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  1. Hi Ro, i just wanna tell ya something,
    Im getting bullied in school and it makes me very sad. But if i watch your videos and see you joking, smiling and stuff, it makes me very happy. It just makes my day. I LOVE YOU

  2. Like please I never get any likes so I will just like it myself if I could get to 350 that would be my dream

  3. Rosanna can you make a mermaid or something that connects to a mermaid like sparkles the colors or just a tail

  4. Literally the ONLY thing that I don't like about this channel is that it shows me food that I CANT EAT

  5. Can you make something from "Once Upon A Time"? Maybe the apple turnovers or candied apples with edible glitter?

  6. This one girl in my class said my glasses looked like a YouTubers but he never told me which YouTuber but im pretty sure it's you

  7. Can you make an cookies and cream ice cream pls do it for me bacause i have a cancer stage 4 and i love ice cream

  8. I’ve always wanted to cook like her but I can’t even bake pre-made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls smh. Like if ur also like this

  9. Hi Ro!

    I would like you to bake with:
    Joey Graceffa
    Mo (Molly)
    Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger

    I suggest you cook Something for:
    Hotel Transylvania 3

    Or even a wedding cake!! (For fun)

  10. Raar raar raar raar!!
    Its a different kind of cookie monster, we have cookie dough, and you just goes like this-
    Raar raar raar raar!!
    Its not as cute as thats a mystery😜

  11. Hello rosanna plz pin me i love your vids but i love you more i enjoy baking too im vegan so its hard to find a recipe like yours just without any dairy or gelatine plz do another colab with the merrell twins 🙂

  12. Make something Avengers theme

    I love your videos
    Your video are awesome 👏🏻

    Or make a big donut 🍩 something like that

  13. Two times on Instagram u liked my cookies and another treat and I was so happy so thank u I want this to be my tenth birthday cake

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