How to Make an Easy Gingerbread House

How to Make an Easy Gingerbread House

How to Make an Easy Gingerbread House. “Easy gingerbread house” may sound like an
oxymoron, but our step-by-step guide turns this daunting holiday project into a cakewalk. You will need At least three days to prepare
Gingerbread cookie dough Plastic wrap Poster board or cardboard Wax paper Rolling pin Flour
2 cookie sheets Shortening or nonstick cooking spray A foam core base Royal icing A cloth
Pastry bag Candies for decorating and canned goods. Step 1. Make a double batch of gingerbread dough,
seal it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight. Step 2. Design a house by cutting out pieces of poster
board or cardboard for the walls, roof, and chimney. Don’t forget to cut windows and a door in
some pieces. Step 3. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Take the dough out of the fridge and let it
sit for 10 minutes. Step 4. On a large piece of wax paper, roll out the
dough to a quarter-inch thickness. Lightly dust the dough with flour to keep
it from sticking to your rolling pin. Step 5. Use your cardboard cutouts as guides to cut
the dough into parts. Bake extra pieces in case a few break during
assembly. Step 6. Grease cookie sheets and carefully transfer
the shapes to them, spaced one inch apart. Bake them for 6 to 15 minutes, depending on
the size. The cookies are done when the edges begin
to darken. Step 7. Trim the pieces as necessary while the cookies
are still warm, and then let them cool overnight. Step 8. Spread royal icing on a foamcore base, which
you can find at craft stores. Cover the remaining icing with a damp cloth
to keep it from hardening. Step 9. Fill a pastry bag with icing and begin assembling
the walls by piping icing liberally along the sides of two pieces and then holding them
together until the icing is completely dry. Let the walls stand for at least an hour before
you put on the roof. To help hold the gingerbread pieces in place,
use clean canned goods to prop them up. Step 10. Angle the cookies that make the roof so that
about an inch hangs over the walls, then put on your chimney. When the house is fully assembled, let it
sit at least eight hours before decorating it. Step 11. Time for the fun part – decorating! Use a variety of your favorite candies – and
your imagination – to turn your basic house into a sweet dream home. Did you know The world’s largest gingerbread
house, built in Minnesota’s Mall of America in 2006, was made of nearly 15,000 pounds
of gingerbread.

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  1. bloody hell that one takes forever!….ive seen recipes that dont take that long….ive never made one before but do you really have to wait that long before decorating ur house?

  2. @luluvip98 Trust me I made the dificult one with my cousins in California It was an epic fail so we ened up spooning it and just eating the icing and candies and gingerbread

  3. lol easy is when you just buy one from the store =3 instead of BUYING ALL THE INGREDIENTS AND HAVING 3 DAYS WHEN YOU CUD BE EATING IT IN 3 DAYS!

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  5. step 1- go to your supermarket and pick up a ginger bread house.
    step 2- make the house

    did you know that dogs bark

  6. Wait? What?! How do you make the trees and the Gingerbread man?! You didn't explain?! I'm a stereotype American, who can't think for myself!

  7. i'm a filipino and we very rarely make gingerbread houses (maybe even not) so…….. HOW DO YOU EAT THIS SHIT OF A HOUSE???!!!

  8. We buy the pre-made gingerbread houses and decorate them every Christmas Eve. 🙂 One day, I would like to make one from scratch, but for now, I am too lazy.

  9. well i'm gonna try and make 3 gingerbread houses on the same day!!
    i think i can make it without having to worry about my gingerbread being too warm to decorate!!

  10. aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. i love this because u cant see the hands when it is being rolled out for little one it would be like magic how cute

  12. Step 1.) go to Walmart
    Step 2.) buy a gingerbread house
    Step 3.) create the gingerbread house
    Did you know people have noses?

  13. Step 1) Go to the store.
    Step 2) Buy a gingerbread house.
    Step 3) Observe you gingerbread house.
    Step 4) Eat your gingerbread house.
    Did you know that the Earth is square?

  14. Whats with people saying to buy it at the store ITS HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN GINGERBREAD HOUSE RETARDS. You guys are such attention seekers

  15. Wouldn't it make more sense to just roll the dough out into a giant sheet, bake it, then cut it. It shouldn't be too hard to cut if you cut it while it's still hot. That way you avoid wasting time pre-cuttig them before they even bake.

  16. i suggest using white chocolate instead of royal icing and just dipping the sides of the pieces into the melted white chocolate to use as a glue. It drys faster and its less messy compared to icing.

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