Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it’s
Grace! Grace: Yay! Ro: From, It’s Grace. Grace: Perfect! Ro: I’ll put your links down below, she
has an awesome channel, you guys should go Ro: check it out. And, she’s a fellow author.
Grace: Huh, yes! Ro: I have her book right here! Ro: There is a section in here all about food.
Grace: Yes, it’s um, it’s a loose Grace: cooking section, yes. Ro: It’s yummy!
My favorite recipe is the one that Ro: combines Mac and Cheese and Nachos! Grace: It’s hard to hate that recipe…
Ro: Is it called a mon, a ma-na… Grace: Mac-Achos. Ro: Mac-Achos. Grace: Mac-Achos,
rolls off the tongue! Ro: Yes! Well, speaking of yummy food, we
got so many requests from you guys Ro: to make a pizza cake, and, I thought you
guys were talking about a Ro: cake that looks like a pizza, which is
what I made before, but then some of you Ro: were saying, no, no, no Ro, the other
one! Grace: Pizza, that looks like a cake! Ro: Yes! So today, that’s what we’re gonna
make you guys. Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 4 tubes
of pizza crust, I will also Ro: put a link down below if you’d like
to make your pizza crust from scratch, Ro: I have a really yummy recipe. But, if
you’re in a hurry, or you want to Ro: save some time, these are a really good
option because they will roll flat Ro: and you can cut out all your shapes really
quickly. Ro: You’ll also need pepperonis, mozzarella
cheese, and a can of pizza sauce. Grace: You’ll also need: Cooking spray,
a knife… Ro: Mmmhmmm! Grace: A cutting board, a baking sheet, and
an 8 inch round pan with Grace: high sides and a removable bottom. Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do
is open up our pizza crust tubes and Ro: lay them flat across the baking pans. Grace: OK, this is one of my favorite parts!
Oh you twist it? I do the peel. Ro: How do you… Oh! Grace: Peel it and then
hopefully it pops. Ro: Oh, right where it says peel and pop?!?! Grace: Peel and… Ro: How did, how did you
do that? Grace: I’m sorry, we hardly know each other,
I know this is very aggressive. Ro: How do you? Grace: And then you, Ah! Happy
New Year! Ro: Oh my gosh that’s so cool! Grace: We missed a step, we need to spray
some cooking oil into our pans! Ro: Yeah, let’s do that, OK. Ro: I feel like I should do that for you,
you’re like… Grace: Look! Ha-ha! Modern woman! Grace: Here you go. Ro: Ah! Grace: Ahhhh! Grace: My favorite kind of science, is dough
exploding out of a tube, hello buddy! Ro: Oooooh! OK! Grace: Now what do we do?
We’re rolling it this? Ro: Here, OK, so you just roll it out so it’s
the full length of the pans. Ro: Roll ‘em out like a rug. Grace: Oh,
like a rug! Ro: There we go! Ro; And you just want to make sure to make
it as flat as possible! Grace: OK! Ro: A dough band! Grace: Yeah! Grace: Now we’re gonna pop these in the
oven for 5 minutes at 400 degrees, Grace: and then take ‘em out. Ro: And we’re gonna do one more pan, so
we’ll have 3 pans of dough total. Ro: We just popped our crust out of the oven,
and it’s still warm, and now Ro: We’re gonna cut out 4 circles, 2 into
each, so you’re gonna take your pan Ro: and pop out the bottom. Grace: Removable
bottom! Ro: OH! Um… Grace: No time for Music Ro! Ro: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I just like
it! Ro: OK, you’re gonna take your little circle,
you’re gonna place it at the end, Ro: and your sharp cutting knife. Grace: Wow.
Ro: And just be careful, and just Ro: cut out a circle. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Grace: Oh! Ro: Like so! Ro: We’ve got our circles cut out and now
you’re gonna peel off the excess. Grace: Oooooh! Ro: And these make good snacks!
Grace: Huh! Ro: Look! We got out pizza… Pizza pie….
Oh! Grace: So now we’re gonna throw our circles
back on our baking sheet, put them Grace: back in the 400 degree oven for 3-4
more minutes! Grace: So our circles are done and they are
cooling and now we are going to make Grace: the sides of the pizza cake. Ro: So what you’re gonna do is, you’re
gonna open another tube of crust. Grace: I can do this. Ro: Grace I’ll have
you do it because you’re really good at it! Grace: Thank you, it’s the cheapest form
of therapy there is! Ro: Just rip off the paper, give it a pop.
Grace: Ahhhhhh! Grace: Hoooh! Ro: Then we’re gonna roll out the dough
again. Ro: Now we’re gonna use this as a guideline.
Grace: So where am I cutting? Ro: Uh, about right here, and just go all
the way down. Ro: So we’re gonna cut two long strips.
Grace: OK. Ro: Now we’ve got our dough cut and now
we are gonna line the pan all the Ro: way around with the dough, so you’re
gonna take the first one, just gonna Ro: pick it up, bloop! Grace: Ohhh! Ro: And
I’m just gonna line it up. Ro: You’ll see it goes about half way. Ro: And if you’ve got a lot of excess crust
over here… Grace: You might have to perform some surgery!
