Ro: Hello, welcome to another episode of Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special guest, Ro: a sherlock cat! Sherlock: Put me down you damnable woman! Ro: Today we are gonna make a cake, I Can
Haz Cheeseburger! Sherlock: Huh! I can? Ro: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes, you can! The things that you will need today will be:
Royal Buttercream icing, cake leveler, 2 spatulas, 1 offset. Tan food coloring dye,
cake pokey thingy, airheads, green, red and orange, a round 8 inch baking pan,
a 2 quart glass bowl, oven safe… This is important! Oven safe, 2 quart glass
bowl, and a big mixing bowl. OK, now I’m gonna put all of these things together
while Sherlock is taking a cat nap. He is sleeping right down there. Alright, so we’re gonna start with the big
mixing bowl, and we’re gonna take box cake, you want to use yellow box cake mix
because that will look like the hamburger bun. 1 cup of water, and maybe I put a little
bit on him… Sherlock: Rearwhr! 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Now you’re gonna
add 3 eggs… I did the 1 handed pro crack. Then we mix it all together. I’m gonna need a whisk and I don’t know
where I put it… Sherlock: Oh, oh here, here it is! Ro: Thank
you! Sherlock: Oh you’re welcome dear! Kitties! Then you’re gonna mix until the batter is
really smooth and even. Sherlock: It’s mezmerising! Ro: Can you
smell it? Sherlock: Uh, I can, it smells immaculate! Ro: Is anybody else really hot? Because I am…
Hot. Sherlock: Uh, a, a little parched maybe, but
I forgot I’m wearing a fur coat! Hur-hwah-hwah! Ro: If you’re hot because you’re in a
fur coat, how come you always lay in the sun? Sherlock: Dah, don’t question me woman!
I’m a cat! We were gods to the Egyptians! Sherlock: 45 minutes later! Now our batter is all done, it’s nicely
mixed all smooth, we are going to spray these two. Our glass bowl, and our 8 inch
round pan with Pam baking spray so that the cakes don’t stick. And you’re gonna
evenly divide your cake batter into the 2 of these. Get the cake batter even,
before I put them in the oven, and you’re gonna want to preheat your oven
to 350 and you’re gonna bake these for about 30 minutes. Once your cakes have cooled, I put them on
this drying rack, and make sure that they’re cool, you can poke them with a cake poker.
You put it all the way in and take it out and if nothing sticks to it then
you know it’s, it’s ready to go. So here’s the top of our hamburger that
we made in the bowl, and here’s the bottom. We’re gonna use a cake leveler,
um, to make this one flat, so that our “meat” patty can sit on top of it. The meat patty, I made a big brownie in the
same sized cake pan. Just take your time when you do this because
if you cut through too quickly, your cake will get really crumbly. So, just
take your time! A little crumbs is OK, but we don’t want
too many! Sherlock: That’s my favorite part! Ro: I know, you eat everything I drop! Sherlock:
That’s why I’m here! There we go! Boom! Bottom of our Cheeseburger! There are fancier cake cutters… hahaha cake
levelers, this 1 was $2… So… Pffft hahaha it works really well! Now we’re gonna take off the top… Oh oops! Just kidding! Sherlock: Ohhh, ohhh, aw! You’re a cruel
woman! Ro: Hahahahaha! I know! OK, now we’re gonna flip this the other
way, wah! OK, now we’re gonna frost! I’ve got my tan frosting all made, I just added
a little bit of tan food coloring, and mixed it all around! I’ve got my big
offset spatula… I can haz spatula?!? And we’re just gonna put it all over this
cake! Kitty is on his second cat nap! Lazy kitty!
And, we just popped the brownie out of the cake pan. What I’ve done, is I’ve
just pinched some of the sides here, so that it looks more like a meat patty. So just
pinch, pinch, pinch, wash your hands, and then pinch the brownie’s edge all
the way around. Just to give it a little bit of… Meat patty-ness! And then we’re gonna take the brownie, this
big delicious brownie, so this is a brownie cake, and put it on top of the bun.
Line it up, all the way around! Yeah that looks good! Perfect! Now it’s time to make lettuce,
tomatoes and cheese out of Airheads! We’re gonna start with the lettuce, that’s
right, you’re gonna take a little circle cookie cutter, and I’m cutting it into the
airhead, and you can also use fondant to do this, but I really love airheads, I think they just taste better. Fondant is beautiful and edible, but it just doesn’t, it doesn’t taste the best to me. And we’re making a little lettuce leaf, just kind of bend it, however you like. And then you’re gonna stick it underneath your little brownie! Let it stick out a little. A little bit of lettuce poking out! And then you’re gonna do this all the way around the cake. Boom! We got our lettuce done, now it’s time to take the orange Laffy Taffy. I kind of rolled it out with a rolling pin, to make it flatter. And now we’re gonna cut out the shapes of cheese with a square cookie cutter. It’s time to make that cheddar! Ta-da! We got all the tomatoes on! It is ready for the top bun part of the cake, which I’ve got right here! Da-dee! And, last decorating step, I forgot to mention this, but I have candy-covered sunflower seeds, I thought this was gonna be a good idea. I’ve seen other people use Rice Krispy treats, or, those circle little white sprinkles, you can use those too because those will look like, um, look like the little seeds. But I separated a bunch of while little sunflower seeds and I’m gonna put those on the top of the cake. And then use a spatula to pick up the top of the cake, put it on there! Let’s do it! And now is the dangerous part, we’re gonna try to transport the top of the cake… On top of the burger, here we go, whew, OK! Got my spatula, and… This could be a little dangerous! Oh gosh, oh gosh, and, line it up! And, I’m just gonna try to do this really quickly like a…. 1, 2, 3… Yes! We’ve done it! Now we’re gonna put a little final-shing… finishing touches just going around and smoothing out the top. Ta-da! Our Cheeseburger cake is done! It looks so cute! Dee-dee! It looks so yummy! I’ve never made a brownie cake before so I’m pretty excited! I Can Haz Cheeseburger! Hmm, hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmm! Yay! If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies, please leave me a comment below and let me know and I will do my best to make ‘em happen! OK, bye-bye! Thanks you guys! Yummy! Thanks for coming on my show!

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  1. Really interesting how much the production quality: views ratio has increased over the years. Back in the day you could upload a guy standing at a zoo for 10 seconds and it gets 10m views and now a highly produced TV show gets like 50k views lol

  2. This was made in 2012 that was the year my sister was born she 6 now and I was born in 2008 so I am 10, Ro's hair is really blonde now it is red, who else is here from 2019 or 2018

  3. Bro I remember when this came out and I screamed cuz her hair was blonde 😂 I luv her old videos!!!! I still watch them!!!

  4. wow this is my childhood for some reason when i was 6 or 7 or 8 i used to watch these videos all the time now im 13

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