Cake Decorating – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 10

Hi Bold Bakers! As part of Bold Baking Basics,
not only do I want to show you how to do things homemade, but I also want to show you easy
cake decorating tips. So one thing I want to show you is how to make chocolate butterflies.
They are so simple. You just need a few things to be able to make them.
So melted chocolate—you can use white, or milk. I’m using white because it’s going
to go with a specific kind of cake. And my gorgeous stencil. This is print-able on my
website, and we are going to draw on these with chocolate to create these beautiful butterflies.
Lay your stencil onto a baking tray or a flat surface. Then lay over some parchment paper.
We’re using parchment paper because you can see through it. Tape the parchment paper
in place if you need to. In my piping bag, I’ve got my white chocolate with a tiny
bit of flavorless oil, vegetable oil, canola, coconut, whatever you like. It’s just to
thin it out to make it easier to pipe. And then I cut a very small hole in the bottom,
and we want it to be nice and small because we want a fine line to pipe with. Then just
go for it. Trace around. Put a little bit of pressure on the piping bag. You don’t
want your chocolate too thin. And also don’t go too slow. Speed it up a little bit. It’s
best to not do too many at one time so they don’t set too fast. So what I have here
is some white melted chocolate, colored with some food coloring. Any color you like—does
not matter—I really like pink, so mine is going to be pink. And then with a spoon, we’re
just going to put little drops into each wing. Then take a toothpick and push the chocolate
around the wing, filling in any little holes you see. You want to make sure it is closed
up. Once they’re all filled in, take a toothpick, and gently run the two colors together, creating
a beautiful swirl. Just do it very gently, you don’t have to scrape the chocolate too
much. To give my butterfly wings some real pizzazz,
I have some luster pearls here, and I’m just going to dot a few on the wings. I’ll
put a link on my website,, of where you can buy the pearl lusters, print
off the butterfly wings, and all of the instructions. That’s our first set of butterfly wings
done, and they look beautiful! I’m going to go ahead and make some more, and change
up the color and make them unique. You too can do any color you like and also change
up the chocolate. So there you go, there are your butterfly wings. They look beautiful.
They’re going to look so great on our cake. So we’re going to pop these guys into the
fridge and let them set, and then we’re going to finish assembling them.
When the chocolate is hard, you can assemble your butterflies. So take a magazine, and
open it up in the middle. And then just push down the sides. And this is how we are going
to shape our butterflies. Stay with me here, it’s going to be really good. So then we
are going to take two pieces of parchment paper, and put it on either sides of the page.
Then very gently, we are going to take our butterfly wings—be careful because they’re
delicate—and lay them down in the center of the magazine. You can probably see where
I’m going with this: we are pushing them together to look like wings, and then we are
going to take some warm melted chocolate, and we are going to pipe the body of the wings.
And what this does is that it creates the body, and it also holds the two wings together
when it dries. It kind of makes it look like the butterfly is flying. Very easy, you can
see them coming together. They look beautiful. But now we’re going to have to pop them
back into the fridge and let this chocolate set, and then we’re all ready.
Once your butterflies have firmed again, you can see how beautiful they are, and what a
difference they are going to make to a cake. You’ll want to keep the butterflies stored
in the fridge so they nice and cold and hard. Keep them in an airtight container for up
to eight weeks and they will be ready for you any time you need them.
I have lots more Bold Baking Basics videos so be sure to check them out for great tips!

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  1. To color chocolate, remember: use oil based gel food coloring, not the natural food dye she made in a previous episode, because that will cause the chocolate to seize

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