How to Make a Rustic Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers – Wedding Cake Setup

How to Make a Rustic Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers – Wedding Cake Setup

In this video I’m sharing with you tips
on how to make a semi naked wedding cake, from filling, frosting, delivering and
setup with the fresh flowers, so stay tuned. The bottom and top tiers were
filled with chocolate ganache. Two cups of heavy cream placed over moderate heat
until the cream is very warm to the touch. Add 16 ounces of bittersweet
chocolate. Turn off the heat and stir to melt the chocolate. When the ganache is
dark and shiny it’s done. Pour it into a bowl and cool to spreading consistency.
To add a rustic touch to a cake board you can glue ribbon around the edges
with a hot glue gun. Hot glue is great for keeping the bottom tier of the
wedding cake in place. I’ve already put two layers together of my chocolate
buttermilk cake and I’m now adding the third layer. Ganache firms up quite a bit
which helps to hold the layers together. The cake is now ready for the
buttercream. This is my favorite IMBC. and you can find it on this channel as
well as in my top 5 buttercream recipes ebook at the website. It’s free for
visitors so go grab your copy now. Fill in any gaps between the layers as
you make your way around the cake. Use a bench scraper or other straight edge to
scrape off excess buttercream. Scrape off the excess on the top edges.
The bride and groom chose two flavors. This is the orange vanilla butter cake
and because I baked one thicker layer and one regular layer I’m cutting the
thicker one in half to create three layers. I’ve started adding simple syrup
to my cakes for the extra boost of flavor and moisture. This is optional and
this cake is great on its own so it doesn’t really need it. The filling is
white chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries. Make sure to seal the fresh
fruit with buttercream. This is the center tier of the
semi-naked wedding cake. Repeat the frosting and the scraping to create the
rustic appearance that you’re looking for. Remove the excess until you’re happy
with the result. Yay! It’s delivery time and it’s such a
beautiful day. My friend Joanne is my cake delivery
partner today. My husband Scott is in Los Angeles hanging out with the Stars. An
hour and a half later we arrived at our destination. So we ran into one glitch as I used
thicker cardboard rounds under each tier. The usual method of pushing the
sharpened dowels was not working. In this case take a deep breath and don’t panic.
Re sharpen the dowel and move forward. We finally got it pushed through. Phew
with a little patience. So enjoy the rest of the video with the fresh flowers and
I’ll see you on the other side. Here’s to another successful cake
delivery, and to Stacey and Lincoln. Congratulations on your wedding day.
Wedding Cakes For You website, books and video provide aspiring makers with the
recipes and steps for building skills and confidence to create beautiful cakes
and cherished memories. Thanks for being here and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Hi Lorelie, thanks for the video. May I know the size and height of each tiers and did you put dowels to each tier individually?

  2. Beautiful! I would like to make three tier cake with your chocolate cake recipe. How many times should I multiply your chocolate cake recipe? I want to do 10”, 8” and 6” tiers. Thankyou so much!

  3. Here is another beautiful rustic design with fresh flowers that we delivered to massachusetts.

  4. How come when you got to the setting up stage (after the hour and a half drive) the cake was still so set? It didn’t seem to have softened. Hope you know what I mean.

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