How to make an Inside Out Joy Cake

How to make an Inside Out Joy Cake

Welcome to Ashlee Marie. Today we are making
a Joy cake from “Inside Out”. I’m so excited, lets get started For the top tier of the cake I decided I wanted to make a Joy head. Now usually I would carve
this out of cake, it’s what I do, it’s really fun. But I decided to try something different
and challenge myself this time. So instead of carving it out of cake I actually took
a styrofoam ball and I’m adding pieces to it to create her facial structure that way,
rather than carve it out of the cake. So, just to show that you can do things
in different ways. So what I’ve done here is I’ve already added
her pointy nose, and then her cheeks, her smile will be in here and her chin.
and then I made this a couple days ago and I let it dry.
one of the benefits of working with styrofoam is that I can touch it, you know I don’t have
to be as careful as I would if I was working with cake. one of the negatives is it’s really
light and it’s easy to push around and so it doesn’t have a lot of substance to it for
me to be able to work on it and put the fondant on so…
this will be a challenge, we’ll see how it goes. I have my fondant rolled out, I have my ball with it’s facial features ready to go, the
first thing I’m gonna do is just get this wet with some water and that’s gonna help
the fondant adhere. I’ve got this all wet, I actually took my
stick and put it in the back so I can work on her face, which is the more important feature
here. I have my fondant and I’m gonna lay it down
and quickly work around those facial features that I already had started. Pressing into
her cheeks, press around her nose, get it around her chin…
And once I have the facial features pressed into place I’m going to start working the
rest of the way around the ball. The yellow fondant went great onto her face,
I created white oval eyes, a black crescent mouth and then white teeth. So now I just
took my extruder, in the tear shape and I just extruded a bunch of pink fondant in a
tear shape. and the reason that I did tear shape is I want… you lips don’t just stick
out of your mouth, I want from the skin up to the lips to be, um, flat, and so the bottom
of the tear, the point part of the tear is going to go down here and then the fat part
is going to be up and then make her mouth look recessed.
Take some vodka or clear vanilla or any clear alcohol, take a fine brush and we’re just
going to brush around the edges of the mouth. then take the point side down and attach the lips. So our pupils are done and I’ve taken the
same blue modeling chocolate and I’ve put it through the extruder with that same tear
drop and I’ve wrapped it around her eye to be her eye lashes, whatever you call it. In
the pictures it’s thick up in the corner and then it tapers away near the edges of her
eyes. So… I’m gonna start cutting.. this tapers down to here.. and around
the bottom it actually tapers up. so now I’m just going to start cutting
this away. Joy’s face is all done. She looks great
and it’s time to add her hair. So I’m going start by rolling out some of this blue
candy modeling chocolate, not too thin, not too thick, just kinda medium. A little less than a quarter of an inch, but more that an eighth of an inch. I’m going to start cutting swirls…
big swoops I should say And the reason I’m going to do that is cause I’m going to take these swoops and start layering
them around her face and around her hair and build up as we go back.
So, start on the sides work my way to the top and work my way around the back.
So the point is going to be on the thicker side, and I’m not going to press it in at
all, but up when we get near the top, cause I’m going to keep layering more over this
and I don’t want it to build funky, I’m gonna flatten that. And merge that in with what
we already have. So that as I keep adding layers they’ll build on each other. And that’s it! you just keep layering pieces until your happy with the way it looks! And now she’s done! I guess the real question is…
who wore it better! So at Disneyland there was this Inside Out
parade that had this great float with circles and marbles and that’s what I decided to use
for the bottom tier of my cake. so I already covered a cake with purple, cause that’s the
under color, and now I have this blue strip that I’ve rolled out and I’m cutting circles
and I’m going to cut little pathways for our beads and then I’m gonna wrap it around the cake. Now take your clear alcohol, I’m using vodka,
and brush it on the areas that you actually want to stick to the cake.
You’ll notice that I started to take it out and then I realized that it would be more
stable if I left pieces in as I go to move it, but I’m not going to be painting the areas
that aren’t going to be staying. so that I can peel them away without causing problems. I’m going to put all my little circles that I cut out back in, and that’s going to help hold this up.. while it dries. Alright, we have allowed this to dry and now
we’re going to pull out all of the blank area and then I have a bunch of candy beads in
various colors and we’re going to fill those in for the memories. And then we created a
bunch of different colored fondant gears, I guess could say? colorful bright gears that
are going to go all around this. So, just going to get going! So we are done with the base.
As you can see we have all the gears, we have all the tubes, we have all the memory balls! It looks great I super love it!
AND we have our head, she’s all done as well, and it’s time to put them both together! And we’re done, YAY! Joy turned out fantastic, I’m so excited with how she looks. I love
the memory balls, the gears, her HAIR! Seriously it turned out perfect, I can’t wait for my
Inside O ut party, there’s a link down below to the full party, all the recipes, including
foods for all of the characters: Anger, Fear, Disgust, everything, you name it.
And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything, leave me a comment if there
is a movie, a character or anything you guys want to see a cake made of, and of course,
any recipe you’d like to see me make. Thanks for watching

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  1. Did you die your hair blue just for this vid, did u just die your hair blue then thought of this, or was it just a weird coincidence

  2. Love your channel, just came across it and slowly watching all the vids! I was wondering if you could you do valcor from never-ending story, its my fav movie from when I was a kid and I would love to make him but waiting till I get better at carving. I reckon you would smash it!

    keep it sweet 😉

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