– Hey it’s Dorothy with and welcome to my kitchen. Are you ready for the Superbowl? I’m getting there, we’re having a party and I’m serving cake. This is such an easy
and fun football cake, anyone can make it. The kids love it, the adults too, you’re not going to want to miss it. When it comes to football, for me, it’s all about the food. Whether it’s a peanut butter football, a great appetizer, a party
punch or a football cake, I want a little bit of everything. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a super easy football cake just by using a regular cake pan, you don’t need any special tools. It’s super easy and delicious and everyone is going to love it. For delicious deserts and easy recipes, be sure to subscribe to my
channel, let’s get started. As much as I love from scratch baking, sometimes I just need a little help. Whether it’s because I’ve had a busy week or I have a last minute party or I just don’t feel like
measuring out ingredients. Sometimes using a cake
mix is the way to go and that’s how we’re going
to make this football cake. But you could use my
chocolate cake recipe, my vanilla cake, whatever you like. You’re going to use
the water, oil and eggs that are called for on
the side of the box. Now, each box has a different recipe, I used Betty Crocker for this, so it might be a little bit different, the number of eggs or oil or water depending on what box you’re using. But just make the cake according
to the package directions. To make this, you don’t
need any special pans. I’m using a nine inch cake pan and you’re going to put about
two thirds of the cake batter in there and I made six
cupcakes along with it. Go ahead and bake that off, let it cool and then we’re going to make
it look like a football. So this easy hack for making a round cake into a football is something you can use for anything that’s round. I’ve done it with cookie cakes and now we’re doing it with a cake. All you do is take your
cake out of your pan. And go to the center of the cake and then go up a little
bit and down a little bit and you’re going to cut a slice
out of the center of the cake, about an inch to two inches wide. Remove that strip, and put
the two remaining pieces together and you have a football. How simple is that! It’s genius right. Now, all you have to do is
frost it and decorate it and you’re ready to go. To frost this cake, I’m
using a chocolate frosting from a can, yes, I’m using
semi-homemade from a can. You can make my frosting recipe, you could use melted chocolate, whatever you want to
do to frost this cake, go ahead and frost it, but you want to make sure
the frosting is brown because that way it looks like a football. And then I’m going to use white frosting, or you could use white
chocolate to pipe the laces and the trim. Sometimes I just put
that into a zip log bag and cut off the tip. But today I’m using a Wilton 47 tip to actually pipe the laces so they’re a little bit thicker and flat. And then to make the grass, I colored some frosting green. Now you don’t have to do this, I just thought it was fun to decorate around the cake plate. And go ahead and use the Wilton 233 tip, it’s a grass tip and
then press it all around and it looks like the football is sitting in the middle of the grass. And there you have it, a football cake. This is perfect for the
Superbowl or the playoffs or any time you have a football game or someone who loves football or even a kid’s party, birthday party. This is the easiest cake. Even if you think that
you can’t decorate cakes, you can make this, I promise. Leave me a comment below, let me know who you’re routing
for in this year’s Superbowl. It smells delicious, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, this is going to be dangerous. You keep watching while I try
not to eat the whole thing.

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  1. Hi, for me it’s not about football but about half time and the food! LOL That’s a cute cake and perfect for Super Bowl Sunday. Thanks for sharing and I’ll see you soon. Hugs, Dolores 🥰

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