How to Make a Sephora Makeup Cake Tutorial

How to Make a Sephora Makeup Cake Tutorial

Hi guys I’m Jenn Johns welcome back to the channel. Today i’m going to be showing you how to make a sephora makeup cake not that i would know anything about spending all of my money at sephora and know exactly what they’re brand new bags look like have a bit of an addiction. Let’s get started on this tutorial. So we’re going to start out by making our cake what i have here is six layers of a cake that I’ve sliced into eight inches by three and a half inches i’m using my favorite vanilla cake recipe if you’ve got one that’s your favorite feel free to use that as well but if you want my recipe i’ll put a link in the description box to my blog where you can find the whole thing i’m also going to be filling this here with just a little bit of vanilla buttercream now the reason i’m only using a small amount is because we’re going to be carving this cake and i don’t want the layers to be moving in amongst each other because then that just makes for more risk and a little bit more of a like oh the cake falling over or slipping so i’m going to just keep stacking my layers all the way up like this now we’re going to carve the cake you need a teeny tiny little purple one Purple’s essential all we’re going to do is take the edges off the top here I just want to slightly angle the top I like using a smaller knife just simply because it gives me a little bit more control I’m not very good with the big knives it was going to angle both of these tops here on the ends I’m going to carve a slight basically like a little V shape in here because when an actual Sephora bag folds in it folds into the side like that I’m just going to do the same type of shape carve all the way down the side and on the other side as well now we’re switching to a super-sharp super thin yellow utility knife now I’m going to be doing this detail at the bottom with this knife I find us a little bit easier to use because of the size of it so I’m just I stopped my carve and I’m just continuing down tears through the cake all the way to the bottom but then I’m just gradually going to angle it outwards so it’s kind of like almost a reverse of the carve that we did throughout the top here now i’m taking my favorite buttercream and uncovering the cake in it give it a nice generous amount since we were so sparing in between the layers if you need a recipe for excellent buttercream make sure you click in the link the link in the description box for that I’ve rolled out a piece of black fondant and I’ve loaded up the fondant with tylose which thickens abundant so I can use it faster and what I’ve got here is a bout eight and a half inches by 8 inches in size and I’ve rolled out some white fondant for the stripes on the bag and they are about one inch in length and I’m just lining them up here using my ruler if you if your fondant is a little bit to drive and you just want to use a little bit of water to help it stick to the fondant underneath it what I’ve also got over here is the side of the bag and I rolled this out with the thick fondant with the tile Oh says well and I scored it up the middle it’s about four inches in width and again it’s eight and a half in height and I’ve stopped at about two inches from the bottom because at the bottom there I’m going to take a straight blade and I’m going to cut from that two inch mark right to the corner and I’m going to cut basically that triangle you know how we left the triangle kind of pro treat its protruding when we were carving the cake I’m cutting out a special spot for that here so I’ve got that cut out and I just need to duplicate the front and duplicate the side because my buttercream has crusted on my cake I’m going to apply a little bit of water to the back of my black piece here I don’t want to go too far up to the top though because that’s going to be overhanging the top there so it’s going to spread this on this is just going to help the fondant stick to the buttercream just like it does help the fondant stick to itself to if you’re doing that so I’ve got it on a square board this is a little bit bigger than my side I’ve got the sides lined up here and I’m just going to carefully just kind of like tilt it up line it up and then just press it into the cake and then if it needs to be peeled away we can have a little help there then we want to take a farm and smoother and I’m just going to smooth it on until it sticks to the cake sticking my things to the side here about the triangle piece down already I’ve got water on the back of this piece I’m just going to try to roughly line it up above the triangle I’ve got lots of overlap here so it’s going to make joining my seams together a little bit more easy and I’m just going to press that score mark down there into the center two letters for the logo on the front of the bag i used a silicone mold and I filled it with gum paste in order to create those letters just stuff that off to the side now here i have just combined two black and white fondant pieces and i’m just going to take a roller and i’m going to make the tissue for the top here out of that lets going to do this little section here first and then you’re going to take yellow and you’re going to cut it into basically like squares of the colors here pick that up like that and then I’m just resting over one finger and kind of pinching it together like that and then I’m going to place it at the top here in side my bag and when you get it from Sephora they also have some black fondant or something on a black bonus they I have some black tissue paper in there so just the same thing again I’m going to cut it in roughly a square shape and then fold it over top of my finger here pinch it and then place it into the top along with the multicolored ones now i also have placed a handle on the top here and i did that with a combination of gum paste and tylose to get it nice and hard so it will stay in there and I’m just pressing that into the buttercream here I’m going to finish off the tissue and then our bag is pretty much done for onto the fun the make up part starting out with some blush because we all wear fluorescent red blush so I’m cutting it out with a circle cutter I’m also going to cut out with the sexing size into a black a little bit of fondant here you can use that again for some other features now taking a water pan or just a paint brush with some water I’m just lining the in here to help the red blush stick to the outside here so there we go doesn’t kind of work that into there and we’ve got one thing done to get this over here you want to let them dry out a little bit before trying to move them around but I need to make room so now we’re going to work on a some lipstick so I’ve got some black rolled out here I got some pink roll out here then to get it to look more realistic I’m going to basically just kind of chop off the top here on an angle and then I’m going to pinch this together to give it a more of a like a little point there because we all know that lipstick gets like that too then on the top here i’m going to add a little bit of water and then i’m going to stick the lipstick on top and we’ve got that one completed then for some eyeshadow I found these are actually just royal icing dots here you know here we go lots of different color and I rolled out some more black fondant and then I just turned them upside down and press them into that fondant before starts to harden you can also do it just like I did the the blush but how much easier is that there if it’s not sticking use a little bit of water for that as well so we’ve got these guys drawing over here now we’re going to do some matching a lip liner with the lipstick so I’ve got a really a skinny piece of black fondant rolled out a skinny piece of pink fondant rolled out water brush on the end stick that guy on top of their press that together and then because you know when you don’t need as much as you want here just like you know how they indicate the color on the end of the lipstick the lip liner thing we’re just showing it like that so we’ve got the color indicator for our lip liner and then set that to the side going to make a kabuki brush so here we’ve got the bottom of the kabuki and then here is the brown fondant rolled out to get the look of the II basically the bristles and taking my straight edge and I’m just rolling it up to the top putting all the way around and just rolling it it’s going to give it lots of texture and then again using some water on the bottom stick that on and then you can press the top of the committee brush on to their this one definitely needs more bristles all right back now I also wanted to do a nail polish so I’ve got some purple outs and I’ve kind of got it shaped almost like a kind of like a flat-topped to your drop roll that out Press that down on to the bottom there and then I’m just going to shape it like this trying to get almost like flat edges on the bottom and a little bit more on the top here and then I’m going to take some more of my water pen on the top and stick that on for the handle so there’s some very basic really cute really easy makeup accessories to go with the cake now I just have to put it together so there you everybody how to make this the forum a cupcake I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial I’ve got my makeup pieces down in front and I sliced into this second cake so you guys can see what the layers all look like inside now you haven’t heard I have a second youtube channel called Jenn Johns over there i’m giving you baking basics lots of buttercream tutorials and that’s where I get to go live so if you miss the live videos make sure you head over to my brand new channel and the link is in the description box now for both of those channels hit the notification bell and you’ll be notified whenever we upload a video whether it’s here or on the new one see you next time

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