Ro: Yeah! Grace: OK, this one goes on the other half
of it? Ro: Yeah. Grace: OK. Ro: OK, you got it you ready? Grace:
OK… What? Ro: You got it! Grace: Oh my gosh! Ro: Looks
great! Ro: So right here where it’s overlapping
we’re just gonna pinch it together. Grace: Now we just finished lining our sides,
so now we’re gonna start building Grace: this Pizza Cake! Ro: Yes! And we have
six of the little pizza rounds right Ro: here, but we’re only gonna need to use
five of them. Grace: So pick your favorite five and make
a tiny pizza with the last one, Grace: use it as a frisbee for your dog, there’s
lots of things you could do! Ro: Oh! Dogs would love that! Grace: That
would be a very quick game of frisbee! Ro: Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Ro: First thing you’re gonna do is take
one of your curst rounds and you’re gonna Ro: place it in there, that’s gonna be the
bottom. Ro: Ooop-ooop-ooop! Grace: It fits perfectly! Ro: We’re gonna add a little sauce. You
want to go a little easy on the sauce, Ro: because there’s a lot of layers! Grace: So the opposite of what we’ve done
here! Ro: Mmmhmm! Ro: I like my last layer a little saucy! Grace: Ro this is an intervention, I need
you to lay off the sauce! Ro: You want to throw some pepperoni in here?
Grace: I love throwing pepperoni! Ro: These little, little guys over here. Ro: Now a little cheesy cheese! Grace: Now next layer? Ro: Yeah, next layer! Grace: Boom! Ro: Crust, and you want to do
some suace? Grace: I’ll do some sauce. Ro: OK, I’m
gonna lay off the sauce this time! Ro: Now we are gonna decorate the last layer!
This is the top layer. Ro: So we’re gonna take one of these, and
remember you’re gonna have one leftover, Ro: to do with, what you will. We’re gonna
place it on top. Grace: OK. Ro: Boom! Ro: And then, the saucy sauce! Grace: Sauce! Ro: Now on the top layer, we’re gonna do
it like a normal pizza, we’re Ro: gonna do cheese, and then pepperoni! Grace: Oh, you switch back, I see! Grace: Now that we’re done with the cheese,
before we put on the pepperonis, Grace: we’re gonna fold in our sides, to
make it look like a real pizza crust! Ro: Mmmhmm! All the way around! Ro: Start folding, bewp-bewp-bewp! Grace:
You just fold it in like that. Ro: Little pepperonis! Grace: Beautiful! Ro: Throw them on top. Ro: The last step is we’re gonna bake this
one last time, we’re gonna pop this Ro: in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25-30
minutes, and you’re just Ro: gonna keep your eye on it, you’ll know
it’s ready when the crust turns a Ro: golden brown! Grace: 25-30 minutes… That’s so long!
Ro: I know we’re gonna have to wait. Ro: It’s OK, we can play with my dog in
the meantime! Grace: Yes! Give me Cookie! Grace: Our Pizza Cake is finished! Now what do
we do? Ro: OK, you’re gonna take your hot mitts,
because the pan is still hot. Grace: OK. Ro: So you take these little oven
mitts, and then you’re gonna Ro: pick up the pan. Grace: Pick up the pan.
Ro: You got it, and put it on top Ro: of this guy. Grace: What? Ro: And then
you’re gonna push the cake out through Ro: the bottom. Grace: Oh! Ro: You got this,
you got this! Ro: OK, so just slowly, it’s a little weird.
You can use anything you’ve got at home, Ro: a jar, I had this little… Container.
Grace: This is weird! Ro: Look! Grace: And it’s working! Ro: Look!
Look how cool! Grace: Did I do it? Ro: Da-da! Grace: Yes, removable bottom, comes in handy
again! Ro: I love it! Ro: And then, you’re gonna put it on a plate,
any plate that ’s big enough. Grace: So I just touch it? Ro: Yeah, you can
touch it with the oven mitts, Ro: that’s OK, just pick him up, plop him
over here. Grace: OK. Ro: And then we can cut a slice! Grace: Did you hear the sound of that? That
sounded like it weighed 1,000 pounds! Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here is the pizza cake that we made today!
Thanks you guys for suggesting it, Ro: this was so much fun to make! And, a big
thank you to Grace for helping Ro: me today, thank you. Grace: Thank you! Ro: This was so much fun, so, boom! We got
a delicious pizza, and I’ll be putting Ro: all of her links down below, so you can
go check her out, she’s got an awesome Ro: channel! If you guys have any other ideas
for any other Nerdy Nummies, Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment
down below and I will do my best Ro: to make it happen! And we will be posting
lots of pictures on Facebook, Tumblr, Ro: Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys
make this, please take a picture and Ro: send it to us, I get a big kick out of
seeing your baking creations! Ro: it just kind of like, makes my day. Ok,
bye-bye! Grace: Can we eat it now? Ro: Yes! Grace:
Yes! Ro: And now we’re gonna cut into this. Grace:
Yes! Grace: I feel like we’re in Mission Impossible
right now! Ro: Yup! Grace: This is very intense! This
is very intense! Ro: OK, here we go! Grace: It’s cutting,
it’s cutting! It’s food! It is actual food! Ro: It’s going through! Grace: Huh! Ro: Let go! Let go! Yes! Grace:
Let, say goodbye to your friends! Ro: Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Grace: Oh my! Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Ro: Alright, we got a slice over here, are
you ready? Grace: I’m ready, I’m going for it! Ro: Take a little, I’m trying to eat it
like a piece of cake, so we got our little Ro: forks here! Grace: This is going nuts. Ro: It’s just super cheesy so it sticks
together! Grace: OK… Ro: Are you ready? Grace: Nope,
almost! Ro: Here, I’ll hold him, I’ll hold him!
Grace: We’re almost there OK! Ready! Grace: Cheers! Ro: Here we go, cheers! Ro: Mmmm! Grace: It tastes like dough, and
cheese and sauce and pepperoni! Ro: Yum, yum, yum! Grace: It’s delicious! Ro: That’s a win in my book! I like this
one! Ro: Grace, you have this one. Grace: Ok. Ro:
And I’ll have this one. Grace: Oh I see… Ro: OK break. Grace: Gah, who knew something
so simple could be so delicious! Ro: Cheese!

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